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Forget your passport, when it comes to travel, appropriate underwear is one of the most essential things. (Don’t actually forget your passport, but I’m sure you get what I meant!)

But traditional cotton underwear isn’t always the best option for travel – they’re slow drying and they absorb moisture meaning cotton isn’t the most comfortable or hygienic thing to wear for extended periods of time.

Underwear might be one of those things you don’t think twice about, but purchasing a pair for the practicalities of travel can make or break a trip. There are plenty of options out there for travel-specific underwear, but when it comes to being specifically designed for women, Knix is a Canadian based brand you should know.

The following are seven reasons why Knixwear makes the greatest travel underwear you’ll own. But the biggest reason? The amount of confidence you gain from wearing them, for all the reasons below.

Reasons Knix Is the Greatest Travel Underwear You’ll Ever Own!

Reasons Knixwear is the greatest travel underwear

They’re Comfortable

From their wireless bras to their underwear, Knix’s whole range is extremely comfortable, and that’s what matters most when you’re traveling for extended periods of time.

Their range has been designed to better prevent chafing, reduce odor and wick away moisture making a long journey more comfortable. They’re also more breathable and less restrictive, and in terms of their bras, you can wear them all day without having to change, regardless of your activity.

The fabrics they use are beyond amazing, and even on very long plane trips of 16-18 hours I’ve never had a skin irritation issue.

Knix don’t exaggerate when they claim their products feel like a “second skin” – the material is super soft, whisper thin, and completely disappears under what you’re wearing.

Reasons Knixwear is the greatest travel underwear

Reasons Knixwear is the greatest travel underwear

Odor Killing Technology

The fabrics Knix use for their bras and underwear have natural anti-odor properties which kills those horrid smells.

Whether you have a long time in transit, or plan on being out exploring for most of your days, I think this benefit speaks for itself. You’re definitely not going to make friends with the locals if you have bad body odor hanging around.

Moisture Wicking

Knix uses moisture wicking material, which is a technical fabric that moves moisture away from the body and the fabric itself. Tiny little tubes in the fabric allows moisture to escape into the outer layers of clothing or the air, where it can evaporate quickly.

This means you can say goodbye to crotch / breast sweat, weather you’re exploring a hot and humid destination, participating in active travel, or sitting for 20 hours on a plane.

Eliminating sweat means no odor, no stains, and that you can get more use out of your clothes. You can also cut down on the amount of underwear you pack, and when you don’t have access to a laundry during your travels, this can be a huge relief.

Quick to Dry

Wicking fabrics are also very quick to dry, which means you can easily hand wash them in the middle of a trip (I’ve been known to use the hotel sink!).

Knix air dry completely in just a few hours. This means you can bring fewer pairs which will save you space in your bag.

By comparison, traditional cotton underwear can take up to 24 hours to completely dry. 

Reasons Knixwear is the greatest travel underwear

Reasons Knixwear is the greatest travel underwear

Seamless and Sexy

Knix underwear and bras are completely seamless and becomes one with your skin. You won’t have any panty lines (after-all, those immigration officers can be pretty judgy!)

They achieve a really good balance of both functional and flattering; the classic designs in mostly solid colors are really sexy, and there’s something in their range for all body size and shape.

You might not care about sexy if you’re not planning on taking off your clothes, but there’s always the chance of being whisked off your feet by a handsome exotic stranger, so … you know!

Traveler girl female

Leak Proof

Whether you’re exploring a new city and can’t get to the bathroom, have a long plane ride and the seat-belt sign has gone on, or hell, even if you just sneeze, women leak. We don’t talk about it, but it happens. Especially if you experience heavy periods, or have recently had a baby.

Knix carries a range of leakproof undies that come with an ultra thin built-in panty liner to absorb up to 3 tsp of moisture (aka 2 tampons). These are absolutely fantastic for light bladder leaks and as back-up period protection when you’re traveling.

You wash them in your normal load with the rest of your laundry, though make sure to do a good rinse before washing. Most women obviously aim to avoid leaking all together, with period tracking apps like Flo, but it’s great to have the added layer of protection.

They Give Back

In today’s day and age, it’s important to support companies with ethical practices, and we really do have the power to speak with our wallet, through the companies we support.

Ethical practices govern all the work at Knix. Last year they donated over 10,000 pairs of undies to women’s shelters, which equates to more than 2% of their revenue. And to those women, having something as basic as clean, comfortable underwear, can sometimes be a huge thing.

If you know of a women’s shelter that could use their help, shoot them a note.

How Many to Buy

How many pairs you buy is ultimately up to you, but keeping in mind that Knix are moisture wicking (so they’ll last longer), and quick to dry, you should be fine packing 5-8 pairs for a two week trip. But they’re also very lightweight, so if you want to pack a pair for each day, go for it.

We highly recommend traveling with a spare pair of underwear in your carry-on. This is in case the airline loses your bag (they usually turn up within 24 hours), but can also really come in handy if you need to freshen up in the middle of a layover. You would be surprised at how much this one little change can alter your mood.

Even though Knix are a fantastic brand for travel, their underwear and bras are so comfortable that it’s likely you’ll end up wearing them long after your travels are over.

While they don’t brand themselves as travel underwear, Knix is truly the greatest travel underwear you’ll ever own.

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  1. Knixwear sounds great and I think I will buy some for my girlfriend for her travels :)

    However, this also makes me wonder if there is something on similar lines for men as well? We do need a range of underwear for all our travel needs, many of which are same as what you’ve mentioned above…

    • She’ll love you for it! Seriously they’re so comfortable, and so practical.

      I’ve heard that ExOfficio has great travel underwear for men, with similar features (odor resistance, moisture wicking, breathable and light weight). So they’re a brand I would check out if looking to upgrade your collection as well :)

  2. Sounds like a great brand! I love that it is lightweight material and has odor protection! Just a simple fact that you need to be aware of for traveling. :-) And a company that gives back is SUPER important these days!

    • They’re fabulous indeed! Yes totally agree on supporting companies with great values and who contribute to their community – it’s so nice knowing that in supporting Knixwear, you’re supporting women’s shelters as well :)

  3. Product sounds like it’d be great for hiking! And I also love that they accommodate different body shapes and sizes. I live in Tokyo and unfortunately, they don’t seem to sell it here, but I don’t mind paying extra for shipping if the product’s good.

    • Absolutely – and their sizing for every body shape and size is one thing I love about the company too. They’re very big on embracing all women :)

      If you’ve been looking for something like this, and can’t find an alternative in Asia, I think Knixwear is definitely worth the extra shipping. Especially if you do a lot of hiking and active travel; they arrive and you wonder where they’ve been all your life!!

  4. New product to me. Yes I agree with your reasons why cotton is not very advisable for long distance travels.Not seeing them in the shelves here in Bangalore. I will check if available online.

    • Glad we could introduce you :) They’re a Canadian company, but they ship worldwide. Ordering outside of the US and Canada may be subject to import/customs fees.

  5. I wish I’d read your blog prior to Christmas so I could’ve added a few pairs to my list for Santa! I could really use a pair now as I’m sitting in the JFK airport on a 9-hour layover, soon to board a plane for a really long trip. I opted to pay $60 to use the sky lounge and take a shower so these panties would’ve saved me some dough, lol. My husband wears ExOfficio boxers and loves them but I’ve yet to find a panty brand that I love so this post was super helpful. I’ll definitely be picking up a few pairs!

    • Maybe you can treat yourself as a new year gift :D Yes, I usually spring for the lounge access to shower and change my underwear in the middle of long haul layovers too. Knixwear makes an amazing difference though!

      I’ve heard that ExOfficio for men is great, I recommended them to Siddhartha above, so glad to hear another + for them!

      Glad we could introduce you to Knixwear and hope you like them!

  6. Wow, Knixwear has all those features we need for our travels like quick to dry and moisture-wicking (is it the same as dry-fit?). I wonder what material they are made of? Because as you described it, I was wondering whether they were made from bamboo?

    • Yes, moisture wicking is the same as dry fit :) Moisture wicking fabrics are usually a high-performance, microfiber, polyester, but Knixwear have developed their own which they call a carbon cotton; it fuses the best of performance, technology, and design :)

  7. Knixwear sounds like an absolute underwear for me. It’s always a great idea to keep a pair of one or two in our handbag just in case our luggage gets lost or doesn’t arrive on time. I can treat myself one of these, seems very friendly! I think the best feature of this underwear is quick to dry, although most of my underwear is whisper thin, knixwear could be the best choice especially when hopping in and off from one place to another!

    • Absolutely re keeping a couple of pairs in your hand luggage – it’s come in really handy for past travels when I’ve needed to change clothes in the middle of a layover – thankfully my bags have only ever been lost once, but I would rather have them for that one time out of 100!

      And yes, quick to dry is one of the best features for sure, especially if you’re jumping between different places a lot, they’re very easy to handwash on the go :)

  8. Oh my gosh! YES! Finally a set of undergarments that are PERFECT for female travelers! I love that they’re moisture-wicking because some really humid destinations can really mess with my yeast count – I’m sure I’m not alone in this… I’ll definitely be checking these out. They look so comfy, practical but still sexy. Thanks for sharing this awesome product!

    • I know right! I’ve been searching for a while!! The moisture wicking is fabulous, because I’m right there with you. They’ve achieved a really fabulous balance of total practicality while still being sexy. Love them!

  9. Wow, so many features! Sadly they are not for me… he he… I never think much before buying underwears but I guess I should look for similar options for men. Especially quick dry is an important feature, as I realized this year during certain trips in the rainy season.

    • I’ve heard that ExOfficio has great travel underwear for men, with similar features (odor resistance, moisture wicking, breathable and light weight). So they’re a brand I would check out if looking to upgrade your collection as well :)

  10. Wow sounds pretty good. I especially love their odor killing technology which could be useful on a long flight where you have no choice but to sit in one place and be able to do nothing! And I like the fact that they are long-lasting, who doesn’t need that with underwear! I wonder if I can get their products here in Dubai though.

    • The odor killing technology is one of the best things on a long flight – because you naturally start feeling pretty gross after a couple of hours, especially without temperature control, and this really helps!

      They’re a Canadian company, but they ship worldwide, so I think you should be able to get them in Dubai, might just need to pay a shipping fee.

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