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The Ultimate How-To Guide on Surviving Long Distance Love

About The E-Book

We’ve written the ultimate ‘how-to’ guide on surviving a long distance relationship!

Over 128 pages, this book takes a deep look into the subject of long distance relationships and aims to help those who may find themselves in such a situation.

This is by no means a guide filled with scientific facts, statistics, or studies by Harvard professors, rather it is a collection of authentic real life experiences and observations from our personal experience having ultimately succeeded in closing the distance gap.

Each chapter explores a different aspect of how a relationship can be affected by long distance and includes topics such as marriage, sex, having children, meeting family and friends, and immigration issues.

Mike and I both give our insights into our experience dealing with a long distance relationship as we take turns tackling each chapter.

Who the Book is For

Whether you’re young or old, male or female, gay or straight, this book looks at the situations and emotions you may face should you decide to commit to a long distance relationship yourself.

It explores long distance love from your first contact to the moment you are together for good and find that distance is no longer an issue.

It discusses some of the common ingredients of a traditional relationship such as communication, trust, fighting, sex, marriage, and children, but focuses on each from a unique long distance perspective.

For anyone facing a long distance relationship, or even if you’re simply interested in the concept, it is our sincere hope that this book offers practical and realistic insight into what you might expect.

How You Can Buy It

From a girl from Australia who met an American boy in Tanzania, trust me when I say that you really never know where, when, or how you may meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Click below to buy now for $14.99! (USD)

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Love couple RF

Our Story

I find it fascinating to think back to the moments which, under any other circumstances would have just been another ordinary, fleeting moment, but were actually so significant that they completely changed the course of your life.

A chance encounter with an American traveler at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro was one such moment in my life.

I’ve met many travelers on my overseas journeys, some who I’ve remained friends with, some who I’ve since forgotten, but only one whom I fell completely, and madly in love with.

Though with him in America, and me in Australia, most people automatically assumed this love story was doomed (and they emphatically told me so too); that the 12 hours we spent together at a bar at the base of Kilimanjaro would be a memory from Africa we would both have to leave behind.

Well, I’ve never been very good at accepting something just because other people say it’s something I can’t do.

Flash Forward

I didn’t exactly know when or where I was going to find my forever partner, but I never could have predicted it would involve a man who lived 15,000km away from me.

Ironically, I had told my last boyfriend (the one before ‘the one’) that I didn’t want to commit to an interstate relationship.

I wasn’t lying to him when I broke it off; I honestly thought that long distance relationships were too difficult and I wasn’t sure I wanted to put the effort into such an endeavor.

Flash forward eight years and I still can’t quite believe that Mike and I were able to overcome the extreme long distance and now find ourselves living together in Tasmania, having just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.

How Did We Do It?

How did we do it? I firmly believe that you can make anything work if you want to. It’s that simple. That’s the big secret.

BUT the roller-coaster ride that is being in a long distance relationship is definitely not an easy one, and the post we published in 2013 about how to maintain a long distance relationship has become one of the most popular posts on our website.

Having successfully navigated the 1am phone calls, the miscommunications, the extreme highs of seeing each other after so long, followed by the extreme lows of being kept in immigration limbo, we have compiled our experiences and advice into the ultimate ‘how-to’ guide.

Our ultimate goal with publishing this e-book? To offer other long distance couples the tools, knowledge, and the hope that your long distance relationship can be just as successful as our own.


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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.



  1. So happy for you guys Meg! You and Mike made long distance work to the point of marrying. Impressive. Writing a book on the topic is hands down the best way to help folks learn how to make long distance bonds work. I feel grateful; my wife is a fellow digital nomad and blogger so we circle the globe together. Although sometimes she wants me to be long distance away when I bubble over with silliness LOL.


    • Thanks Ryan! It was a long road, but the greatest challenges in life are the most rewarding right :D!

      So happy for you both being able to travel full time together. You’ll have made so many incredible life memories that’s for sure – and here’s to many to come!

  2. Too cute! Finding that special someone is hard, it is great you two made long distance work!

    • Thanks Cathy!!! It’s been a long road but definitely a worthwhile one :)

  3. I have a few friends who successfully negotiated the distance- and more than a few who failed to do so. Part of it is related to the day-to-day needs of the practitioners.

    • Timing is always everything, like anything in life. And it can definitely be an overwhelming thing to consider taking on a long distance relationship when the timing isn’t right. Hopefully we can offer people hope that it can work out though :)

  4. Well done Meg Jerrard. Relationships are difficult at the best of times and it is wonderful that yours has lasted the distance.

    • Thanks Penny! ♡

  5. ❤ ❤ ❤ #lovewins!

    • Yes it does! ♡

  6. Congratulations ?

    • Thankyou so much!

  7. Congrat’s…… I need a copy of the book if possible……..

    • Thankyou! You can purchase through the link above :)

  8. #loveactually XX ?

    • ♡ XX

  9. XXX :)

    • Thanks Jo! XX

  10. Congratulations to you both, it’s so true you never know when and where “the one” will appear. You and Mike were definitely in the right place at the right time ❤️❤️

    • Thankyou Kerrie! ♡

  11. Yup. Met my husband in Rwanda when I worked there and he was visiting his sister.moved to Ethiopia together, long stint in UK and now living in Mexico.

    • What a story! So glad you guys were successful in making it work too! ♡

  12. Congratulations Meg! Might you offer an online class about the mechanics of creating a digital ebook with PDF? I will be the first to sign up! :-)

    • Good idea! I’ll keep you posted :)

  13. Congratulations Meg. Long distance always reminds me of you two. It’s difficult to maintain when all you want is to be together. Keep rocking.

    • Thankyou Nisha!! ♡♡

  14. That’s great, I’ll def check the new book!

    • Thanks Ana, let us know what you think! :)

  15. Amazing! Congratulations ?

    • Thankyou so much! :)

  16. Fantastic, well done you!! X

    • Thanks Charli!

  17. So awesome guys. HUGE congrats. I know how hard it is to write a book. Can’t wait to read it!!!!!

    • Thanks Mike!! Let us know what you think :)

  18. Love it Meg!!! People don’t understand Africa’s magic! I met my husband in the bush, and fell madly in love while interviewing him.

    Same here- long distance, having to fly back to Europe every three months….what a journey!

    • Thanks Angie!!! Africa is definitely full of magic, I can’t wait to get back, thinking a special anniversary and maybe we can both climb Kilimanjaro again :D

      Sounds like we have a very similar story – gotta love Africa! ♡

  19. Congratulations

    • Thankyou so much :)

  20. I love your miracle ❤ brings so much hope for us who are on LDR!

    • Thankyou! And there is hope!

  21. Oh I love this! So exciting a big congratulations xoxo

    • Thanks Celia!

  22. Megan & Mike as I reflect on your story I see you as unique, beautiful, wonder filled and extremely blessed. You have an Amazing story which is filled with hard work and passion. In adventure you found each other and it is my deepest Hope that you continue to enjoy nature in all its Glory, as well nourish and celebrate the gift of your love ALWAYS ❤ xo.

    • Thankyou so much Margaret for your beautiful message :) ♡♡♡

  23. Congratulations on the book and on finding “the one”.

    • Thanks Connie!

  24. Congratulations Megan!!

    • Thankyou Brian!

  25. Congrats Megan

    • Thanks Miguel!

  26. Hi Megan
    Congratulations to you both.
    I am not lucky as you I was in long distance as I from uk as I was seeing lady from Ukraine we were seeing other for a year unfortunately we ended relationship due she was homesick and so she went back it was heart broken for both of us but no bitterness it was good experience

    • Thankyou David :) I’m sorry to hear that your long distance didn’t work out. Sometimes it does happen that the circumstances get in the way; it’s fantastic to hear though that you’re able to cherish the time you had together for what it was and move forward without any bitterness. I try to apply the same attitude to moving through life :)

      Wishing you all the best, thankyou for reading our blog :)

  27. I loved reading you information on your long distance relationship. I ordered your e book about 1 hour ago and can not find it.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your message :) I emailed the book through to you as an attachment this morning, let me know if you’re still having trouble downloading it.

      Thanks for reading!

  28. Thx very much
    U trying to give us soultion all those who in long distance relationship
    I also in long distance relationship 2yrs 5 months
    I from india and she from Philippines..
    But now days we had problems
    Especially me have problem she accusing me lots she not speak clearly with me.. please help me

    • Hi K, sorry to hear you’re having problems in your long distance relationship. Communication is definitely key, so I think the best advice we could give would be to set a time aside where you can communicate with each other about how you’re feeling, and let her know that you’re committed to resolving any issues but you’re not feeling like the commnication has been clear so you would like to work together to find better ways of communicating more clearly.

      I hope this helps, and wishing you both all the best in your LDR.

  29. Congratulations Meg👌💑🌹You’re story gives me much hope indeed . I’m in a LDR am from Africa,Kenya🇰🇪 and my partner is a Single Mom in UK. We’re getting a long well but she can’t still admit she loves me.How can i know she does please?

    • Hi Mohammed, thanks for your comment, I’m so glad that our story can give you hope for your own :) Making a statement of love is something which will be very personal to each couple, so if you feel you’ve been together long enough for this next step and she’s not ready, it could be worth having a conversation about it and what point she is at. However you can tell someone loves you even if they havent said it if they act in a committed and loving way towards you, so if you know she is just as committed as you from her dedication to phone and video calls, communication, etc, you might decide this is enough for now :)

      I hope this helps :)

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