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People often take their drinking water for granted. In most western countries we don’t think twice before grabbing a glass and sticking it underneath a tap. So you’ll probably be surprised to know that 99% of the world’s water sources are unfit for human consumption.

This leaves a paltry 1% of the world’s water to sustain over 7 billion people across the planet. So, that begs the question, where is this clean water?!

The following infographic by Waterlogic (manufacturers of workplace water dispensers), takes a deep dive into the 15 purest water sources left on earth, uncovering everything from the freshwater havens of bracing Alaska through to the natural filtration effects of the gold mines in South Africa.

There are even a couple of surprises: who knew the River Thames is now regarded as the cleanest river in the world to flow through a major city? Read on to see which other waterways make the cut as world’s purest.

Then, read this post, on countries in the world where the water is unsafe (and tips for drinking safely in countries with questionable tap water).

Where to Find the Purest Water Sources in the World

Places with Clean Drinking Water

Cleanest drinking water in the world



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