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It has been exactly two years since our Destination Wedding in Hawaii (Feb 14 2013).  Exactly two years since we exchanged vows against the backdrop of the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean; the slopes of Hawaii’s largest dormant volcano in the background.

Family and friends gathered together on a gorgeous tropical evening on a cliff face overlooking Maui’s rocky lava shoreline. Whales played with their young in the sapphire blue waters just metres from the shore.  The waves lapped gently and the torches glowed as we celebrated our union well into the night.

It was truly a Valentine’s Day to remember.  It was the happiest day of my life. And what better way to celebrate our first wedding anniversary than by finally publishing photos from our special day…after-all, better late than never!

…perhaps give us another year to put together the video footage from the event! Click on each photo to enlarge & start a slideshow. 

Pre Ceremony





The Party!


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Photographs by Craig Muller, Greg Buffinton, Cameron Urquhart, Bryn Millar, Michael Hovington, Sharon Young and Pam Smith.

 About Megan Claire

Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. You had such a beautiful wedding, Meg! I love your bridesmaid dresses! :)Wishing you two a long and happy marriage full of travel <3

    • Thanks Karisa! Lol what do they say about the bridesmaids dresses “and the best thing is, you can shorten it, and wear it again”! :D

  2. Looks like such a fun wedding! You were such a beautiful bride. I love your dress. Happy Anniversary! Hope this next year is as wonderful as your first.

    • It really was a blast! I’m admittedly a bit bias as the bride, but best wedding ever!!

      Thankyou so much – my dress was a Disney design – it’s the dress from Beauty and the Beast – I’m a disney nut!!

  3. Happy anniversary! You had a beautiful wedding, looks like your guests had fun dancing too. :)

    • Thankyou Deia!! There was definitely dancing by all…some more skilled than others :D!!

  4. A stunning place to have a wedding! The sunset on one of your pictures is beautiful. Great photos :)

    • Thanks Kate! The location worked out really well – was absolutely stunning! I used Hawaii as an excuse for being halfway between Mikes family in Florida and mine in Australia…thought that was quite a clever line of argument lol.

  5. Looks like such a beautiful wedding – must have been wonderful to have had it in Hawaii!! Nice of you to share the pics with the rest of us! Happy Anniversary!

    • Thankyou Shikha! It was a dream! I advocated for Hawaii because it was “halfway” inbetween Mike’s family in America and mine in Australia – I thought it was quite sound logic!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Next month my husband and I will celebrate our 7 year anniversary. We got married in Maui also. I’m ready to go back for a vow renewal! Happy anniversary, I wish you many more happy years together.

    • Congratulations on 7 years! I think a vow renewal sounds like an excellent idea personally! Will never pass on an excuse to visit Maui.

      Congrats again – wishing you another 7 amazing years together…and beyond!

  7. Wow! Amazing… the whole thing looks gorgeous! Maui is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

    • Maui is so amazing – you would just love it! Such a great spot should you ever be considering a destination wedding ;)

  8. How cute!

    • Thanks Feroze :)

  9. This cheered me up! Stuffed with the cold and miserable. We may have some exciting photos to share over the next 18 moths also, pretty similar to yours… Watch this space! Happy anniversary.

    • Thanks Gemma! I hope you feel better soon though, I hate being sick! FUnny thing actually, a bug went around the resort we were all at the day before the wedding and half of the guests including my parents were totally wiped out. Lucikly it was only a 24 hour thing but we were all pretty scared there for a bit!

      Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Woohoo that’s so incredibly exciting! Will be watching this space :)

  10. Your pictures look beautiful! Hawaii must have been wonderful. I’m personally not engaged or anything, but I’ve thought about the advantages and disadvantages of having a destination wedding — should I meet someone while abroad and decide to get married one day. Best of luck to you!

    • Thanks Lauren! Hawaii was indeed amazing :) I highly recommend a destination wedding, it was a lot cheaper for us than if we were to have done it at home, and we had a much more magical time. I think our guests actually enjoyed it more too because everyone made a holiday out of it!

      Wishing you all the best – I know you’ll meet someone amazing too!

  11. Such an incredibly stunning and beautiful bride! I just calme across you on Twitter and I am enamored by you and your adventures! I want to go on my own. Thank you for sharing. And of case congratulations!.

    • Thankyou Michael! We had a truly wonderful day :)

      And thanks for connecting from Twitter – our point in running this blog is to show that travel is absolutely possible for everyone out there, so let us know if you’re looking for any tips on how to get started, and hopefully there’ll be many adventures awaiting you very soon!

  12. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful wedding! I really hope to have a destination wedding myself! Hawaii isn’t a bad choice since my parents don’t have passports! hahaha Thanks for sharing your magical day!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Thanks Megan!! Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day also! Hawaii was a great choice for a destination wedding – it felt exotic even for those visitors who came from the US. Highly recommend Maui – it was a little less touristy than the main island which we loved :)

  13. Your description of your day is just as wonderful as the photos. Thank you so much for sharing! I especially love the photos on the dance floor. I can tell you had a special wedding day in Hawaii!

    • Thankyou McKenzie!! Hawaii made for a very special day indeed :) Destination weddings all the way :D!

  14. Your photos are stunning! And I had my destination wedding in Cuba. It was incredible experience- we are so happy, now I can enjoy my photos from there. If smb need a recommendation – i found my photographer here.

    • Thanks Melissa! Destination wedding in Cuba sounds fabulous – congrats! And thanks for the tip on finding photographers overseas too :)

  15. Even if a friend or relative can make a decent fist of the filming, they will surely come unstuck when it comes to editing. Without professional editing equipment and knowledge of what works when it comes to editing and producing wedding videos the final result will look very amateurish and certainly not provided a true reflection of such a beautiful day.

    • I don’t think that’s always true – professional videos are fabulous of course, but with access to great editing software these days, within most people’s price range, I think it’s very feasible to have a friend or family member who knows how to produce something of great value :)

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