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Wining, Dining and Wildlife – 6 Reasons to Visit Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the sleepy city that most people in Australia go decades without visiting, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a trip.

Far from it, in fact, as the wine capital of Australia is brimming with fascinating history and wonderful natural delights for all to enjoy.

Adelaide serviced apartments are the best choice of accommodation to settle on for your stay in this great city, while you explore its natural wonders, beautiful vineyards, and jaw-dropping sights.

To help you enjoy this fantastic city as much as you possibly can, we have put together a list of 6 reasons to visit Adelaide. If they don’t convince you, nothing will.


The big seller for Adelaide is the many, many vineyards available to visit and explore. South Australia is the origin of most of the wine from Australia, and certainly some of the best.

Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Coonawarra, to name a few, are some of the wine regions that have resulted in Adelaide being named a Great Wine Capital of the World, which makes them an absolute must-see for any visitor to Adelaide.

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Laneway Bars

Taking cues from Melbourne, laneway culture is having a big impact on the nightlife of Adelaide, and there’s no better time than now to head over there to see the interesting and unique ways this culture is developing.

With bars and clubs, as well as coffee shops and restaurants opening up in the laneways of Adelaide’s CBD, there isn’t any perfect time of day to go hunting for an adventure down a laneway, so simply pick a meal to tackle and catch a train into the city.

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market is a wonderful, bustling marketplace that boasts one of the largest undercover market areas in the southern hemisphere.

Adding to the charm brought forward by a market of this size is the many food and produce vendors here, all bringing fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish to the people of Adelaide.

A must-see for foodies and those that can appreciate the atmosphere of a very old, very comfortable market.


The wildlife in Adelaide is every bit as cute, cuddly, and sometimes dangerous as the rest of Australia, and at Cleland Wildlife Park you can experience this wildlife firsthand.

One thing Cleland has that almost nowhere else in Australia has is the option to reserve a spot to go up to, touch, and even hold a Koala, Australia’s resident tree-dwelling marsupial.

For up close and personal encounters with koalas.


When you’re told about beaches in Australia you’ll often hear about Bondi, or about the beaches on the Gold Coast, but you’ll rarely hear about the beaches in South Australia.

This isn’t because the beaches aren’t any less beautiful, warm, or enjoyable, it’s simply because they are overshadowed by the tourist hotspots in the north.

Semaphore beach is a must-see, with the oldest carousel in the Southern Hemisphere within walking distance, and there’s nothing wrong with a quiet, South Australian beach.

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide oval is the home of the Don Bradman history collection – a gathering of some of the belongings of the greatest cricket batsman in history.

The oval itself has recently undergone hundreds of millions of dollars worth of upgrades, and now allows tours to run throughout when it’s not being used for sporting events.

With so much going on in Adelaide, there’s no reason to not take full advantage of the Spring season and get down to South Australia. Don’t hesitate, pack your bags, book your flights and accommodation and have fun exploring.


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Photo credits: Seppeltsfield Winery by Chris Fithall

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