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The Reasons Why You Should Consider a Cruise Holiday

Have you ever had the pleasure of going on a cruise? This type of holiday can be a lot of fun and there are many advantages to cruising. Perhaps when you go on your first cruise, you will fall in love with this type of holiday and want to go cruising again and again?

An All-Inclusive Package Makes Budgeting Easier

When you book a cruise, usually your room, meals, snacks, entertainment costs and transportation fees are all included. This means that you will pay one rate up front and have a budget for your souvenirs, drinks and other extras – but otherwise you won’t have to worry.

This is a lot easier than trying to budget for an entire holiday and predict how much money you will need for food and hotels. If you want to spend a little bit extra on sightseeing day trips or a nice meal while in port- that’s up to you!

A bountiful buffet. Photo CC by Forget Someday.

You Only Have to Unpack Once

A cruise ship is like a floating hotel, so once you have moved into your room and unpacked your bag, you won’t have to unpack every couple of days and move to your next hotel. You will be able to visit several destinations without the inconvenience of having to move your bags every time.

There is something very exciting about falling asleep in one destination and waking up somewhere different. Whether you are cruising around the South Pacific, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or anywhere else, one of the pleasure of a cruise is being able to visit many different places in a short span of time.

There are Lots of Activities to Enjoy

When you are on a cruise ship there are plenty of fun activities that you can take part in, including dance lessons, yoga, keyboard lessons, culinary classes and much more. You can also take a swim in the pool, watch a concert, play at the casino and much more.

It’s impossible to be bored on a cruise ship, because there is always something fun happening. Some ships even have climbing walls, gyms, ice rinks, swimming pools, basketball courts and table tennis.

Rooftop swimming. Photo CC by Jorge from Brazil

You Can Eat to Your Heart’s Content

One of the best parts about being on a cruise is the food! There will be an abundance of great food on your cruise and you can enjoy all you can eat for the entire length of your trip.

You will find a range of different dining options for your every meal and no matter what time of day you are hungry, you can always find a tasty bite to eat. Also, there are many different speciality restaurants aboard the ship that offer a diverse range of ethnic cuisine, in case you are in the mood for Chinese, Italian or Indian.

Cruising Offers Great Value

If you are a budget conscious traveller, you might be interested to know that cruising offers you a lot of value for your money, because the all-inclusive fees include food, accommodations, entertainment and transportation.

Often the per-day cost of a cruise is a lot lower than it would be if you were paying for all of those aspects of your holiday on land. Cruise comparison sites allow you to compare similar cruises, like P&O cruises for example, all from competing companies and all on the one site.

Great value. Photo CC by Forget Someday

Many Social Opportunities On Board

Part of the fun of going on holiday is meeting interesting people from all over the world and when you are on a cruise ship, there will be many opportunities to make new friends. On board, you can chat with people in the bar, at your dinner table or by the pool. If you get along with another group, you can plan to take an excursion together or enjoy activities together. Also, if you have children they will have plenty of other little ones their age to play with.

These are just a few of the reasons why taking a cruise holiday can be so much fun. If you think that this style of travel would suit you, why not take a look at the cruises that are offered online and pack your bags for an adventure at sea?

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Ryan Posa is an expert on cruises and he has made a number of voyages to exotic travel destinations all over the world. He started Cruise Republic in 2008 and is the General Manager. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

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