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Set on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, and an easy two hour flight from Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas has long been the destination of choice for a quintessential Mexican beach vacation.

In a location where golden desert meets the shimmering sea, Cabo is firm favorite among adventurers, and with a coastline that stretches from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos is also a hot destination for the foodie.

Thinking of taking a trip to Cabo? The following are three absolute must-dos (check out this post for the best luxury hotels Los Cabos).

3 Things You Should Experience in Cabo

Kayak Out to El Arco


El Arco is a natural rock formation that is found along the beaches of the pacific in Cabo. Tourists typically travel to the site using rented boats, but it’s far more adventurous to take a kayak. 

The landmark offers spectacular coastal scenery, and while kayaking out there you’re likely to come across a wide variety of marine life. Sea lions are actually spotted at the base of the arc as they sunbathe!

A guided tour to El Arco will take approximately 3 hours on a kayak. Most tours today offer glass bottom kayaks so you’re able to take advantage of the high visibility to see different species of exotic fish.

Though you can also visit the arc at your own pleasure. If you like to snorkel, you can dive into the water immediately after arriving at the base of the arc and swim with various sea animals such as lobsters, Mexican goatfish and angel fish among others.

Image credit: K Tao (CC BY-ND 2.0) via Flickr

A Desert Safari Adventure

Safari desert traveler RF

Taking a cactus ATV (all terrain vehicles) tour give you an opportunity to navigate through the deserts of Cabo. The advantage of riding on an ATV is that the vehicle can withstand extreme conditions.

The vehicle is also loaded with extra fuel to guarantee that the diesel or petrol tank doesn’t get dry when you are in the middle of desert. You therefore don’t have to worry about being held hostage by the fine sands in the desert!

If you don’t want to ride in a vehicle, you can opt to rent a horse or a camel.

Wine and Dine at the Office on the Beach

When it finally comes time to eat, head to The Office on the Beach. Conveniently located along the beach this is one of the oldest food joints in Cabo (established in early 70s), and restaurant prides itself on offering traditional Mexican delicacies.

The restaurant opens early in the morning and closes late in the evening, so you can head there for either breakfast, lunch or supper. The facility accepts reservations from both individuals and groups.

Once you’re suitably full, head back to your hotel room or look for luxury cabo villas for rent. The advantage of staying in a villa is that it offers ample space and privacy.

You can also buy food supplies and prepare your meals at the villa instead of going to a restaurant.   


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