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Once upon a time, Croatia was on very few people’s radars. Now, it would be fair to say that the jewel of the Adriatic is well and truly grabbing headlines when it comes to travel – and for all the right reasons.

Tourism to Croatia is booming, though it isn’t very surprising that Croatia travel guides are flying off the shelves; this is a country home to more than 1,000 islands, all with amazing beaches, historic ruins, and Game of Thrones style medieval scenery.

Of course, connecting them all is the dazzling sapphire water of the Adriatic Sea; so mezermizing that it ‘sparkles with a jewel-like intensity’.

Croatia is a real treat for history buffs and nature lovers, but rather than focus on individual attractions the country has to offer, this article will look at three areas that the country really excels.

3 Things to Incorporate into Every Croatia Trip

#1 National Parks

Plitvice National Park Waterfalls Croatia RF

Considering some of the wild nightlife that Croatia has at its disposal, it could be said that some of its National Park treasures are sometimes forgotten. That, and most people think that National Parks are off the plan for such a small country.

As it turns out, this couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Croatia is full of immense natural beauty, heightened by the mountains and vast marine life around its shores. In terms of some specific recommendations, Mijet and Kornati are always worthwhile, but definitely don’t miss Plitviče Lakes.

16 cascading lakes come together to form a place so unique and gorgeous that it almost looks like heaven on Earth. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these lakes are known for their cascading waterfalls of various sizes.

There are a series of small waterfalls next to the rickety wooden paths that leads you to ‘Veliki Slap’, the biggest waterfall in Plitvice. While the lower lakes have small patches of waterfalls here and there, the upper lakes consist of huge stretch of lakes that cascade down into a wonderland.

#2 Beaches

Beach Croatia RF

Have you really visited Croatia if you haven’t spent time at the beach?

Beaches are another thing Croatia does exceptionally well, with the country boasting some of the most stunning in the Mediterranean. If heading North, Istria is always recommended, while Dalmatia is an alternative in the south.

One interesting point is that sandy beaches aren’t entirely normal in this country and for those of you who do like to relax in such environments, you should turn to Sakarun Beach or Lopud.

At this point it’s also worth mentioning that windsurfing is something else that attracts people to Croatia and in terms of specific recommendations, the beaches at Ravni and Preluk are both worthy of a visit in this regard.

Beaches in Dubrovnik are versatile, and there is something to please both sand and party lovers, or those that love the romance of hidden rocky bays. Even if you prefer taking a dip in a swimming pool over the sea, the opportunity to plunge into the azure Adriatic may just change your mind!

#3 Island-Hopping

Sailing RF

Gone are the days when a trip to Croatia involved holidays in Dubrovnik and nothing else. Granted, this is a fantastic place to see – but there is so much more. This is where island-hopping enters the equation.

Unbeknown to many, Croatia is home to over one thousand islands. In other words, it is absolutely surrounded by them. It’s the land of 1,000 islands!

Hvar will always grab the headlines, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is arguably the most touristic of the options, and the best advice is to hop between islands using the many water taxis and ferries.

Try to avoid just making a day trip from somewhere like Dubrovnik – you’ll only get to see a fraction of what Croatia has to offer in relation to island life and this really isn’t sufficient.

Best Time to Visit Croatia

Weather wise, there really isn’t a bad time to visit Croatia, though peak season is summer, from June to September. During this time, you’re pretty much guaranteed incredible weather (a constant 26°C), though the country is packed with tourism, and everything is more expensive.

If you’re looking for fabulous weather, but trying to avoid the crowds, the best time to visit Croatia is shoulder season, between May and June before summer tourism kicks in, and from September to October just after the summer crowds have cleared out. During these periods you can expect the temperature to be around 22°C.

You’ll still enjoy beautiful balmy days, perfect for sailing and swimming in the sea, but will find better deals on boat rentals (as well as accommodation and flights), and won’t have to deal with intensive crowds.


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