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It’s almost that time of year again, and you know what that means, right? It’s just about time for an all-girls road trip! Sure, it’s only for a weekend, but you can’t go out into the great big world empty-handed. You need a flashy bag—with something in it.

The problem is, when you wait until the last minute to pack, things tend to slip your mind and you forget important items that might really come in handy. So how about this time, you let me do the work for you?

You can just check everything off the list as you pack. Deal? Deal!

What to Pack For A Girls Weekend Away

The Essentials

Getting dolled up may be a part of it, but first things first, girls.

You can’t leave home without your necessities because that will either spoil the trip altogether, put you in an awkward or funky mood, or have you stopping off and spending money you could’ve used on fun stuff instead.

That would just be counterproductive. So, before you zip your bag and walk out the door, make sure you have at least some of these essentials with you:

Essentials You Need to Pack

Enough underwear & bra’s for the weekend – double if you have an active itinerary.

► Outfits appropriate to your itinerary (don’t pack heels if you’re trekking)

► Sanitary items (if you need them, though bring them just in case. There’s always one friend who forgets).

► Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss

► Deodorant

► Wet wipes (don’t leave makeup stains on hotel towels, it’s costly)

► Personal medication (including birth control & contact lenses)

► Hand sanitizer (and keep it with you throughout the weekend)

Pajamas or other sleepwear (Important one not to forget!)

► House, apartment or other important keys (Otherwise you’re not getting back in!)

► Monetary resources (cash and card)

► Identification (driver’s license, passport, health card,etc.)

The Accessories

Canada Packing list

OK, now this is where we get all dolled up.

Search your closets, drawers, secret stashes, and pull out your prettiest embellishments. Pick through the bunch and decide which would be best for your road trip.

This may be the time to step away from the four or five outfits you normally rotate from week to week and opt for that sparkly belt that still has the tag on it.

That being said, you don’t want to overpack so accessories are a great way to change up a look without changing the whole outfit. A great pair of versatile jeans or a simple dress can look completely different with a new accessory.

Here are some essential accessories you may want to bring along for the ride:

Accessories you can pack

► Hair jewelry

► Sunnies (sunglasses)

► Oversize beach hat

► Belts

► Knee-high socks

► Large tote

► Bright or ornamented clutch

► Jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings etc)

►Decorative sandals

► Red lipstick and other cosmetics

The Pick-Me-Ups

You’re going to have a great time with your girlfriends, and while the trip in itself is a great pick-me-up, it doesn’t hurt to have an additional boost on the side.

Here are a few of the best fillips on the planet. You’ll be walking on sunshine in no time.

The Pick-Me-Ups

► Chocolates (the darker, the better)

► A CD of your favorite playlist (yes, I said CD)

► Your favorite scented lotion or mist (perhaps coconut, lavender, vanilla or amber)

► Cotton candy lip balm (or other flavors)

► An assortment of snacks (salty, sour and mystery flavors)

Fashion mags

► Universal phone charger

► All things technology

► Ear plugs

The Bonuses

“And here’s one more for the road,” so to speak. Sharing is caring.

I know you’re super excited and ready to get away. I’m also certain you want to just hop to it. Makes sense. But please, do yourself and everyone else a favor. Be the responsible one in the group.

Think ahead. Look out for your girls and bring shareables that they might not remember to bring for themselves. You guys will save money, time and headaches that way.

Speaking of headaches, go ahead and add pain relievers to the list,as well. You’re the best!


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