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Authored by Andrew Dilevics

The world’s oceans have always been a place of wonder and mystery. Covering nearly three quarters of our planet, it’s impossible to know all their secrets. But with over 71% of our planet’s surface covered in water, we have an awful lot to thank our oceans for. How much do we know about the ocean? Sea facts.

Whether you live in the middle of the desert or right on the ocean front, the ocean affects your life, daily. From the water we drink, to the air we breathe, to the electronics we use, the oceans are to thank as the majority of goods that we use daily are transported over the waterways across the planet.

It’s nothing short of captivating to read through scientific facts about this magical world. However, it is also somewhat humbling to realize just how little we do know about the oceans. It’s tantalizing to think about just how much more there is to discover. From the mesmerizing marine life to the waters themselves, it seems as though we will never know all the secrets of the sea.

But here are a few of the most interesting that we do know. Ocean facts.

50 Fascinating Facts About the Ocean

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50 fascinating facts about the ocean

Infographic prepared by the team at

Without the Ocean, We Would Not Exist

We must be aware that the oceans health is at risk. The ancient belief that ‘you can never take too much out of the ocean and you can never put too much into the ocean’ has led to the oceans downfall. Cool things about the ocean.

With the destruction of various ecosystems, animal life and an increase in endangered species, we must watch out. You see, without the oceans, we would not exist. How much of life on earth is in the oceans? Sea facts. Ocean animals.


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  1. Fascinating. As mentioned, we know little about the impact of oceans! What has surprised me the most is that scuba diving is safer than marathon running. As a marathon runner this is interesting :) What a great infographic. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Crazy right! I had no idea about that either until Andrew sent the infographic through. Learnt quite a lot myself in publishing this guest post!

    • Yes, it’s really fascination, but don’t thing marathon as dangerous, thing diving as safe – if done right. You should try it and you’d be amazed.

      thanks, glad you liked it.

  2. This was fascinating. I am shocked at the freediving record, I can’t imagine anyone being able to dive down past even half of that.
    The thousand years it takes for water to make its way around the world also surprised me.

    • Aren’t some of the facts just mind blowing!! I always thought as a kid you could put a message in a bottle and mail it across the ocean and it would wash up somewhere on the other side of the world fairly quickly. Guess not!!

  3. Fascinating Read! I thought I knew a fair bit about the oceans, but there there are some things on here I had no idea about. I think my favorite facts relate to scuba diving and our desire to explore the great unknown beneath the surface. 332m is a long way down for a scuba dive – I presume the diver had the ‘drunk’ feeling during that one!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Vicki! I need to get my scuba cert, I can’t even imagine how fascinating it would be to explore that far under the sea!! I imagine you’re right about the drunk feeling being down that low!

  4. We really are a planet dominated by water. We drink it to stay alive, we wash in it to stay clean, we use it to grow food. It is an all-encompassing fact of our life without we have no life. Some amazing facts in the infographic, everything from depths to distances travelled. I like it

    • Happy to hear you enjoyed the infographic and post Mark! I think society really does take the role the ocean plays in our lives for granted. And underestimates how much of our lives revolve around it’s health. Hopefully with added awareness and social responsibility on the rise we won’t destroy what’s left.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. Yes, doing the research we where all amazed how many ocean facts that where so incredible.

      The ocean is so vital to our lives, no wonder when it’s so amazing.

  5. Now I understand why we cannot determine the direction of sound in the water.
    Thanks for another great post.
    Blog on!

    • Thanks Doug! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

    • yes, it moves so fast that sound hits both ears almost same time. The only way to determine, is to hear if it gets higher or lover as you move in one direction.

      thanks, glad you liked it.

  6. Cool, I’m such a geek when it comes to facts like these. A big part of our country is below sea level (in fact, I’m actually below sea level right now writing this) and so I’ve always been fascinated by the world’s water surfaces. I esp. love the facts about the tallest and the deepest places, interesting to know there’s a whole world out there, in the water, as well.

    • Crazy isn’t it! I need to get my scuba cert, because there really is a whole world under the depths of the sea, and I want to explore it!!

      Glad you enjoyed the post anto :)

    • Yes quite amazing. And that only one person have been to these depths is really odd. We really do know a lot more about the moon that the ocean.

  7. oh my, this graphic is so fascinating! I’m a bit afraid of the ocean because we know sooo little about it. We did send people to the moon but are only able to map 5% of the ocean floor!! I really think we should draw more attention to scientific research regarding the ocean.

    Great post that I’m definitely saving for another read through :)

    • We really do only know a fraction of everything there is to know about it. Though I had never thought about it like that in terms of the moon!!! Amazing isn’t it!

      I actually heard a few months ago that there are probably still uncharted islands out there, just because we haven’t yet managed to explore the whole ocean. Boggles my mind when we think we’re so advanced!! I agree with you that we should draw more attention to scientific research regarding the ocean.

    • Thanks, So glad you liked it. Yes, we know so little, and treat the ocean so bad. The ocean pollution is really becoming a major issue, and most people don’t really know about it.

  8. This is so fascinating! You’re right – without the ocean, we could not exist. It is said we know more about outer space than what’s inside our own oceans…which is amazing. I am sure we will learn more and more as time goes on. These are some brilliant facts, I really enjoyed it.

    • It’s crazy isn’t it! You would have thought we would have explored the oceans first!!

      Kathrin had just mentioned above that we should draw more attention to scientific research regarding the ocean. I completely agree – there is so much more to understand and learn!

    • Sure we will. I learn more every time I go diving. It’s an amazing world down there and we’re lucky to get the chance to explore it.

      Meg, there’s actually a team of scientset that have teamed up with google street view to map the majority of our reefs. They are basically diving around with huge cameras that takes pictures all around, then a software combines all of it. By time we’ll know more about our amazing ocean.

  9. I absolutely love learning about the ocean – it’s just such a headwrecking, vast thing! I’m obsessed with marine life. This was a cool infographic! I don’t normally like them but I learned a lot here.

    • Glad to hear that Dannielle! I don’t usually publish infographics on the site, though I thought this one was really cool, so was glad that Andrew reached out :)

    • Thanks you two! There’s a lot of garbage out there, but we really did put our heart and soul into this infographic. It really means a lot that you like it!

  10. Fascinating! What a fun way to illustrate the facts as well. Loved reading this, and I was really surprised to learn about the free-diving record… wow. I’d love to explore more firsthand!

    • Thanks Andrea! So glad you enjoyed the post and the visual facts :) I learned so much myself from publishing Andrew’s guest post!

  11. That was really interesting information! I went snorkeling for the first time last year in Puerto Rico and have been obsessed with underwater life ever since. It’s just amazing to see how much is going on down there below the surface, as you stated in the infographic!

    • Ooooh nice! Puerto Rico would be a fantastic place to go snorkeling! I think an experience with the ocean is one of those things that you become quickly obsessed with after your first experience. Like traveling, underwater life for me has proven to be an addiction! Love snorkeling and getting out there whenever we can :)

    • Ahh Puerto Rico is an amazing place for a first snorkeling time. Hope you have plenty of great times exploring more of our amazing ocean.

  12. Love the graphics Megan! I’m a visual person so it gave me more insight so thanks for that. I completely agree with what you said that we are nothing without the ocean. We should definitely make a conscious effort to learn more about the ecosystem.

    • Thanks Janna! The team at did a fabulous job of the visuals! So glad that people are more and more willing to make a conscious effort to save our oceans :)

    • We love our ocean so much, and based on the idea that “we only perserve what we love, and we only love what we know” – we had to extend the knowledge of our oceans. Glad you liked it.

  13. Fascinating information about the ocean. It’s amazing how important it is to the world.

    • Without it we really would cease to exist!

    • And a good reason to take care of it. We’re not treating it that great at the moment, but who knows what the furture will bring. Hopefully more marine protected areas and less trash in our oceans.

  14. Crazy to think it takes 1000 years for water to complete a whole journey around the world…

    • Isn’t it! All those films we see where a message in a bottle makes it to the other side of the world speed up that process a little lol :D

  15. Was at the Barrier reef last week which blew me away. The oceans are literally less understood than the moon

    • So glad you had a fab time Aodhan! The Barrier Reef is stunning indeed :)

  16. Excellent attempt to drag attention towards oceans. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Shamrao, glad you enjoyed the post :)

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