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 The Best Hidden Destinations for Your Bucket List

We all know what the popular hot spots are among all the people around the world: Los Angeles, Rome, New York City, Paris.

These cities stand as some of the most visited in the world, each for their own reasons. They have something to offer to every tourist, and that exceptional wow factor is what keeps people coming back again and again.

However, what if you already had a chance to see the wonders of these amazing cities and are now looking for a place a little more unique? A place that will provide you with new energy.

If you want to find a holiday destination that is more off the beaten path with equal exceptionalism, choose one of these hidden destinations that will leave your friends envious and your life satisfied.

Isola Bella, Italy

Photo CC by CucombreLibre

Once an unfruitful rock in the middle of Lake Maggiore in Italy, Isola Bella truly lives up to its name. This island is now known for its lush landscape.

The flora and fauna found on Isola Bella is presented in lush splendor across various gardens and boutiques. Its architectural treasures that fit in with the environment perfectly shouldn’t be neglected though.

Lake Hillier, Australia

Photo CC by ViaggioRoutard

Lake Hillier is known primarily for its vibrant pink color. Situated in Goldfields-Esperance, Western Australia, tourists are able to view this natural phenomenon all year round.

While scientists are not absolutely sure why the lake remains pink, but for all who visit it is the sight of a lifetime.

Flores, Portugal

If you are looking for a lush and secluded destination for your next trip away from home, Flores, Portugal is a concealed haven. Located on the westernmost point of the Azores Archipelago on the coast of Portugal, it is named for the gorgeous wildflowers that cover the area.

Perfect for hiking and camping, this veiled destination is a great getaway. There are hot springs and lagoons for relaxing when you are not hiking among the abundant flora and fauna of the region.

Giola, Greece

Photo CC by by premus

Giola is a natural pool located in the Atris region of Greece. While many understandably flock to Athens, there are obscure destinations, such as this one, that see much less foot traffic.

This concealed pool is clear and blue, and tourists can see what’s in the bottom with impeccable detail. There is a hike involved, but this stunning water reservoir is well worth it.

Just look up chartered flight cost, take a week off work, pack a bag, and find another type of beauty in Greece.

Las Lajas Sanctuary

The Las Lajas Sanctuary is situated on a gorge between Colombia and Ecuador. In stunning neo-Gothic structure, this landscape is something out of a fantasy novel.

It is set over 100 feet above a river among cliffs and waterfalls, and some can only marvel at this incredible castle. Once you’ve taken enough photos for your scrapbook, head inside and take in the breathtaking architecture.

Rotorua, New Zealand

This relatively unknown destination is also called “Sulphur City” in the local area. Rotorua is known for its many hot springs, bubbling mud pools, and geysers.

Consisted of several lakes, it also a popular area for water sports. If you need a truly refreshing vacation, this hidden gem is the ideal place for you.


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