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Authored by Daniel Herman

Did you know that 2020 was the worst year in history for the global airline industry? According to Finances Online, the international travel rate dropped by an astounding 75.6 percent. 

The good news is that from February 2021 the number of people who fly every day is growing, and as countries lift restrictions, it’s time to start planning new adventures. 

If you can afford it – the best solution would be to rent a private jet and head off for a multistop flying adventure. But even if you’re flying commercial, you’ll still pick up some practical tips for planning out your multistop flying adventure.

A 4-Step Practical Guide To Planning A Multistop Flying Adventure

1. Set A Budget And Length

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The first step of planning a successful trip is setting a budget. It will help you strategically choose the locations and narrow down your choices.

Looking at the map can be overwhelming, so once you have a fixed budget, it will be much easier to stay within it and enjoy all the places without worrying about financials. 

You should also decide how many days the trip will last, which is tightly connected to the budget, and a must because of the plane tickets.

Make a list of the potential months and weeks when you have days off and when the adventure can happen, so that you can choose the best locations for that time of the year. 

Do Your Research

A multi-stop trip requires a lot of research, especially if you’re going to be away long.

Remember that every detail counts, so it’s important to be meticulous when researching destinations, flights, routes, and accommodation. 


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Once you have a list of destinations you’re interested in, you should find out as much as you can about these places. Put together a list of the attractions, and it will be much easier for you to decide if these places are a good fit.

The most important things to research include public transport, tourist attractions, places to eat, museums, and your main interests.

Choosing destinations, cities, and countries that are close to one another will make the trip more manageable, and you’ll spend less time traveling and more time enjoying.


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Booking the right flights is a crucial step of your journey. This is also when you have to decide whether you want to travel commercial or private.

Flying commercial is cheaper in most cases but more time-consuming – and doesn’t offer the same amenities and perks as private. 

On the other hand, private jets are generally more expensive, but they are perfect for people who want to save time and want to get anywhere at any time. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, more and more people are recognizing the benefits of flying private, and are turning to that option. Knowing that you can book a flight only hours in advance, enjoy the ultimate luxury if your budget allows for it, avoid long waiting queues, crowds, and have close to none baggage restrictions, flying private makes perfect sense.

It’s ideal for busy entrepreneurs who want to travel and work simultaneously because these jets offer a fast internet connection, privacy, comfort, catering services, and much more. 

Most people are under the impression that the cost of private jet rental is insane – before doing the research. The truth is that private flying is a costly investment; however, you can lower the fee by traveling with a party and splitting the cost or booking a single seat on a shared private jet.

The final price will depend on many factors, including the flight length, number of people, onboard amenities (food, flight attendant, in-flight entertainment), etc. 

Finally, you should also look at the different airports at a single destination and determine which one is closer to your accommodation and has better flights, no matter whether you fly private or commercial. 

Best Route

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Find the best route for the trip by trying out different flight combinations. In most cases, the most direct route is the most affordable. Going back and forth from one place to another will make the trip more complicated, cost more, and you’ll lose time. 

Additionally, connecting flights can be cheaper, but they might take more time to get you to your final destination. Therefore, you should calculate the difference in cost and time and see if these routes are worth it. 


Research the best option for your needs. Should you stay in a hotel or opt for Couchsurfing? The many alternatives to choose from include Booking, Airbnb, vacation rental, guesthouses, hotels, hostels, etc. 

If you’re traveling with kids or pets, create a list of all the amenities the accommodation must have to narrow down the search.

In addition, you should check out the accommodation neighborhood to see whether there are any attractions, restaurants you like, etc.

Finally, remember to search for properties with free cancelation and use the same booking service to save money. 

#2 Book Flights And Hotels

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After researching the different airplane companies and routes, you probably already know which alternative is best for your budget.

Book flights with longer layovers if they’re significantly more affordable so that you’ll have time to explore instead of just waiting at the airport. However, if you’re tight on time and need to get somewhere fast, you should avoid layovers. 

If your budget is limited and you plan on traveling alone or in a small group, flying commercial is a great alternative. Before booking, check the baggage requirements and enter the flight time in your itinerary. 

But, if you’re a part of a larger group and want to treat yourself, you should consider flying private. There are many private jet services to choose from, and the booking process is effortless.

You don’t have to book the most luxurious private jet; instead, find one that’s within your budget and enjoy the experience. 

Final Preparations

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Now that you’re done with all the bookings and research, it’s time for the best part. The final preparations right before a trip are so exhilarating!

Your first step should be creating a Google spreadsheet with details, including accommodation information, COVID protocols, restrictions, entry forms, etc. 

Remember to get travel insurance before departure to protect yourself from unexpected costs. According to an Allied Market Research report, the global travel insurance industry is expected to reach $119.31 billion by 2030, which means more and more people understand the necessity of being protected during these challenging times. 

Although we all want our trip to be effortless and a smooth ride, that’s not always the case. Due to the pandemic and constant schedule changes, you should be prepared for everything!

Flights might get canceled, so ensure to read the company policy. The same thing applies to hotels and other types of accommodation. 


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Since the pandemic stopped us from traveling as usual for almost two years, it’s time to get back in the game with a multistop adventure.

Considering that the number of global airline passengers in 2021 dropped 50% since 2019, you’re not the only one with a strong desire to embark on a long journey away from home. 

If you have a destination in mind, start planning a budget, do your research, and find the best flights, routes, and hotels. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over, so flying private is one way to protect yourself.

It’s also perfect for people who want to work while traveling, and will go on a multi-stop adventure with a group of friends. On the other hand, commercial flights are ideal for travelers on a budget and don’t offer the same amenities or benefits. 

Whichever way you choose to travel, keep in mind that rules and regulations change daily, so you have to stay up to date to avoid unpleasant situations. 

Daniel is a digital marketing and aviation enthusiast who is currently working as a content associate of JetFinder – an aviation brokerage company. Their services include private jet charters, medical evacuation flights, cargo flights, group charters, helicopter charters, and more.

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