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If you are a traveller and find your smartphone almost indispensable then the apps below are going to be useful to you whether you are still in the planning stages, buying your tickets or even (if the unavoidable happens) claiming compensation.

When you take a moment to consider how much technology has advanced in the last few years and how life was before the invention of apps, it’s no wonder that people now rely on them for so much of their day to day life. Nowhere else can you play on your favourite games and pay by mobile casino, or defeat the world from imminent destruction whilst budgeting for your next trip abroad and monitoring your health. And it’s all at the touch of your fingertips, and in HD quality with excellent audio and video clips built in.

We have come to expect a great deal from our mobile apps, with pages loading and opening simply and quickly. And we expect to be able to use the passwords and payment options that we would regularly through our computers. Looking at mobile casinos as an example, the mobile industry has boomed and no company in their right mind would risk their business providing a sub-quality experience that’s not safe and secure. The same goes for other apps that you can download.

Five Great Apps You Need For Travel to the UK

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Citymapper is free for both iOS and Android users.  This app is great from navigating public transport or even using your bike. All you need to do is tell the app where you want to go and then it will suggest a route factoring in real time data on any disruptions. In the UK it works in Birmingham, London and Manchester, besides working in other major cities throughout the world.

Gopili is for finding cheap tickets. It’s free for Android and iOS devices and its aim is to find you the cheapest price for your tickets. The app compares trains, coaches and flights right across Europe and then sorts the results by price, departure time and duration.

Santander Cycles is also free for iOS and Android devices. This app is aimed at London travellers, both the tourist and the commuter who want to take advantage of the so-called ‘Boris Bikes.’  The app tells you where the bikes are free to hire, get a code to unlock one before you arrive and then help you to plan your journey across London.

Photo CC by by Davide D’Amico

TrainTrick is free for the Android and iOS devices as is a real time saver for Southern Rail passengers who have been delayed.  All you need to do is upload a photo of your ticket and then add the reason for your delay and then the app will fill in the complaint (only taking a small cut of any compensation.)

UK Bus Checker is free to Android, iOS and IAP and comes from the developer that launched London Bus Checker.  The app covers the whole of the UK and you can check the timetable or get live departures from your nearest stop.  You can also make use of its journey planning feature to prepare for any of your future trips or excursions. The app even contains an alarm that will wake you up in good time if you happen to doze off.  Covering all 300,000 bus stops this is well worth checking out if you are regular bus user.


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  1. I’m always surprised at all the cool new apps they are coming out with. Are there really free bikes available in London? I would imagine that would really come in handy!

    • Yep, it’s a public bike sharing scheme where the first half an hour is free!

  2. I think I would probably benefit lots from Gopili, it seems similar to Skyscanner and I’m always using that.The other one would be Satander Cycles because the idea of biking through the city sounds like so much fun! The only problem I run into is I never have enough space on my phone to download more apps!

    • I’m the same, always recycling my old apps to make room for the new!

  3. I often use apps whenever I travel so thanks for listing these helpful apps for anyone traveling to UK! I wont be traveling there anytime soon but good to know that I can use Citymapper for public transport.

    • Definitely come back to check out these apps in the future if you do find yourself UK bound :)

  4. I would have a lot of use for Gopili!!! Thanks for these tips. I travel to UK and London a lot!

    • Glad we could help Carol! Happy travels :)

  5. Some great apps here for all your needs in London. I love the apps that are multi-faceted and deal with bus, train , plain etc. Everyone who is going to England should certainly download these apps

    • Absolutely Mark – multi purpose apps are my favorite too :)

  6. I would have a lot of use for Gopili!!! Thanks for these tips.

    • So great for finding cheap tickets! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

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