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Taking a Mediterranean sailing trip is one of the best ways to explore the region, while spending time in the outdoors and enjoying a mode of transport which is incredibly good fun.

The following destinations are the perfect starting point for any Mediterranean sailing adventure. Each of these locations will make for a terrific itinerary that gives you the best that this glorious region has to offer. So, where are you starting your trip from?


The natural beauty and cultural treasures of Croatia come as a surprise for those who aren’t sure what to expect. A great starting point is in Dubrovnik, where you’re sure to fall in love with the impressively well-preserved Old Town.

After this, a sail up the Dalmatian coast will lead you to amazing beaches, pretty towns and historic Roman ruins. You could find that the welcoming city of Split gives you a fine place to end your Croatian sailing trip.

This is an adventure that you definitely don’t want to rush. After all, there are glorious sights, great food and clear, turquoise waters to discover here.

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The truth is that the entire Balearics Islands chain offers wonderful sailing opportunities you won’t ever forget. However, if you only have time to explore one of these sunny islands then the biggest and arguably best of them in Majorca.

From the bustling capital called Palma de Mallorca to the stunning cliffs and sheltered bays, this is an island that has a huge amount to offer. You can have the time of your life here regardless of whether it is a short sailing adventure or something a lot longer.

Some of the best ports that are well worth calling in to include the likes of Alcudia, Sa Rapita and Cala Rajada. The mixture of places to visit means that this is somewhere that yacht charters never get boring.

Once you sail into port you can take a taxi to explore its lyrical landscapes, traditional culture, and Mediterranean flavors.

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This fascinating French island is another popular Mediterranean sailing destination with a huge amount to offer. Bastia, Calvi and Ajaccio are among the most exciting spots not to miss out on.

If you think that there is only enough variety here for a short sailing trip then it is time to think again. This is a world class sailing destination that could easily keep you entertained for weeks or months if you wanted it to.

The rugged and thrilling West coast of the island provides a particularly memorable backdrop to a fine sailing trip in Corsica.


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  1. One of my dreams is to charter a boat and sail in the Mediterranean or the Whitsundays. You make a very good case for the Mediterranean as I have yet to travel to Croatia. Sailing out of Dubrovnik for a week up the coast and back looks very enticing.

    • I hope you have the chance to make both happen! Honestly the Whitsundays is just as spectacular – two very different regions though, a lot more culture in the Mediterranean which is why I love it. Croatia is one of my favorite destinations, I think you’ll really love the coast!

  2. Sailing sounds like a fantastic idea to explore these places. I hope the sea won’t be too rough?

    • Definitely one of the best ways to explore and enjoy such a beautiful coast :) The Mediterranean tends to be roughest in the fall and winter, due to winds and storms. But generally during spring and summer it’s calm seas.

  3. You’re really getting into this yachting / sailing thing, aren’t you? These all look like amazing destinations. I especially want to see Croatia, including Dubrovnik, and have wanted to get there for a long time. However, due to being a solo traveler and under the time constraints of having a full-time job, I will have to fly there. :) BTW, I wonder if there’s any cool Napoleon-related stuff to see in his birthplace of Corsica.

    • Can’t beat sailing! Have really come to love traveling by boat – a great way to experience some of the world’s most beautiful scenery too which is generally its coast :)

      I hope you do have the chance to visit Croatia soon – Dubrovnik is a stunning place. Re Corsica and Napoleon, you’ve got the Maison Bonaparte on Rue Saint-Charles, the house where he was born, and then there’s also a dedicated gallery devoted to him at the Palais Fesch in Ajaccio. So you’ve got a couple of different attractions around town in dedication to him :)

  4. I would love to sail the Mediterranean someday. It sounds like a fun and romantic trip to take. I think I’d set sail from Croatia.

    • Absolutely Erin – you would love it! Hope you have the chance to visit Croatia in the future :)

  5. I would love to sail the Mediterranean one day even tho I’m prone to seasickness. It would be such a great experience.

    • If you’re prone to sea sickness, I recommend sailing in the spring and summer. The Mediterranean tends to be roughest in the fall and winter, due to winds and storms, so much calmer seas during the rest of the year :)

      Happy travels!

  6. Beautiful destinations! Thanks for letting me know about it as I am planning a trip. Keep sharing such useful blogs.

    • Glad to help :) Feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions while planning your trip –

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