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WiFi has now become such an integral part of our daily lives, and this is no different for the traveler exploring the world. In fact, perhaps finding an internet connection is even more important for those who travel; that connection meaning access to information, money, and methods of communication when you find yourself in a foreign land.

Not being able to find WiFi can be incredibly stressful when you are unfamiliar with your surroundings. Though utilizing the following tips and tricks, you’ll be able to find it for free.

The following are places to find an internet connection while overseas.

Find a Cafe

It’s quite common these days for cafe’s to offer free Wi-Fi to customers, no matter where you are in the world. Though it’s a good idea to double-check that you don’t have to jump through hoops to get it before you buy.

For instance some places make you use their company gift card or rewards card in order to get the internet code. It’s not a system that is really advertised, so before sitting down, make a habit of asking at the counter if they have WiFi and what you have to do to use it. Usually if you play the tourist card when you ask they’ll hand over the network password for free.

Starbucks, McDonald’s, and any Apple Store offer free Wi-Fi in almost all international locations.

Free wifi cafe

Book the Right Hotel

Booking a hotel with complimentary WiFi is one of the biggest considerations when conducting research for your travels. Travelers surf the web to complete research on their destination, book accommodation for the following day, or even play in an online casino like Betway Casino if they can’t get to sleep.

Wi-Fi has become an amenity that guests expect from the hotels where they choose to stay, though that doesn’t mean that every hotel offers it. Believe it or not, you should avoid luxury hotels, as these often charge an arm and a leg for WiFi, some even charging by the hour. More expensive hotels are much more likely to charge for Wi-Fi than moderate and budget hotels (this is also true of other amenities like free breakfast).

You should take advantage of Hotel loyalty programs. Some hotel chains like Kimpton offer free WiFi for those who join their rewards programs, and in this case often joining is completely free.

WiFi Computer Technology

Find a Hotspot

If you’re not in a position to purchase something at a restaurant or cafe for their internet password, look for public transportation hubs. Places like airports, train stations and bus stations are starting to implement free WiFi hotspots for tourists passing through.

Other places where tourists are likely to be include museums, and these often offer WiFi hotspots as well. Community spaces like libraries, parks and public squares, as well as malls and large department stores will also often have free Wi-Fi, as do convenience stores, bookstores and hotel lobbies.

WiFi Computer

Use an App

There are a huge range of apps which make our travels easier these days, and Wi-Fi finding apps are one of them. Make sure that you use one which works offline, as it’s not exactly convenient if you need WiFi in order to find it!

Apps like Instabridge and/or WeFi Pro are free apps that will point you in the right direction of the closes WiFi connection.

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  1. In this world right now, where everything is a click away from our mobile or laptop through the use of internet, we have to be also aware of eveything that could help us have access to internet while we are traveling. Thank you so much for the shared here on your blog. Wifi is indeed a must wherever we go. Have you ever experienced traveling without any access to a wifi network? What did you do?

    • Glad you liked the post Bruce, we’re happy to have helped :)

      I have just returned from a trip to Antarctica actually, where we were completely off grid and there was no internet access. Usually when we’re heading to a remote region like this we plan for it in advance, tell our family and friends we won’t be in touch, and set an automatic reply on our email to let people know we’re not ignoring them!

      It’s fine if you know in advance that way you can prepare for it … mentally too! Happy travels :)

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