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In a world which is becoming increasingly globalized, many destinations are starting to morph into carbon copies of each other, and offer destinations and experiences which are very much the same. Though many unique destinations still remain, like America, which is a world unto its own!

Colossal in size, with so much to offer international travelers, tourists head to different corners of America for everything from events, monuments, and urban adventures, to stunning natural attractions and food.

With everything it has going on, traveling around the states can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together this list of tips for how to make the most out of America and your travels.

Tips For Making the Most of America

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Greyhound Coaches

Traveling around the States can sometimes prove difficult because of its size, and transport can become increasingly expensive. But bus travel throughout the US is a fabulous mode of transport. It’s eco-conscious, tech-friendly, and very inexpensive.

Greyhound coaches are the most efficient and affordable way for getting around the country. You can often get from New York to Philadelphia for a price of just $15. Regional buses will ferry you throughout each State, and fantastic networks operate long distance routes.


Preparation is key for any destination, whether you’re planning on driving, sightseeing, gambling, or laying on the beach. Always research costs before your trip, and always purchase travel insurance before you leave, especially when visiting the United States.

If you’re planning to work on your tan, make sure you’ve checked the weather in advance, and are prepared with sunscreen and a hat. If you’re thinking of hitting up Vegas but your gambling skills are not up to scratch, prepare by clicking this link; it will forward you onto the best deal casinos website which offer a host of guides to prepare you for when you’re ready to hit up Vegas; you can go in knowing how to beat the house!

Regardless of your activities, the most important this to ensuring a smooth trip is to prepare.

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Pack Light

America is an easy country to navigate for those who pack light, and everything from toiletries to extra clothes are cheap and highly accessible (there are pharmacies and stores on every corner).

You can pick up essentials along the way as you need them, and it’s easier to make your way across the country, and to navigate public transport, when you’re traveling with less gear.


If you haven’t already signed up to this excellent website I highly recommend that you do. Airbnb offers huge savings on accommodation by letting you rent a room in other people’s house, villas, apartments, houses etc.

One of the most advantageous reasons to use this website is it sometimes allows you to meet the locals and get insider tips. And of course, if you are lucky enough to have a big house with a spare room you could use Airbnb to rent it out and make extra cash to put towards travelling. Here’s an Airbnb coupon code.

Caxton Card

If you’re out and about and worried about losing your loose cash, the Caxton Card is a great money card used throughout the United States.

It works as your normal cash card and means you don’t have to carry loose money with you. This is a huge stress relief when you’re out exploring and enjoying your day.


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