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Earlier in the week I reviewed my favorite entry level portable laptop monitor; the INNOCN Travel Monitor N1F PRO, a great way to enjoy an external computer display on the go.

Though since then many of you have reached out and asked about a portable monitor with a screen specifically built for photo editing, which is still slim enough and sturdy enough to travel with on the road.

Much of my photo editing happens on the road; in the downtime I have in hotels, or in transit. Though I’m often traveling with an old laptop (safety hack, I leave my good laptop at home!), or sharing photos straight from my phone.

So I definitely understand the importance of investing in a high quality laptop monitor, with a premium screen for a strong and vivid visual experience.

For me that’s the INNOCN 4K OLED Portable Monitor PU15-PRE. And just like the N1F PRO, for this monitor I also have a discount code: $120 off code: INCMT15RE  

Portable Laptop Monitor for Photo Editing: INNOCN 4K OLED Travel Monitor PU15-PRE Review

These Are The Specs

INNOCN 4K OLED Travel Monitor PU15-PRE Review (1)

The INNOCN PU15-PRE is a touchscreen portable monitor which is ultra slim (but sturdy!), and can be used as an external computer display; a secondary screen for laptops, or a larger screen for your phone.

Just like other monitors in the INNOCN collection, it’s been specifically created as a portable option for travelers to move with, though this specific product has been purpose built for photo editing, video editing, and programming. 

It has the standard INNOCN features; the touch screen, in-built speaker, kickstand, USB C, and HDMI (for easy plug and play use).

But this version also offers a unique drawing feature for designers, and a premium screen for true colors, allowing you to view high quality pictures when editing your photos. 

Here are the specs:

  • Screen size: 15.6 inches
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Display Resolution Maximum: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Display Type: OLED
  • Supports MPP 2.0 Protocol pens

Premium Screen for True Colors

True colors are essential when you’re photo editing, so the main question as a photographer is how does the screen hold up with color accuracy. 

The mobile screen of the PU15-PRE has been built with a self-lit pixel technology, which means incredibly sharp pictures. 

It has almost flawless color accuracy (100% DCI-P3), top-tier contrast (100000:1), a limitless range of colors (though granted I haven’t personally vetted all 1.07 billion colors!) and real 4K (3840*2160P resolution). 

Colors and contrast are the best of any portable monitor I’ve yet discovered (black is solid black!), and it’s very bright under a controlled lighting environment.

There’s a 10 point touch which means you can tap, swipe, and zoom just as you would with a tablet or touch screen laptop. The touch panel overlay does make the monitor quite glossy and reflective, but if this is an issue you can easily buy a matte screen protector to put over it. 

While the screen is the most premium of other monitors, they haven’t sacrificed on eye care, which was one of our favorite features of the N1F PRO. This model has still been built with an eye saver mode to keep your eyes fresh and strain free.

Built with blue light and flicker-free technology, this is especially important when you’re editing photos, and concentrating excessively on the screen, to perfect the most minute colors and details. 

Most Portable Option Yet

INNOCN 4K OLED Travel Monitor PU15-PRE Review-001

Many other laptop monitors claim to be portable, though don’t always measure up with reality; they need to be plugged into the wall, or are simply too bulky and difficult to travel with.

But INNOCN’s PU15-PRE is the most portable laptop monitor I’ve come across yet; it’s ultra slim (0.2″, thought the metal chassis is very sturdy), ultra-light (2lb), and with a 5000mA built-in battery you can just pick it up and go. 

As a photographer, we’re often inspired in places which don’t necessarily come with a power socket or wall connection, so this model is great for being battery operated. 

You get around 4 hours out of each charge, which is plenty of time to stay on top of your photo editing in the airport lounge or on a plane – I find I produce my most beautiful photos when the subjects are still fresh in my memory.

Pro tip: It comes with a protective rubber jacket that you can also use as a stand.

It has the same plug and play features of all INNOCN monitors; there’s no need for any driver installation, you just connect with the compatible port that can output video / audio signal (USB Type-C and mini HDMI connection).

And you can use it in either portrait or landscape mode, which is great for all types of photography. Over-all, it’s actually more convenient and faster than a normal portable monitor.

Connect With Your Smartphone

Smartphone photography nowadays is rivaling the traditional chunky DSLRs, and many photographers are heading out without cameras, only needing their phones. 

So I love the functionality of the INNOCN PU15-PRE to connect as a larger screen for your smartphone (and it can actually also charge your phone!).

For those trips where we travel leaving the laptop at home, setting your smart phone in computer mode using the monitor is a fantastic way to edit photos easily and accurately on your phone.

Because while it’s one thing to say we’ll edit and share them once we’re back from a trip, we all know we want to share them in the moment!

Buy it Now

You can buy the INNOCN 4K OLED Travel Monitor PU15-PRE for $799.99 on Amazon here: 

Don’t forget to use the $120 discount code: INCMT15RE  

The portable travel monitor comes with a monitor, smart case, color calibration report, user guide, cables, wall adaptor, and microfiber cloth.

GIVEAWAY: INNOCN is running a giveaway for their 4K 27″ Computer Monitor model. While this isn’t one you’d travel with, it’s a great addition for your home office, for editing photos and videos once back from your trip.

Enter the giveaway here before February 10 2022 (US Only)

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