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Authored by Thalia Oosthuizen

Many couples choose to visit Jamaica, the ideal place to relax your mind, body, and soul – the perfect place to enjoy a wonderfully simple romantic holiday.

Jamaica is a beautiful place to explore with your partner, where you can enjoy average temperatures of 80-degrees, but if relaxing at your hotel or resort, soaking up the sun is more your style, that’s perfect too.

To help you choose the perfect spot for your romantic getaway, here are some of the top romantic resorts.

Romantic Jamaica: Top Hotels in Jamaica for a Romantic Stay (or a Honeymoon!)

Sandals Royal Caribbean, Montego Bay

Sandals Royal Caribbean is considered one of the most romantic resorts in Jamaica, featuring a private offshore island, where you can enjoy a tranquil morning on the beach, a peaceful afternoon by the pool, and romantic dinners in the evenings.

With 8 gourmet restaurants, 5 full service bars, 7 swimming pools, 5 whirl pools, and a swim up bar, this resort combines respite and leisure with excitement and adventure.

However, the epitome of romance is expressed through the spectacular swim up suites, where you can enjoy your breakfast with your toes in the cool water, surrounded by tropical plants. The winding semi-private pool is the perfect place to cool down and enjoy a fresh cocktail together.

Sandals Royal Caribbean

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Secrets St. James, Montego Bay

Secrets St. James, located on the Montego Bay Freeport Peninsula, is an adults-only hotel. This is the perfect spot for sports loving couples looking for romance and adventure.

It is highly advised that you book the Presidential Suite for your romantic getaway, which features breathtaking ocean views and a large in-room hot tub where you can relax together. You can relish breakfast in bed with champagne or enjoy a couple’s massage, to reconnect with one another.

You can also have a friendly game of basketball, volleyball, or tennis before watching the sun setting as you savor a delicious dinner together.

Secrets St. James, located on the Montego Bay Freeport Peninsula, is an adults-only hotel.

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Geejam Hotel, Port Antonio

Geejam Hotel is a lesser-known resort just outside of Port Antonio, which is perfect for couples who want to experience seclusion and time alone at this mountaintop hotel.

Geejam offers authentic Jamaican experiences from the confines of your suite, where you can spend plenty of time relaxing with your partner, sharing a candle-lit rose petal bath, ordering 24-hour room service and enjoying an in-room couple’s massage.

The stunning views of the Caribbean Sea are well complimented by a glass of champagne on your balcony, where you can share precious memories.

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Couples Sans Souci, Ocho Rios

Couples Sans Souci is another adults-only resort located in Ocho Rios, and is a favorite choice among couples visiting Jamaica; however a slightly more relaxed nature is required.

Swimsuits are optional when sunbathing, and you can enjoy time relaxing with your partner in the mineral pool while relishing in a fresh Caribbean cocktail.

There are plenty of couple’s related activities available at Couples San Souci, including couple’s massages, and couple’s excursions, including a romantic trip to Dunn’s River Falls, and a serene glass-bottomed boat trip where you can experience the beautiful marine life.

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The Caves, Negril

The spectacular Caves in the mountainside of Negril are simply magnificent, and exceptionally unique. With only 11 private cottages, The Caves allow for an intimate experience, with lots of privacy and seclusion, and the welcoming and caring staff members are very attentive.

Each room has its own private Jacuzzi where you can rejuvenate and relax with a glass of sparkling wine. You and your partner can also relish in a one-of-a-kind romantic dinner in an elegant cave.

Featuring one of the top Spa’s in Jamaica, The Caves is the perfect place to enjoy a getaway that is low-key and wonderfully romantic.

The Caves, Negril, Jamaica

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All of the above choices feature amazing options for couples looking for a reconnecting, romantic time away in the Caribbean paradise of Jamaica.

From couple’s massages and swim up suites to fine dining and private Jacuzzis, you will be spoiled for variety at these Jamaican resorts and hotels that all offer fantastic, romantic getaways.


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Thalia is a 27-year-old travel blogger and explorer. Born and raised in South Africa, her love for traveling started very young.

Due to extensive travel as a child and teenager she decided to pursue an alternative lifestyle that would allow for travel, and is now living that dream. She contributes to several different websites including Jamaica Hotel Review which talks about the best hotels in Jamaica.

Photo credits: Sandals Royal Caribbean courtesy of the property. Secrets St James courtesy of the property. The Caves courtesy of the property


  1. These places are gorgeous! I may not get married anytime soon, but I will definitely keep this in mind haha. Would love to spend my honeymoon in Jamaica.

    • A honeymoon in Jamaica sounds like the dream doesn’t it! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  2. Hi Thalia,

    That private offshore island sounds about right.

    Jamaica looks gorgeous and I know its people are super friendly too, making the place more appealing. I spoke to a buddy of mine who never travels, and who has, a say, darker take on life. He did not stop raving about how genuinely happy the Jamaican people were.

    Thanks for the fun share.


    • Hi Ryan, it’s so awesome that your friend was able to connect with the locals in Jamaica, and had a really wonderful time. Their hospitality and warmth is certainly second to none!

  3. thank you for this great list!

    • You’re welcome – Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  4. Jamaica will always have a place in my heart since it is where we went on our honeymoon :) We stayed at the Sandals in Ocho Rios and all I remember is how relaxed it was. What a great round up!

    • Sandals is an amazing place for a honeymoon – sounds incredible Jessica! Glad you enjoyed the post … maybe a second honeymoon or anniversary trip sometime in the future :D

  5. These look like incredible places to go on a honeymoon! And I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica. There’ll be no wedding in my future though – do you think many of them would be open to people on solo-moons?!

    • You can totally take a solo-moon to Jamaica :D! Sometimes the best company is yourself anyway right!!

  6. I LOVE that there are adult-only resorts. I love kids, but when you’re on a romantic getaway, the last thing you need is a screaming toddler next to you. It looks so beautiful! I’m wondering if there’s anywhere to stay that isn’t so resort-y? The seclusion of Geejam draws me in the most.

    • Absolutely – haha honeymooners don’t need to be scared away from the idea of having kids by seeing them on holiday LOL :D

      If you’re looking for an area which is more authentic than your typical resort, Geejam is a really good choice. Let us know if you have any other questions :)

  7. Omg these all sound divine, I just need to find a man to take me on a romantic holiday!!! Although I don’t usually stay in resorts, i can’t believe it has 8 restaurants and 7 swimming pools! What more do you need in life?? Although perhaps the Caves answer that with a private jacuzzi in each room!

    • You can totally take a solo-moon – I enjoy my own company just as much sometimes!!

      If you’re looking for an area which is more authentic than your typical resort, Geejam is a really good choice. And yes, those Jacuzzi’s at the Caves are GREAT :D

  8. The Sandals Royal Caribbean sounds like such a dream vacay. I would love to go even if it’s not for a honeymoon. I had no idea this resort had a private offshore island. Is it for all the guests staying at the resort? The swim-up suites are what I would love to add to my bucket list of places to stay. The thought of having breakfast with my feet in the crystal clear water needs to become a reality for me!!

    • One of the most iconic resorts in Jamaica that’s for sure! Would make for an incredible vacation, honeymoon or not :)

      Yes, the private island can be accessed by guests staying at the resort. The swim up suites are incredible, you would love it there!!

      Hope you have the chance to travel soon!

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