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Offices For Location Independent Travelers and Entrepreneurs

Creating a location independent office is the dream of many workers who feel trapped within their job, city, or even country. The desire to travel, explore, and experience all the world has to offer has driven many people to leave their comfortable routine and start their own business.

Technology has made this easier than ever and offers solutions to even the most challenging business problems.

Virtual Mailboxes


Photo CC by Charles Williams.

One of the significant challenges of being truly location independent is the real need to have a physical location to base one’s business. This is an issue whether the business is conducted entirely online or not. For example, when creating an email list, it is necessary to provide a physical location. However, that location does not have to be the location of the business headquarters itself or even that of the owner.

A virtual mailbox is a relatively new service that allows those who wish to travel freely to still have a consistent point of contact for legal purposes. It also provides a way to manage routine mail and shipping even when away. This is especially valuable for people who prefer to explore while they work and are rarely in a location long enough to set-up postal service in each area.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing services such as Skype and Facetime have revolutionized the way individuals and businesses are able to interact with one another. Previously, it would be necessary to schedule a face-to-face meeting in order to really connect with a potential client or collaborator. Now all it takes is a computer or a smartphone to be able to look into the eyes of the person with which one is conversing.

This is an incredible boon to those who wish to travel and do business on their own terms. Much of communication in nonverbal. It is in the way someone smiles when you say something amusing, the way they look away when they are uncomfortable, and in how they begin to fidget when becoming bored. All of these nonverbal cues are immediately accessible to people from any point on earth with new technology.

Instant Communication

Laptop and phone

Communication advances allow people to exchange ideas faster than ever. There is no need to wait for the postal service to deliver a letter or business proposal; it can be delivered instantly by email at any time of day. If that isn’t fast enough or personal enough, there is the option of texting or messaging with one of the many messaging services and applications available.

Utilizing one of the new messaging services may also allow you to send images or files in a way that feels more like a presentation than a conversation or letter.

The ability to leverage communication advancements and services designed specifically for the new way of life so many long for is an incredible opportunity for those who are willing to claim it. With planning and an ability to think and thrive outside of the box, it is now possible to work from anywhere in the world in almost any industry or field. Don’t settle for the feeling of being trapped by circumstances or job opportunities. Use the available tools to forge your own path to create a location-independent office of your own.

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