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Travelling is hard work – there’s no doubt about it. Waiting around, dragging heavy suitcases, keeping hold of your crazy mate who wants to get the party started at 5am at the airport, sitting in very close proximity to complete strangers on public transport and planes – this is why planning what you’re going to wear for this ordeal is important.

Although comfort is top of the list, you want to look stylish too whether you’re heading off for a romantic break with your beau or a wild party holiday with the girls in Amsterdam.

With this in mind, check out these tips on keeping your style on point, whilst travelling this season.

How to Keep Your Style on Point Whilst Travelling

Kimono Wearing Experience Osaka

The Right Jacket Can Save the Day

While a structured jacket – such as a military style or a pea coat – can dress any outfit up, quilted jackets have had a revamp this season with on trend looks and padded features that mean they’re warm and still tick the box for stylishness.

Look for a jacket in an easy to style colour such as black or navy – Superdry has a whole range this season to choose from – and avoid the bigger, puffed up styles.

You want a jacket that is relatively form fitting and always looks sophisticated – whether you’re on the plane chatting up the flight attendant or exploring the back streets of the French capital.

Leather Backpacks Work for Day and Night

Wherever you’re heading to, you’ll need a bag close by to keep everything safe, including your purse and passport.

A small leather backpack can double up for all the essentials for your flight after booking in your main case and for when you head out to find somewhere to eat in the evening in your new destination.

Embroidered, leather styles are proving popular this season and add a little interest to this accessory. Wear it slung over one shoulder for those stylish but casual vibes at all times.

A bag that can take a beating and still retain it’s classy look, while lasting for a very long time.

Heeled Boots Save Luggage Space

A good pair of heeled leather boots work perfectly when travelling this winter.

Not only do they look stylish whatever they are paired with – which means you don’t need to worry about taking too many shoes – they’re pretty comfy and warm too.

Always Have an Oversized Scarf to Hand

An oversized scarf can take any outfit and instantly make it a bit glam – especially if it features some faux fur – simply bundle up the material around your shoulders and neck to stay warm and look good wherever you go.

This accessory can also double up as a blanket to keep you warm on cool plane journeys. Choose a scarf in an easy to wear colour, such as grey or black – the size of the scarf does all the work for you.

Female girl scarf fashion travel

Going Somewhere Sunny? Have a Cover up to Hand

If you’re heading somewhere with a little more sun – and more importantly, a pool – then you’re going to need some good looking swimwear for your trip.

Take along a cover up too, for when you fancy taking a nap in the shade or need to run up to the bar for another round of drinks.

A sarong will do but a lightweight playsuit is best, adding a little sexy to your poolside look but it keeps you covered if you need to leave the sunbed.

A large sun hat finishes things off – watch this video on how to pack one in your case without crushing it. You’ll be lounging and looking good with a cocktail in hand in no time.


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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. This is perfect timing for this post! I’ve been trying to be a little more fashionable when I travel. I really like the idea of bringing boots and a nice jacket – those both would pair nicely with different outfits!

    • Awesome that we could catch you at the right time Marissa! Yes, ultimately comfort is key but I enjoy looking fashionable too! The trick is keeping it simple but chic – boots and a nice jacket can really make an outfit :)

      Happy travels!

  2. We’re traveling long term at the moment and sometimes it can be rather difficult to stay stylish, especially when all you possess has to fit in a backpack :D We love the oversized scarf though and think it is a travel essential wherever you go! My girlfriend has an oversized scarf she can even transform into different dresses. Especially on cool plane or bus journeys it comes in very handy. We both carry Sarongs with us as well as they can come in so handy in a lot of situations. From a man’s view, my favourite fashionable items are my sunnies. I have to admit that I always have at least two different pairs on me :D

    • Ah yes I feel your pain on keeping it stylish but also keeping it to a backpack for long term travel. I think that’s where accessories really come in – glad you like the scarf idea – so cool that your girlfriend can actually wear hers as various dresses too! Now that’s versatility!

      Sarongs are awesome too – good call on those. And definitely can’t beat a pair of fashionable sunnies – which are light and compact when you’re traveling full time, so I understand why you carry two!

      Happy travels!

  3. Ahh, yes, staying stylish while traveling can be important depending on where you’re going. On urban trips I definitely follow your tips. More hiking and rougher trips like the days I spent wandering the Ibarra region of Ecuador lead to more casual, drip dry packing. Crossing between the two makes it harder and then that scarf and a purse/backpack, small and collapsible, work for dressing up or down.

    • Hiking and rougher trips definitely don’t require the same level of fore thought – after I’ve been trekking for 4 days admittedly I really don’t care what I look like LOL! Plus I think it’s hikers code that the rougher you look the more respect you’ve got!

      But glad the tips for helpful for your upcoming urban stints. Accessories like a scarf are great because they’re so light and easy to pack, and as you said, work wonders for dressing an outfit up or down :)

  4. I had hardly cared for my looks during travels but you do have a point of staying stylish during travels… at least moderately. Jackets are a great suggestion, particularly the ones that will keep passports safe. Not very sure of heeled boots though. Hat and sunglasses – YES! ?

    • I think stylish travel is something I’ve come to appreciate over time – I don’t go too overboard with fashion, and I’ve never been a fashionista so to speak, but I enjoy looking nice.

      Jackets, hats and sunnies are gold at dressing up an outfit. If you’re not a fan of heeled boots though, flats come in some fabulous designs :)

  5. Staying stylish while traveling is always a struggle for me! Luckily we live in Southeast Asia, so it hasn’t been too pressing of an issue. Next year we’re heading to Europe though, and we’ll be there in the fall and winter, so I’ll definitely need to up my game! A structured jacket, heeled boots and a big scarf are great suggestions. I need to get shopping!

    • Glad we could set you up with some ideas before you hit up Europe. Ultimately you have to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, but a couple of cute accessories can really change the game!

      Happy travels!

  6. One thing I’m guilty of is choosing practicality over style. I choose pink jackets so I can be seen if I get lost in the mountains hahaha Not so stylish eh? I owned black jackets before but it made me feel invisible. :D I would love some heeled boots though and I definitely have an oversized scarf. Great tips, Meg!

    • Ultimately I think you do have to prioritize comfort and practicality when you’re traveling, though doesn’t mean you can’t find some style too! Haha high vis jackets are probably a good idea for safety if you’re hiking remotely -ultimately I recommend rocking whatever style you feel works for you :)

      Happy travels!

  7. Great points! I especially like the leather backpacks. I feel they’re very stylish but practical at the same time. And a nice jacket really can change the look of your entire outfit!

    • Thanks Nathan! I have a leather backpack from Saddelback and absolutely love it. It makes me feel very Indiana Jones :D Yes, they’re both practical and have a timeless style. Expensive, but they last for 100 years so you’ll only ever need to buy it once!

  8. I always wear heeled booties during any fall/winter trip. Although I gotta admit, sometimes my feet do kinda hate me for it and I’d wish I brought runners hahaa. And yes to scarves for keeping warm on planes!!! Thank goodness for the invention of blanket scarves because I wouldn’t know what to do otherwise. These are super awesome tips though and that first kimono photo is just absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • Thanks Jas! I love my kimono lol – we did a Kimono wearing experience in Osaka on our recent trip to Kansai, and walked around sightseeing in full traditional dress. It was an incredible day!

      If I know I’m on my feet all day, I will admit to ditching the heeled boots in favor of some runners :D Or some nice stylish flats – ultimately comfort is key!

  9. I like the tip of a good leather bag. I need a new bag at some point. I am mostly looking for a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag.

    I just wear my hiking boots and don’t worry about shoes. My boots are comfy and my feet rarely hurt after a full day of walking.

    • I love my leather bag :D It’s both practical and stylish, and it’s the most durable thing I own. Expensive, but it’s supposed to last for 100 years, so you only need to buy it once! I got mine from Saddleback Leather and can’t fault it.

      If your hiking boots work for you that’s awesome :) I usually like to change out of mine when I’m not trekking just because they’re pretty heavy. But definitely comfortable!

  10. You’re totally right – a scarf or a sarong can dress up an outfit, depending on the season! I actually find it tough to stay stylish while traveling – I get into the habit of wearing yoga pants and tank tops wherever I go, especially since I tend to hike around and do a lot of walking. But, maybe I should try to up my game and look a little bit better from now on ;)

    • Haha I actually find that too! I pack for the whole trip but end up wearing the same tank top / yoga pants combination lol. I’ve been making an effort to change it up a bit, especially now that we like taking photos for the blog, accessories usually dress both an outfit, and a photo up :)

  11. Thanks for the tips and I think somehow I am already doing some of them during my travels, I guess that was experience and once you have been to different places in the world, you are more adapted to embraces different environments and how to make your life easier with the suitable equipment.

    • Agree that you fall into a travel style after you’ve traveled for a bit, gained experience, and know what works for you and what doesn’t.

      Happy new year!

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