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6 Reasons Why You Should Fly Private

The State of Flying In 2017. It’s not good.

Flying in 2017 has become a paradox of epic proportions. Air travel is the most time-efficient method of travel. On one hand, there is simply no better way to cover great expanses of land, air, and sea in order to get from point A to point B quickly.

However, there is a dark, dreaded aspect to commercial air travel. Simply stated, flying in 2017 is not an experience any of us are going to enjoy. From being poked and prodded like swine in order to make it through security checkpoints to being crammed into ever shrinking seat-space once on the plane, everything about flying is a terrible hassle.

It is no coincidence that a large percentage of flyers spend a few hours in the airport pub prior to boarding in order to make the in-flight experience a little less unbearable.

The Good News: You Have a Choice

As a consumer, you do not have to follow the masses into the doldrums of commercial air travel; you have a choice.

Customer Service

Why? Not because the customer service is better on a private flight; it’s because customer service actually exists on a chartered jet.

Commercial airlines around the world treat their customers as mini-ATMs, upselling and special-charging them to death only to disrupt their plans at a moment’s notice. For example, airlines routinely overbook flights only to inform their passenger that they will have to take a later flight with no recourse. In one such event covered by the BBC, a passenger was forced to deplane, being dragged off by law enforcement officers and suffering injury in the process.

When you fly private you will be treated the way you deserve. Private planes offer spacious cabins, luxurious decor, attentive staff, and catered meals and drinks of your choosing.

Your Time Is Valuable

With private jet charter rental, you can arrange a flight within hours and arrive at the airport literally minutes prior to your flight’s departure time.

When you choose to travel on a private aircraft, you can bypass the security line, eliminate the need for extra overnight stays, and avoid needless layovers that suit the airlines’ needs (not yours).

This will leave you with more time to be productive before and after your flight, and provide a comfortable environment to interact with clients and associates during the flight.

WiFi Computer


The sights, sounds, and smells of a commercial airline cabin leave much to be desired. By flying private, you can leave the cramped quarters, noisy children, bad food, loud snorers, and the flatulence of others behind. No longer will you fight a flight-long battle over the arm rest or wind up with a drink on your trousers due to the reclining passenger in front of you.

On a private flight, you can kick back and relax on your own or enjoy precious moments with your loved ones. If you are traveling on business, the ability to keep the details of your travel private could make all the difference in succeeding in your sensitive negotiations.

Flying Can Be Relaxing Instead of Stressful

Flying today is stressful and there are many culprits, primarily long queues, lost luggage, illogical transfers, flight delays and rude employees. You can bypass all of those stress inducers by flying private.

Learn more about private jet charter costs, including rental rates.

You Can Bring the Comforts of Home Along for the Flight

Who says you have to leave the comforts of home behind when you travel? With the ability to charter a plan with multiple bedrooms and showers, flying does not have to be a necessary evil on your way to an enjoyable destination.

Gourmet Meals and Beverages

Airline food offerings have earned a bad reputation due to decades of increasingly lowered quality combined with higher prices. Airline food does not have to consist of sandwiches prepared days earlier and miniscule bags of flavourless crisps.

When you fly private, you can choose food and drink from caterers of your choice or rely on the advice of an experienced concierge to match you with a dining experience that will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Whether you desire a simple curry dish or desire a five-course meal with exquisite wine pairings, the possibilities are endless when you fly private.

Bonus Reason #7: Because You Deserve It!

You have worked hard to be in a position to enjoy the many luxuries life has to offer. It is important to think about yourself and your enjoyment from time to time. Whether your reasons for flying private are the same as the reasons we have presented here, they are valid and they matter. You should feel no guilt in deciding to leave behind the hassles of commercial air travel once and for all.


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Photo credits:  Interior of Emirates’ Airbus 319 Luxury Private Jet by Roderick Eime. Flying jet by Privé Access.

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