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Catching Some Rays: The Top Mobile Apps for Your Summer Vacation

Whatever your plans are for the warmer summer months, whether you’re jetting off to an exotic location or you’re keeping things low-key with a staycation, there are a number of apps that can help you to plan and enjoy your vacation.

From shopping around for the best deals to stopping yourself getting sunburnt, there are a number of fantastic apps available that will help to enhance your holiday. Here are some of our top picks:

Planning Your Trip

Before you’ve even booked your holiday, you’re going to need an app that helps you to get the best possible deal on your getaway. What better way than using an app that has the ability to analyze and track airfare pricing so you know exactly what time to book and when the best deals are available?

Hopper is your go-to guide when booking your flights as this handy app will present you with a colour-coded calendar that will detail exactly when you should book your flight to get the lowest price. It’ll indicate when prices are likely to fall or rise and will even monitor a particular route for you, alerting you when the prices drop. And it does this, for free.

Finding the Best Places

Next, you’re going to want to arrange where you’re staying and what places you’re going to visit on your trip. There are lots of fantastic apps that will help you to do this, including TripAdvisor, but for all those pet lovers out there, Bring Fido offers a wonderful alternative.

This innovative app will tell you what hotels, restaurants, beaches and parks are pet-friendly and will even provide you with the details of the local vet and pet stores.

The app will also stipulate what fees (if any) the hotels will charge for your dog and whether there are any restrictions on the size of dog that can stay there. You’ll even be able to book a pet sitter or dog walker with this free app.

Pet Pug dog

Learning the Lingo

If you are travelling further afield, you may want to have a go at learning the lingo so you’re not left red-faced when trying to order some food in the local restaurant.

Duolingo is a free language app that offers you an interactive, fun way of learning and can be picked up as and when you have a spare few minutes. It offers a number of courses, including French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, intertwining learning with game-like features.

What’s more, with a number of brand new headsets on contract or PAYG, regardless of which network provider you choose, you don’t have to annoy everyone else while you’re playing this game! You can also choose to turn off certain features, e.g. the speaking lessons, if you’re in public areas.

Packing Your Suitcase

Nothing’s worse than getting on holiday to find you’ve left something behind, but with PackPoint, you won’t have to worry about this.

With this app, you just need to tell it what type of trip you’re going on and what you’ll be doing (e.g. going out clubbing, hiking or attending a business meeting) and it’ll provide you with a handy list of the items that you’ll need and the quantity of each. You can adjust the list to your requirements and this will be neatly stored until your next vacation, keeping you ahead of the pack at all times.

Protecting Yourself from Sunburn

Once you get into the sun, it can be difficult to know exactly when you’ve had enough, which can be particularly concerning if you’re going on holiday with young children.

However, by inputting the SPF you’re using, the time you’ve gone outside, where you are and what your complexion is, the Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App will tell you how long you should stay in the sun. It’ll also indicate what the UV forecast is for your location.

Napping in the Galapagos

Making the Most of Zero Light Pollution

If your holiday has taken you somewhere remote, you may find that the sky has no light pollution, which makes it great for stargazing. Sky Guide is a wonderful app that will help you to pinpoint satellites, planets and constellations through your mobile or tablet device, even if you don’t have any signal.

Simply point your device at the sky and watch it transform as it shows you what’s where, even if the sky is a little overcast where you are.

Equipped with all of these interactive apps, you’ll not only find yourself being a pro-packer but that you might just be a budding stargazer too.

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