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Cebu is a small island in the central part of the Philippines, yet it attracts a lot of foreign visitors regularly. Suffice it to say, the tourism industry in this part of the country is very much booming.

Despite the fact that Cebu has a lot of similarities to other countries in Southeast Asia, this booming city is still getting frequent visitors from different parts of the world.

Cebu has diverse and unique products and services to offer, beautiful tourist attractions, and at the same time, provides a great opportunity to investors. Here are the four reasons why Cebu City continues to attract foreign visitors.

4 Reasons to Visit Cebu City

Great Adventure

There are hundreds of places you can visit if seeking adventure in the Queen City of the South. The island itself has more than 90 discovered waterfalls, hundreds of mountains, and several other tourist attractions that can certainly entice any traveler.

These destinations are also an hour or two for the city and are pretty much accessible via public transportation. This alone has helped the tourism industry in the city.

More hotels and travel agencies are now offering tour packages which include adventurous activities, and they provide travelers with in depth information on these destinations. For instance, information about tourist spots in Cebu by Southpole Central Hotel is available for all guests.

Swim with Whale Sharks Philippines

Photo credit: Janey

Sinulog Festival

The most celebrated festival in the country happens every third Sunday of January in the streets of Cebu City. Millions of people from all parts of the world visit Cebu City to join the street dancing and celebrate the festival.

Every single year, the Sinulog Festival attracts foreign visitors who want to see and experience the culture of Cebuanos. In this festival, you can expect a lot of dancing, religious processions, and literally hundreds of food stalls displayed everywhere.

The fun and excitement that can be experienced in this annual celebration alone is enough reason why a lot of foreign visitors continue to visit Cebu City.

Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival

Photo credit: Constantine Agustin via Flickr 

Unique Food

One of the best things Cebu has to offer to its foreign visitors is unique and delicious food. Cebu is known for a lot of things and a few of them are lechon or roasted pig and chicharon or deep-fried pork rinds.

There are a lot more delicacies you can find in each town that you will surely love. A lot of the restaurants in the city are also incorporating local ingredients into foreign dishes.

Constant innovation in the food industry in Cebu City has attracted a lot of foreign visitors who want to try something new, yet at the same time still familiar.

Bustling Yet Laid Back at the Same Time

While Cebu City is as hectic like any other city in the world, what makes it attractive is that you can still feel like you are in a quiet island if you decide to travel an hour or two.

Most pristine beaches are very accessible to any visitors who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


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  1. To be honest, I was sold at “90 waterfalls”!! Also their food sounds delicious! I haven’t heard that much about Cebu, but the Philippines have always been hovering on the edge of my list.

    • Great place to visit if you’re a nature enthusiast, and a foodie! If you do make it to the Philippines in the future, definitely consider Cebu! :)

  2. Cebu is so on my bucket list, even more so now that I know there’s 90 waterfalls! The Sinulong Festival sounds like a blast. Here’s hoping that I can make it there next year.

    • Glad we could reaffirm your desire to travel! 2018 is calling you!

  3. The Sinulog Festival looks just amazing! I’m planning a visit to Philippines in March and Cebu is there in my list already but such a pity that I will miss out on this beautiful, colourful event. I have a few friends from Philippines and I know their food is amazing, I’m so looking forward to being there and trying all the authentic stuff.

    • Absolutely Medha! Sorry to hear that you’ll miss it on your next trip, but I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Cebu, so can maybe head back for a second trip to catch the festival at some point!

      Have an amazing trip!

  4. Have been wanting to go to Philippines since ages and have read so much about Cebu and it’s stunning landscapes. Your post made me pine a little more :D I had not heard about the Sinulog Festival at all, so that is a first! Looks so traditional and vibrant with all those authentic processions! And I thought Cebu was only about the scenic beaches! So much culture and colours. Thanks for feature the festival Meg!

    • Glad we could reaffirm your desire to visit Cebu – it’s an incredible place, especially if you’re a nature lover – some seriously epic landscapes!

      Glad we could tell you a little about the Sinulog Festival – if you have the chance to coincide your trip with this, it’s a memorable event!

      Hope you have the chance to visit Cebu!

  5. It would be so cool so experience the Sinulog Festival if only for the cultural experience. Plus, the outfits look absolutely stunning. I know you said the festival was celebrated in January, but is there a main focus to the festival? Like, is there something in particular they are celebrating?

    • Absolutely – the Sinulog Festival is such an incredible cultural event, and they go all out on the costumes!

      It’s a religious festival, and commemorates the introduction of Christianity to the island – Portuguese explorer Fernando de Magallanes landed here in 1521 and the island converted from Asian and Islamic religions :)

  6. Ok, mountains, festivals, delicious and innovative food plus pristine beaches? I gotta say I am sold.

    I also like the idea of a busy city with relaxation easily accessible. Yangon can get a bit overwhelming at times and it is two hours to just get to the bus stop!!

    Will consider it for my next visa run!

    • It has everything right! I agree, I love having access to the modern conveniences of a big city, but the ability to spend the day out discovering nature, culture, and the like. So Cebu is a great choice.

      Definitely consider it if you need somewhere to spend a couple of days!

  7. I love that there is so much beautiful nature so close to Cebu City, I mean who can pass up exploring over 90 waterfalls? The Sinulog festival looks like an amazing experience, the costumes are stunning!

    • I know! Spending time in nature is one of my favorite things in the world, and Cebu doesn’t disappoint! If you do have the opportunity to travel over the Sinulog festival, can highly recommend it. It’s a cultural feast for the senses!

  8. Great post and reminds me of the wonderful time we spend exploring Cebu. We focused mostly on the food and can attest how delicious the lechon is. In fact, Cebu is known throughout the Philippines for the lechon or roasted pig. The city has so much to offer and it is also very hectic as well. A must visit location!!

    • So glad you had a fabulous time in Cebu! Mouth is watering for their food everytime I come back to reply to comments here lol!

      Maybe we’ll bump into you on a return trip some time!

  9. The Philippines is so rich in natural beauty. Its beaches and exotic islands always hog the limelight and sometimes one tends to ignore places like Cebu. This post comes as a fresh perspective and unveils the promise of Cebu. Indeed there are so many sights to see and experience in this lovely place.

    • Absolutely – there’s so many incredible destinations in the Philippines, they all overshadow each other and it’s hard to choose! But Cebu is a pretty solid choice – glad we could highlight it for you :)

  10. Ah! I love Cebu! I had a fantastic time there last year! The food was amazing, the locals were very helpful, and the Kawasan falls?! Worth it!

    • So glad to hear you had a fantastic time Mary! It’s a truly fabulous all round destination – totally agree on Kawasan falls! Happy travels! :)

  11. Totally agree with this! The Sinulog festival that we have here in Cebu is one of the main reason and you were on point on that. Also the great adventure that awaits every travelers here in Cebu has the spot too in making Cebu reeks of tourists each year! Your honest review of the City is really on point and that makes me feel proud since I live in Cebu.


    • So glad you enjoyed the post John, you have a fabulous place to call home in Cebu!

      Thanks for stopping by our blog :)

  12. Stumbled upon this blog as I randomly searched for entries about my home. Im happy to see you guys giving interest in visiting my home city. This blog is informative and I would consider it almost “local level” entry. keep it up megan! First time you come to Cebu, you are a guest. But next time, you are a friend but once you have decided to stay for some time, then you are part of the Cebuano family.. :)

    • Hi Cleofas, thanks for your lovely comment, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post. Getting a tick of approval from a local like yourself is wonderful!

      We will let you know if we make it back to Cebu again :)

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