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Harbor City Hamburg – Why You Shouldn’t Miss Germany’s Maritime Treasure

Oktoberfest season is over, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait until next year to visit Germany!

There is so much more to explore in Germany and today’s post is introducing Hamburg, which is the best proof why you should allocate some more time to Germany for your next European vacation.

Hamburg - a beautiful harbor town.

Hamburg – a beautiful harbor town. Photo CC by LuxTonnerre

Due to its world-central port by the Elbe, Hamburg has a long merchant history.

You can experience Hamburg’s unique harbor charm every day when smelling the crisp sea air, but it’s most obvious when you visit the famous Sunday fish market, listen to the seagulls and have a chat with the proud local merchants.

Even after fishing hours Hamburg never loses its vibe. The city offers something for everyone: extensive shopping opportunities, great local and international cuisine, distinct architecture, boat tours and art galleries.

More active travelers can have a swim right in the city or use the same lake during winter for some world class ice-skating.

Though make sure to save up some energy for the nightlife!

The Reeperbahn is a legendary party street with drink prices dangerously starting at 99 cents, while more upscale or laid-back locations are waiting in many other corners of the city like the Schanzenviertel and are perfect to call it a day with an Alster (beer+lemonade).

Hamburg can also be a great base for day trips throughout the region, and there is a LOT to discover; you could fill two whole weeks just taking day trips in the surrounds here!

Watch this video to get into the Hamburg-vibe and get ready to explore it yourself:

Germany is celebrating 25 years of re-unification and all travelers are welcome to upload their impressions with #germany25reunified.

So don’t forget to share your shots when you pay Hamburg a visit!

For more inspiration for your Germany trip click here to see more videos.


  1. I love Germany, but so far have only been to Berlin and Munich, Hamburg is definitely on my List. Plus doesn’t it have a ton of “beach bars” by the port? I so want to go to them!

    • Sipping port by the port is my idea of a vacation!! I hope you manage to organize a visit soon :)

  2. I’ve heard so many great things about Germany but haven’t gotten the opportunity to explore the actual country. Big on my list is Hamburg…preferably during Octoberfest though! Haha ;-)

    • It’s definitely alive during Oktoberfest I will tell you that much!! I hope you find the time to organize a trip and experience it one year – you will absolutely love Germany!

    • “Big on my list is Hamburg…preferably during Octoberfest though!”

      Am afraid wrong part of the country for that. While we have the odd event in Hamburg celebrating the Oktoberfest you will not find such thing as in Munich here.

    • So maybe Munich during Oktoberfest then and a trip to Hamburg after that!

  3. Hi Megan,

    The images are beyond amazing. Haven’t been to Germany yet but Hamburg may need to make the list. Actually, I think the folks we’re house sitting for here in Fiji are from the town.

    Happy to tweet this.


    • Small world! So glad you enjoyed the post and the images – Germany is definitely an amazing country, and Hamburg should definitely be on the list of anyone planning a visit!

      Hope you manage to make it there one day! Thanks Ryan!

    • Great selection of attractions! I can’t get over how huge the Maritime Museum is – had no idea it covers 10 floors! Will have to head back to germany and pay it a visit!

  4. Good timing! I’m off there for NYE this year!

    • Fantastic! You’ll have an absolute blast, it’s such a great city! Have a wicked New Years – Germany is a great choice for it!

  5. I LOOOOVE Hamburg! Spent 5 days there in April this year and fell in love with the place. The Reeperbahn and St Pauli are so much more than seedy bars and strip clubs, the place has a great history, it was my favourite part of Hamburg!

    • So glad to hear you had a great time – Hamburg is definitely one of the leading European cities for nightlife in my opinion! And when you couple that together with the amazing history, you’ve found a pretty great spot on the map!

  6. Germany is really high on our list of places to visit! Hamburg looks like a lot of fun–we will definitely have to keep it in mind! Thanks for all the great tips!

    • Thanks Jenna – so glad you enjoyed the post; Hamburg truly is a great little spot, and you really can’t go wrong with a visit to Germany!

  7. Germany is definitely on my radar and I’m sure I will get there sometime! Thank you for the awesome tips!

    • Glad you found it useful! You’ll love Germany, I hope you have the chance to visit soon!

  8. I stumbled upon your post via Twitter. Thanks for the travel inspiration. Hamburg is on our list too and we hope to visit the harbour city next year.
    Just read that you are travelling since 2007, that’s cool. We are also on the road since 2007 too.
    Safe travels,

    • Hi Reni – thanks for following over from twitter – so glad you enjoyed the post. Hamburg is a fab city and you’ll have an amazing time next year!!

      Small world re traveling for the same amount of time! Congrats on the extended amount of time on the road! Obviously a fellow travel addict like myself :D!

      Happy & safe travels – thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hamburg is definitely one of the best cities in Germany, there is so much to offer and a long weekend might just not be enough.

    I’d strongly recommend Dialogue in the Dark and taking a Free hamburg walking tour as well.

    • Totally agree with you Ankur! You could spend weeks in Hamburg and still not have gotten enough!! And thanks for the tips re the Dialogue in the Dark – haven’t yet had that experience though have heard great things about it in a number of different cities. Will have to book in the next time I have the chance.

      And 100% behind the free walking tours also – what I love about these is that they’re generally run by guides who are genuinely enthusiastic about their local area, and that enthusiasm is always contagious. Easy way to make tourists fall in love with a place :) And they’re a great way to orientate yourself in a new city at the start of a trip.

      Happy travels! Thanks for stopping by :)

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