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Authored by Laura Bronner

Mexico City is a mega-metropolis made up of dozens of different neighborhoods, each of which has its own unique flare, personality, and most importantly, its own market! And of course, every market is full of the sumptuous food that Mexico has come to be known for, a treat no foodie should miss.

A visit to a colonia would be incomplete without sampling a local market. Some are included if you pick up a Mexico City free walking tour, though the following are a few you shouldn’t miss.

Bazaar Sabado

This Saturday market is an art lovers dream (and perhaps a kitsch lovers dream). Artists from around Mexico City pedal their wares. It’s high quality stuff and the price tag often matches.

You can haggle a little bit, but they don’t budge far. It’s the perfect place to pick up a quality souvenir and to get to know the art community in Mexico City.

Street art Mexico City

Sonora Market

Known as the “witchcraft market” this is where you come for all matter of herbal assistance. Cures for coughs, help with weight loss, assistance with falling in love, you’ll find a potion for just about anything.

Mercado Roma

A foodie paradise, the Roma market is all distressed wooden benches and fancy mezcal cocktails.

There are stands selling sweet and savory empanadas, Mexican fusion sushi burritos, ceviche tostadas, enormous juicy burgers, and plenty of Mexican craft beer. Friday and Saturday nights are an especially popular time.

A foodie paradise, the Roma market is all distressed wooden benches and fancy mezcal cocktails.

La Lagunilla

One of the best parts might be all the food vendors that line the outside of the market. It’s one of the biggest in the city and you’re sure to find everything from clothing to furniture and used books, fresh produce and dried spices, all at very low prices.

Mercado Coyoacán

Open daily, you’ll find almost anything at this covered market near the center of Coyoacán. From new shoes and leather sandals to house plants and fresh fruit.

There’s a butcher section, a live bird section and most importantly, one of the best tostada stands in the city. Be sure to follow the bright yellow signs to Tostadas Coyoacán and sample a few varieties.

Ceviche Tostada Mexico City

Mercado San Juan

This is the market to come to for hard to find exotic fruits, Asian greens, imported cheeses, and specialty meats. It’s the foodie’s market where many local chefs come for their produce.

You can also get meats that you might not find elsewhere like pigeon, crocodile, wild boar, and quail. Be sure to stop into Cafe Triana for a cup of Mexican grown coffee.

Mercado de la Nueva Viga

This is the second largest fish market in the world after Tokyo’s Tsukiji which is pretty fascinating for a city that’s completely landlocked.

It’s a great place to try fresh seafood tacos and empanadas or simply walk around and take in the sheer mass of the place.

Empanadas Mercado de la Nueva Viga


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Laura is a perpetual country hopper. She’s the girl whose feet are always itching for the next adventure, but wondering if she’ll ever find a place that feels like home.  In the last seven years she has lived in Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, England, and now calls Mexico City home.

Read more of her expat antics on her blog Eternal Expat, and follow along on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.


  1. You have try nayarit market one of the many market sales sea food

    • Near Puerto Vallarta?

    • Thanks for the tip Joel … will check into nayarit market too :)

  2. Brilliant list, Meg! Some of my friends are planning a trip sometime in March 2017 and I am sharing this post with them right away! Thanks and cheers!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Gagan – I’m happy we could collaborate with Laura to share her local knowledge from Mexico City :)

      Happy travels for March!

  3. Mexico City has my heart! I love this city so much because of how friendly the people are and how amazing the food is. Also very cheap! I stumbled across a few markets there to grab a taco or two but can’t remember which. All these sound great though!

    • Discovering local markets in a new city is one of my favorite parts of exploring and getting to know a destination – no better access to the local community, who are always very friendly as you say – it’s a great place for people watching in this sense!

  4. I haven’t been to Mexico City yet but it is on my list. Thanks for sharing these markets so I can go when I arrive.

    • Hope you have the chance to travel in 2017 … Glad we could set you up with some inspiration before you arrive :)

  5. I love visiting markets when I visit a place! you learn so much from just wandering around and trying out the local food and see what people like to buy. The witchcraft market sounds like it belongs in a bad horror movie!

    • Totally agree with you – there’s no greater access to the local community than at a market, and you won’t find a more immersive experience anywhere else :)

      Haha the witchcraft market definitely sounds like it would make for a fascinating morning or afternoon!

  6. I love how every market has its own specialty! And of course to get a feel for the offerings, you really have to try them all!

    • Absolutely Tara – you can really gain a great appreciation and insight of the culture of a city by visiting its different markets :)

  7. Mexico city is definitely on our list however can’t see ourselves visiting anytime soon :( However will bookmark this for future reference!

    • Well, we’re glad we could inspire for a potential trip in the future some time :) Happy travels!

  8. Thankyou for this useful piece of Information. Great!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Milan. Enjoy your time in Mexico City!

  9. Is there a market to buy jewelry with semi precious stones by chance? Where would be the best place for that?

    • Hi Lauren, I think there might be a couple; I’ve been told that Coyoacan has one – lovely area btw, it’s where the Casa Azul is located; there’s also another one for sure but the friend I asked can’t remember the name; but if you start at Coyoacan and then perhaps ask a local while you’re there; the hotel concierge is usually a huge wealth of info. Hope that helps!

  10. Really nice article. It would be really helpful if you can pitch in with some information from expenses point of view as well.

    • Hi Azhar, which specific market are you looking for cost information on? Food, clothes etc, or just a general idea?

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