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Whether you want to hit the shops and spend the day wandering down Fifth Avenue or soak up some culture and history during your visit, New York has something for every type of visitor to the Big Apple.

Here is a look at some of the different things you can do with your time when you pay a visit to this iconic and exciting destination.

From Grand Central to the Rockefeller Center: New York Offers Something for Every Type of Vacation

NY Statue of Liberty

Photo by Celso FLORES

Enjoy Some Retail Therapy

There are plenty of us who think that a trip to New York would not be complete without paying a visit to one of the most famous shopping destinations on the planet.

Fifth Avenue is a magnet for shoppers and you will find that the heart of Manhattan plays host to one of the most famous and expensive shopping streets.

You can witness plenty of eye-popping price tags when browsing in shops like Tiffany, Gucci, and Bulgari, or you might not even see a price tag in some of these places, on the assumption that you don’t have to ask the price if you can afford to shop there.

It is worth remembering that the Fifth Avenue shopping district stretches right up to Harlem so you can enjoy the complete range of retail opportunities from high-designer brands to unique handcrafted boutique items.

We joked at the time that we should start charging a commission to shop for people overseas.

Soak Up Some Culture

If melting the plastic is not your thing and you would rather enjoy the cultural highlights that the city has to offer you will find plenty of things to see and do that will hold your interest.

Staying at somewhere like The Lexington New York City will put you in a good spot for exploring the city and searching out some cultural hotspots.

These include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is simply overflowing with artistic masterpieces, to the American Museum of Natural History. There is also the Metropolitan Opera House to enjoy, which is a joyous building to explore even if you are not going inside it for a performance.

If you want to enjoy a contrast between the old and the new the Museum of Modern Art will give you that after visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art beforehand.

American Museum of Natural History

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Enjoy Some Nature

Even if you are more into wildlife and enjoying outdoor spaces rather than being surrounding by skyscrapers you will find that NYC is able to offer a surprisingly plentiful array of opportunities to enjoy some nature.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden features the native flora garden and is a very calming place to spend some time at. Also, right in the heart of the city, Central Park offers some wild and secluded areas if you head for the North Woods.

Central Park is much bigger than many people realize considering its city location but the biggest park in New York is Pelham Bay Park. Head for Turtle Cove there and you will discover a saltwater shoreline that runs all the way along the Long Island Sound.

As you can see, New York is a destination that definitely offers something for everyone.


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