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Berlin is a city with many reputations; a multicultural metropolis that combines both glamour and grit, famous for its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, and intense parties.

A cultural trendsetter, Berlin is a city where you’ll never be bored. A city that truly never sleeps, cafes are packed until all hours, drinking is a religious rite and clubs keep going until the wee hours or beyond.

While it may sound like the type of city well suited to solo travelers, there are in fact plenty of romantic things to do in Berlin if you’re traveling as a couple. We’ve put our favorites into the following list.

Romantic Things to Do in Berlin


A beautiful park on Museum Island in central Berlin, Lustgarten is where romance first comes to the fore. The perfectly lit cathedral and the Old Museum provide a romantic backdrop for an evening stroll.

Popular with tourists and Berliners alike, the neoclassical park forms a square which is a wonderful place to hang out with your loved one during the day. But once the sun sets it truly shows its romantic side.

Originally, the entire complex belonged to the Berlin City Palace, though the once royal garden is now a beautiful public promenade, elegantly designed with ornate landscaping including flower beds, statues, grottoes, bird cages and fountains.

[clickToTweet tweet=”A beautiful park on Museum Island in central Berlin, Lustgarten is where romance first comes to the fore. ” quote=”A beautiful park on Museum Island in central Berlin, Lustgarten is where romance first comes to the fore. “]

Berlin Cathedral in Lustgarten

Photo credit: Davis Staedtler

Charlottenburg Palace

It’s not a romantic holiday in Berlin unless you’ve visited Charlottenburg Palace. Once a royal summer residence, today this is Berlin’s largest and most magnificent palace, and is sure to ignite the type of romance reserved for fairytales.

The Palace Park is one of the most romantic places to spend time in the Palace. These magnificent baroque gardens were designed by French landscape architect Siméon Godeau, a pupil of André le Nôtre, principal gardener of Louis XIV of France at Versailles – the model emulated by all court gardens across Europe in the baroque era.

If your timing coincides with a Palace event, why not surprise your partner with a with a gala dinner and superb concert by the Berliner Residenz Orchester in the former Orangery. Dressed in elaborate baroque costumes and wigs, the orchestra and singers perform much-loved pieces of classical music – it screams old world romance!

Pro Tip: For the best romantic photo opportunities, there’s a cute little bridge leading over the pond with the castle in the background. If this picture doesn’t strike your romantic muscles, nothing will!

It’s not a romantic holiday in Berlin unless you’ve visited Charlottenburg Palace.

It’s not a romantic holiday in Berlin unless you’ve visited Charlottenburg Palace.

Photo credits: LH Wong / Olga Khomitsevich

Schloss Köpenick

If you are looking for a more diversified sense of romance, you might find it at the Schloss Köpenick. Around the castle Köpenick in the south-east of the city can be found a small scale version of Venice.

The palace itself is idyllically situated on an island in the river. Locals call the Baroque building the Wasserschloss (Water Palace) and it is the only Baroque building in Berlin to survive in its original state.

Sunset at TV Tower or Brandenburg Gate

If you find that romance is sparked by a spectacular sunset, head to the Berlin TV tower or Brandenburg Gate. Once the sun begins to set, these two historic buildings are fascinatingly illuminated.

Built during the years of the GDR, the iconic TV Tower is now a symbol of the entire city. Enjoy the stunning panoramic views from the viewing platform with your loved one – you have spectacular 360-degree panoramic views out across the entire city – and beyond!

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most important monuments – a landmark and symbol all in one with over two hundred years of history. Once a symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, it is now a national symbol of peace and unity.

Another great sunset spot is Mauerpark Hill. Climb the hill to the East and take in the views around you. It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset and relax.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Photo credit: Prasad Pillai

Stay in a Luxury Hotel

A great way to experience a romantic holiday in Berlin is to book into one of the city’s many luxury hotels. The city is home to all major luxury chains, though one of our personal favorites is the Grand Hyatt Berlin.

Situated in Potsdamer Platz, within easy walking distance of Tiergarten, the Brandenburg Gate and many more attractions in and around the district of Mitte, the Grand Hyatt is an idyllic and stunning combination of fine architecture and interior design.

Luxury stems well beyond the guest rooms (complete with marble and cherry wood bathrooms) and into the various amenities on offer, including a spa and fitness retreat located on the rooftop of the building, offering unparalleled views of the city.

Cycle For Two

Cycling is one of the best ways to get around the city for both tourists and residents, but instead of separate bikes, why not rent a bicycle made for two?

Tandem rentals are available at Rent a Bike or I Love Berlin. This is a great way to spark romance into the rest of your Berlin sightseeing. There are plenty of parks and pretty canals throughout the city which you can cycle between.


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  1. Love this post.

    • Thanks Melanie!

  2. We did our engagement photos on the bridge at Schloss Charlottenburg – it’s such a beautiful spot :)

    • Sounds wonderful Kay! Congrats on your engagement :)

  3. Love your bike tip. I’ve never actually ridden on a tandem bike before. Will have to give it a try some time.

    • Can highly recommend it – it’s pretty fun!

  4. I’m in a long distance relationship, and we actually met up in Berlin last month – he took me to Unsicht-Bar which is dining in the dark! Might sound creepy to some but is actually so incredible! The entire experience is skillfully designed to heighten your sense of taste. Light is forbidden, so your server will guide you to a table, explain where the objects are placed, and offer a choice of menus: fish, beef, poultry, vegetarian, or “surprise.” It isn’t ideal for gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, but nobody can see you play footsie under the table either :D

    • Sounds really cool Sarah – I’ve never done a dining in the dark before, would love to try it though! Thanks for the heads up on Unsicht-Bar :)

  5. Berlin is on my bucketlist!

    • Hope you have the opportunity to visit soon :)

  6. I think sunset makes any city romantic tbh.

    • Totally agree – it’s the most romantic part of the day anywhere :D

  7. Berlin is no Paris.

    • It’s still pretty fab though!

  8. You missed mentioning Bürgerpark Pankow! This park is one of the lesser known places of Berlin due to its slightly off-center location. But indeed it’s worth the trip to Pankow because a walk in this park can be quite picturesque.

    • An obvious oversight! Thanks for the tip Catherine … I’ll have to stop by on my next trip :)

  9. There’s actually a waterfall in Berlin which you might not have known about. It’s actually an artificial one so technically it’s just a gigantic water feature. But it does look nice how the water comes down the stones from the actual “Kreuz” mountain in Kreuzberg.

    • Didn’t know that! Thanks for the tip!

  10. Date night at the Charlottenburg Palace for a classical concert is always a winner ;)

    • Totally agree! It’s so old-school romantic :D

  11. FYI Insel der Jugend is the perfect place for a romantic picnic.

    • Thanks for the tip Sadie :)

  12. When do you think the best time of year is to visit Berlin?? ?

    • Probably May through September :) The weather is great at this time, where-as if you travel opposite in winter it’s quite literally freezing!!

  13. Been to Berlin 6 times. first time the wall was up. fake soldier at Checkpoint Charlie annoy me cause I saw the real thing.. Take the tram along Bernauer St. see the museum and wall memorial then tram it to Knoppkes for currywurst.

    • Wow you would have witnessed a massive change over your many trips then. Thanks for your tips :)

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