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New York City bears a reputation as a pricey destination, which is not wholly undeserved. Recent reports from Statista put the price of an average New York City hotel at $254 per night.

If you’re a budget traveler, the outlook doesn’t have to be grim. You can find great deals on New York City hotels, and if you’re savvy and use the tips below, you can also find cheap rates on comfortable, clean rooms, in prime locations, too.

Consider How Tipping Could Affect Your Budget

Tipping is one of the costs that people forget to factor into their budget for a hotel. Tipping is expected at hotels throughout the United States, and even if you find a fabulous room rate, you’ll need to consider the type of services offered at the hotel and who you’ll need to tip.

For example, if you’re driving, you generally won’t find much parking available in New York City, so you’ll likely need to use a valet. On top of parking costs, a $2 to $5 tip is the norm for each time the valet handles your car.

If you’re at a luxury hotel, you’ll likely find a bellman that you can tip a few dollars, and if you’re planning on using a concierge, $10 for special requests is the norm.

Money tipping tip

Negotiate for a Better Deal

Never be afraid to ask for a discount. Negotiating with a hotel for a better deal is common. Sometimes, you won’t have any wiggle room, although you’ll never know unless you ask.

The hotel industry in America is competitive, and you’ll often have room to move on the nightly rate. Ask questions such as, “Is this the best price you have at the moment?” “Are you able to give a discount for a longer stay?” “Can you match the rate I found online?”

Pro tip: Ask if you can include breakfast with the cost of your room. Bed-and-breakfast packages often drop the room rate by $10.

Venture Outside Manhattan

Many low-cost hotels exist outside of Manhattan in areas such as Long Island City. With plenty of cheap accommodations to choose from, great views of the iconic skyline, and easy access to the eastern neighborhoods of New York City, Long Island City is a great area.

When you stay in central Long Island, look at hotels in quiet neighborhoods such as Central Islip, Ronkonkoma, and Nesconset. Try to avoid staying on the eastern end of the island. You can easily organize a New York airport transfer to get to any neighborhood here.

Keeping these traveler tips in mind can help you find budget-friendly accommodations when you’re visiting New York City.

Photo CC by Thomas Hawk

Compare Prices Online

Online prices are generally cheaper than what you’ll be quoted over the phone, and by visiting comparison websites, you can easily compare prices of similar hotels and track last-minute deals.

While you’re online, also keep an eye out for coupons, deals, and promo codes to use for accommodations, too. For example, a good place to find these traveler incentives online is Goodshop, which maintains up-to-date lists of Expedia coupons.

Join a Loyalty Program

More and more hotel chains are starting to offer steep discounts to those who sign up as members of their loyalty programs. Depending on the specific hotel, being a member may get you discounts on the room, complimentary Wi-Fi, free upgrades, or breakfast.

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