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When it comes to the world of beach towels, no two are created equal. And, if you’re planning on hitting the beach this summer, a good quality beach towel is definitely worth the investment. 

We’ve all been there – throwing a bath towel in a bag and calling it a beach day. But you quickly realize your rookie error when the sand goes all through your bag, and clings to the fabric for days; when it absorbs all the water, but doesn’t dry, so it’s heavy and wet to carry around for the rest of the day.

After-all, you want to soak up the sun – not the ocean!!

Just as a kitchen towel was designed for the kitchen, and a face towel designed for your face, a beach towel has been specifically designed and manufactured to give you the best possible experience at the pool or beach.

There are a wide range of great beach towels on the market these days, but one in particular has stood out to us this summer as a cut above the rest.

A sand-free beach towel with thoughtful features like corner sand pockets, and water-resistant hidden pockets to protect your belongings against water damage and beach theft, the following are 10 reasons you need a Sumoii Beach Towel this summer.

It ranks highly in terms of quality, form, function, and appearance, and is a smarter and easier way to spend time at the beach!

10 Reasons You NEED a Sumoii Beach Towel This Summer (Sumoii Beach Towel Review)

Sumoii Sand Free Beach Towel Review Best Travel Beach Towel (1)

It’s Sand Free

One of the biggest selling points about the Sumoii brand is that their beach towels are sand free.

There’s a difference these days between towels that claim to be sand free, and towels that are actually sand free, but Sumoii towels are actually sand free! As in, build a sandcastle on top of it (just because you can), shake it off, and the sand slides straight off it!

It works like magic!

They’ve worked for years to create a towel with the microfibre technology that repels sand easily so it stays on the beach. Sure, sand in your toes is nice, but sand everywhere else? Not so much.

And every grain slides off; not only can you shake the sand off, and not have to worry about getting it all through your car, you can head straight to a normal shower and use it to dry off; no sandpaper feeling!

Has Hidden Pockets

Sumoii Sand Free Beach Towel Review Best Travel Beach Towel (1)

Many microfibre towels have the sand free feature these days, but Sumoii is not your average microfibre beach towel. Features like its hidden pockets make it super ingenious!

Each Sumoii Beach Towel has a built in secret pocket. It’s a water resistant, large, pocket with a zipper that can hide your wallet, phone, watch, etc. No more worries about gear being stolen or ruined by water.

And this is a big thing; beach bags are becoming an incredibly hot target for theft, with a typical beach bag now worth thousands of dollars. Sound far fetched? Not when you consider it might include a couple of mobile phones, car keys, and a handful of credit cards in your wallet.

It’s stupid these days to leave your phone, money and keys in plain sight while you’re out in the water. And nobody wants to be the designated watcher of everybody’s things.

But nobody would guess that your valuables are underneath the towel, in a concealed secret pocket! It doesn’t make the towel look bulky, in fact, even when your things are zipped up inside, it completely blends in, and is really well hidden as a corner sand pocket.

Which brings us to our next ingenious feature …

Corner Sand Pockets

Sumoii Sand Free Beach Towel Review Best Travel Beach Towel (1)

Sumoii really stands out for its four corner sand pockets which allow you to anchor your towel down to the ground, to keep it from blowing away in the wind.

Push sand into each of these corner pockets, and your towel stays put. It’ll never blow away again!

The nice thing about these pockets is that they’re under the actual towel, so from an appearance stand point you don’t see any evidence that there’s an anchor holding everything down. The design is quite brilliant!

Super Absorbent

The Sumoii beach towel is also highly absorbent, with the capacity to soak up water far quicker than a regular towel. It dries you off much quicker than a traditional cotton towel, absorbing twice its own weight.

Manufactured from manmade fibers, microfibre technology means that the ends of the fibers are split to make them extremely absorbent and capable of drying faster than any other type of towel.

Which brings us to our next point …

It’s Quick to Dry

Sumoii Sand Free Beach Towel Review Best Travel Beach Towel (1)

Drying time is a pretty big selling point when you’re traveling with a beach towel – every traveler I know has learnt the hard way that regular towels just aren’t designed to be used then crammed immediately into a suitcase.

The smell and the mould from one experience using a regular towel when traveling is enough to convince you of the value of a specifically engineered, quick drying, travel towel.

Because of its microfiber fabric, the Sumoii Beach towel dries in half the time as a traditional cotton towel. And the fabric is also antimicrobial, which means it’s good for freshness and odor control!

I found the drying experience to be fast, and damp-free.

Large Yet Compact

For all the talk about how size doesn’t matter – size does matter when it comes to a beach towel. After-all, it needs to be large enough to be usable (otherwise there’s no point), but compact enough to travel with and carry.

Bigger is always better on the beach!

The design of the Sumoii towel is brilliant, as it’s larger than your average beach towel, at a generous 190 cm x 90 cm (75″ x 35″) but folds down to an ultra small 26 x 6 cm (10″ x 3.5″) and packs into a small travel pouch.

It’s a compact miracle!

When the towel is fully out, it’s massive; large enough to cover your whole body on the sand bed. It’s extra long, and extra wide, meaning it protects your feet from getting burned by the hot sand.

But when it’s folded up and packed into its compact pouch, it’s so small that it easily fits into a beach tote, and if you’re traveling, it won’t compromise souvenir space.

Pro tip: Keep the travel pouch it comes with; unlike the bags adventure companies make for tents, you can actually fit the Sumoii towel back into its pouch once you’ve taken it out!! (I know I’m not the only one who has that problem with tents!!!).

A string on the travel pouch makes the towel super easy to carry, and it’s very lightweight. It doesn’t take much more space than a folded t-shirt, yet when it unfolds, it’s massive.

This is one of those rare towels which saves a tonne of space, but is also big enough to fully wrap around your body (and then some) – even if you’re of a larger frame.

High Quality Fabric

Sumoii Sand Free Beach Towel Review Best Travel Beach Towel (1)

The Sumoii beach towel is thin, and very soft, but the fabric they’ve used is also very high quality, and holds up well against general wear and tear; they’ve ticked the box on durability.

And durability is important when you’re buying a beach towel, because it has to hold up against a lot of action, and withstand environmental factors.

Over time, your beach towel ‘will be stepped on, exposed to the sun, and will function as a tanning bed, a makeshift cover-up, or even a blanket. It will also be exposed to salt water, chlorine, and will dry over and over again without being thoroughly rinsed’.

This is one of those instances where you probably end up spending more money replacing cheap towels over and over again, than if you had chosen to go with a high quality towel in the first place.

The great thing about the Sumoii beach towel is that it’s durable and long lasting. But another important factor, the color doesn’t run when you wash it.

Wash it as many times as you want, and the color remains the same as the day you bought it (running colors is quite common in cheap beach towels that have used ineffective methods for applying dyes).

10 Different Colors

Sumoii Sand Free Beach Towel Review Best Travel Beach Towel (1)

Aesthetics isn’t the most important thing when it comes to choosing a travel beach towel, but it is still important. Ultimately, your towel is a summer fashion accessory that will accompany you on all your adventures.

The Sumoii sand free beach towel comes in 10 different colors, in the style of classic stripes. We love the classic stripe style, as it’s suitable for both men and women, and is the easiest and chicest way to do summer in style.

And for a towel that you’ll be using over multiple summers (remember – it’s long lasting!), stripes never go out of fashion.

With a wide range of colors that offer different shades of blue, yellow, green, grey, and peach, there’s something to compliment every personality, and every environment.

Click here to check out their full range of colors (towels featured in my photos here are the Yellow, There, Sunshine!, and the blue Modern City).

Fast, FREE Shipping … ALL Over the World

Sumoii Sand Free Beach Towel Review Best Travel Beach Towel (1)

Sumoii is an Australian based company, though they ship their products to everyone in the world. And no matter where you live, both domestic and international shipping is free!

They work in conjunction with the most reliable couriers to ensure that your package gets to you safely and on time, and have a great customer support team if you need an update on your order.

Standard shipping for Australian customers (free) will reach you within 3-5 business days. Express shipping for Australian customers ($6) will reach you within 1-2 business days.

Regular post for international customers (free) will reach you within 4-10 business days. Express post for international customers (AUD $15) will reach you within 2-5 business days.

And your order gets to you gobsmackingly fast.

I was stunned when I had a text message from the post office to pick up my package the very next day. I ordered my towels at 8.30 am on a Tuesday, and they had arrived at my post office by 10 am the next day (express shipping).

Once they receive your order, they start working on it right away, and all orders placed before 12pm (Sydney time) will be dispatched same day, and you’ll receive an email confirmation with your tracking number.

Designed in Australia

Kangaroo beach Australia RF

Sumoii beach towels are 100% Australian-owned and designed. And, if you had to trust anyone to design a good quality beach towel, who has more experience with the beach than Australians!!

The beach is in our blood as Australians, and the company takes inspiration from the Gold Coast, where they’re based. The Gold Coast is a unique blend of nature, local fashion and expressive art. It is boldly authentic, unapologetic and simple – all the qualities Sumoii embodies.

If you’re Australian, this is a great way to support local business, who are always designing with our planet in mind, from product to packaging. By constantly searching for the best materials and minimising waste, they’re doing their part for conservation, so that future generations can continue to enjoy Australia’s beautiful beaches and oceans for years to come.

If you’re living overseas, a good reason to celebrate buying Australian, is the weak Australian dollar! $69.99 AUD for a beach towel becomes $47 USD (approximately) at the current conversion rate of 69.99 cents to every $1.

Time to Buy One!

So what are you waiting for?! Visit to place an order.

You’ll love it to the beach and back – I know I do!

It’s worth following Sumoii on social media (@sumoii.official on both Facebook and Instagram), as they often run giveaways when they launch new and exciting colors. Tag #HelloSumoii in your photos!

This post was written in collaboration with Sumoii, who sent us their towels to review. As always, all opinions are entirely my own – I’ve truly never seen a towel quite like it.

>> Click here to buy now <<<

Sumoii Sand Free Beach Towel Review Best Travel Beach Towel (1)

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.



  1. This is the coolest thing ever! Sand free AND has corner pockets AND a zipper compartment?! When do they start to ship to the United States? I want one!

    • Hi Mikkel, good news!! They ship everywhere! Free shipping on regular post for international customers, and it will reach you within 4-10 business days. If you want though you can pay extra for express post to the USA, which is $15 AUD, and the order will reach you within 2-5 business days.

      We love our towels, I’m going to stock up on them for Christmas gifts for the family – they’re FABULOUS!

      Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  2. Wow! You had me at ‘sand free’ … but the other features are pretty impressive too! Trust us Aussies to come up with the ultimate beach towel!!

    • Totally agree – the sand free feature is enough to make me buy it alone, but the addition of everything else makes it a real game changer! One to go down in the books of epic Aussie creations!

  3. A sand-free beach towel sounds so awesome Meg. Like a God-send LOL, because sandy towels seem like peas in a pod, or, unavoidable. Definitely takes the hassle out of a beach day.


    • Absolutely Ryan! Sandy towels are horrible to deal with at the best of times, but when you’re traveling it makes it even tougher. Sumoii was sent down by the beach Gods to be the answer :D

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