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Make Money While Traveling The World. Start A Blog.

I recently asked a room full of ordinary Americans “what kind of people get to travel?” The response from an overwhelming majority was “rich people“. Another popular response was “lucky people“.

I don’t consider myself to be rich by any means, and I like to think that I have created my own luck through motivation and determination.  I decided a long time ago that there are no rules to life, and that anybody can live the life of their dreams.

For me that dream is travel, a dream which is continuing to be funded, in part, by this travel blog. While you can quite easily travel the world on the cheap (ie free accommodation, volunteering), and even travel the world while in debt, you still need money to make it happen and keep you on the road.


You need money to keep you on the road.

Travel blogging is just one of many ways you can make money while traveling the world. However you don’t have to write about travel just because you’re traveling. You should choose a focus which interests you – something you are passionate about which will hold your interest, even when money may not be coming in.  No matter which focus your blog takes, there are always opportunities to earn money.

It’s important to remember that blogging takes a lot of time and effort, more than most people can possibly imagine, and that money won’t start coming in until you have built both a readership and a reputable brand. For many bloggers this can take at least a year. But if you’re looking for some extra cash to put towards your travels while keeping people up to date with your adventures, you should think about starting a travel blog.

Better at writing great emails than proper travel pieces? Some of the best bloggers aren’t necessarily the best writers. Some excel at photography instead. Some are phenomenal at engaging with their audience via social media. Others are incredibly savvy businessmen/women who have built their blog around a successful business model. So to succeed at blogging, always start by recognizing and playing to your strengths.

Time and effort. Blogging from my wedding day.

Time and effort. Blogging from my wedding day.

Here are some of the ways blogging has allowed me to make money while traveling the world.

Sharon Gourlay How to Make Money From Blogging

We highly recommend Sharon Gourlay’s “How to Make Money From Blogging” – She details strategies for monetization and the exact methods she uses to make an annual $150,000 income.  

Click to Learn Sharon’s Secrets

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is one in which the content has been created specifically for an advertiser. In fact, this post is sponsored. Sponsored posts can range from a promotional article endorsing a product or brand (which this is), to creating a general blog post and placing an embedded link back to a targeted website/company.

Companies paying for embedded links but not necessarily promotion, do so in order to boost their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They’re after “link juice” – the more authoritative websites which link to yours, the higher your website will rank in search engine results (the basic gist).

Depending on the quality of your website, bloggers can bring in anywhere between $50 – $400 per article. While there is no industry standard, $100-$200 is a fairly reasonable expectation, remembering that more often than not, you may be negotiated down on price.


A recent sponsored post. See full article.

But how do you find these mythical sponsors? After 8 months of building my traffic and brand, sponsors began coming to me. However I also took steps to ensure my name was out there as much as possible.

Highly recommend joining sponsorship marketplaces like themidgame – a free platform which showcases your influence to potential sponsors. You create a professional looking profile and connect your social media and website accounts to showcase your influence. It’s fast, easy and free, and combines all of your metrics in the one place, creating an instant media kit which updates without any maintenance on your part.

You won’t be logging on to these kind of websites everyday, however it’s a great idea to set up a profile and leave it running in the background – you’ll get an email each time a sponsor has work for you.


My profile on themidgame. Click to join.

Direct Advertising

Sell advertising space on your website – but don’t be blinded by cash. Once your website becomes popular you’ll start receiving advertising offers on a daily basis. Consider whether there is any point to advertising products which are not related to your brand and not interesting to you or your readers.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising is where you gain a percentage of each sale referred from your website. More and more companies are offering affiliate programs. Once again, consider whether a partnership of this kind will be (a) beneficial to both parties and (b) is related to your brand and readers.

Currently an affiliate for Hakka Tours, I earn 10% of each NZ Adventure Tour sold within 90 days of a reader clicking through from my website. Check out companies like Agoda, Orbitz and Amazon as a starting point.

Yonderbound is also a fantastic platform to check out, offering the option for affiliate marketing to everyone whether you run a blog or not. It’s a hotel booking platform which lets you earn money online by sharing your travel insights in the form of hotel reviews. You earn a 70% commission of the profit every-time a hotel is booked through one of your reviews. It’s as simple as signing up at and creating reviews!

Contextual Advertising

Personally yet to use contextual advertising, many friends have found it reasonably profitable. In a great post about how she affords to travel from blogging, Sabrina Iovino of “Just One Way Ticket” sums contextual advertising up as follows:

Google Adsense & Mad Ads Media are both quite similar in look. The only difference is that Google Adsense pays per click, while Mad Ads Media pays per views. Many people don’t like to use contextual advertising on their blog because they have probably earned only a few cents and thought it’s not worth to give away the space. I agree, if you don’t have at least 15k visitors a month, don’t bother with Google Adsense. Mad Ads Media pays on average US$1 per 1000 views, which would make US$50 if you have at least 50k views per month.


Travel blogging has the potential to open the door to a range of paid freelancing work. If you’re a good writer, start pitching story ideas from your experiences/destinations to magazines and newspapers. If you’re a good photographer, try and sell the photographs you take.

Freelance as a website designer/consultant, book public speaking gigs, write and sell ebooks; think outside the box and sell yourself and your specific skillset.

Book public speaking gigs.

Book public speaking gigs. Check out my recent keynote presentation on “How to make adventure travel your lifestyle“.

Mentorship Programs

Once you’re a pro blogger, consider using your knowledge and expertise to coach others wanting to do the same. Blog mentorships and coaching/consultations are beginning to see a rise as a viable business option. However to be taken seriously it’s advisable to have substantial experience and actual expertise on a subject before selling advice on it.

For examples of the leading programs currently on offer, Mike and Anne Howard of Honey Trek offer Trip Coaching (teaching client’s everything they need to know to take a long-term trip–anywhere in the world and on any budget.)

Bret Love and Mary Gabbett of Green Global Travel offer a range of exceptional blogging mentorships. Kristin Lajeunesse of Will Travel For Vegan Food runs training programs for entrepreneurs.

Green Global Travel's

Green Global Travel’s Blogging Mentorships Programs.


Once you’ve figured out how to make money with your blog, you’ll want to make sure you get to keep as much as possible after paying taxes. So, make sure to keep track of your blog-related expenses throughout the year so you don’t forget deductions when preparing your return.

Also, make sure you use the proper legal structure for your situation.  The right legal structure can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

This post was sponsored by themidgame. All opinions expressed here are, of course, my own.


  1. Great article. I think I may start up a blog, with my pending trip to Mongolia. I may write about each country… Any advice on this, I know you are travelling on the rally also. I don’t write very well, but take some awesome photos.. Thanks

    • Fantastic – I haven’t yet been to Mongolia but have heard it’s an amazing country – sure you’ll have a blast! Shoot me an email to if you want any advice on setting up a blog – always happy to help and share knowledge :)

    • That is right; blogging in the right way will really make money. Thanks for the encouragement.

      I am running a small blog which is related to make money. I will definitely share your article with my subscriber.

  2. Hi Megan,

    we started our blog before we went on our one year trip around the world as a family. It was at beginning aimed for our friends and family all over the place to keep them informed about our adventures. Now the goal is to earn a bit of money with it. As you also you also mention in your blogs it´s a lot of work, time consuming, you have to learn a lot….but it is so much fun! My husband and I divide the work a bit, the writing and marketing. That helps a lot! While traveling there is not so much time for marketing and engaging with other people through social media. Soon our travel will come to an end and we can concentrate a bit more on our website. Thanks for sharing…Greetings, Alexandra

    • Hi Alexandra. Glad to hear you have fun with it – that’s the difference between those who quit and those who stay around for the long haul. I often find myself suffering from blogger burnout when I try and do too much so I have to always remember to pull back and keep it enjoyable :)

      Everything requires balance! We’re the opposite – right now we’re at home, however hit the road for full time travel in 5 weeks – It’ll be interesting to see if we can keep up with everything while on the road!

      Safe travels.

  3. Very informative post, Megan! Really enjoyed it! Thanks!

    • Glad you enjoyed it – hope you could take something from it :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Super useful advice! I’m currently evaluating whether making the leap from a ‘pocket money’ blog to a more serious money-making blog is the right step for me, and this article has really helped clear things up a little more. Thanks very much!

    • Glad we could help – I wish you the best of luck – heading over to check out and start following your blog now :)

  5. I continue to be amazed and impressed how open the travel blogging community is with information and advice, I love it! Really showcases the industry’s passion and professionalism. Thanks for sharing, to a new blogger like me this is always great to read!

    • Always happy to help – I taught myself and learned everything through networking; I found the advice and help of others invaluable in getting myself set up. Feel free to email if there’s ever anything you would like advice on :)

  6. Thank you Megan, this is great info!! Thx for the feature, too! Hugs from Seoul!!

    • Thankyou as well for an equally great resource – will be looking into setting up contextual advertising myself :)

  7. Megan, thank you for sharing some insights about your money making while travel blogging, even if it happened in a sponsored post :) It always seems a bit strange to be thinking about money and the business aspect when you simply want to share your experiences and encourage other to travel as well. But on the other hand, being able to earn money while doing something that you enjoy, also sounds like a wonderful thing… :)

    • There definitely is something wonderful about making money from something you love. The world today is so full of opportunity for those willing to grab it and confident enough to go after their dreams – I’ve long reminded myself that if you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs!

      Who would have thought 10 years ago that this would have been possible as a career!

      Thanks for your comment – safe and happy travels Dennis :)

    • Thanks a lot Megan! That is in fact a great reminder and it seems certainly worth taking a risk in pursuit of your own dreams rather than someone else’s. Always safe and happy travels to you as well! :)

  8. Thanks for the tips, Megan. I signed up for themidgame, looked good at first sight. But, I’m sorry to say, I’m not sure it’s going to work: Get Sponsored got me a popup with the link for learning how to get sponsorships, which was for their blog, which got me a Server Not Found error message. So basically I have a profile but can’t do anything. That doesn’t inspire much confidence, to say the least…

    • Hi Peter, thanks for the feedback. You are right, that link was pointing to the wrong place and we have now fixed it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Right now there is no need to do anything else if you already setup the profile. We are continuing to develop features to make it easier for sponsors to contact you when they have a sponsorship opportunity. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the great article Megan! It is great to see that there are many options for bloggers to make money now a days. We welcome everyone to our platform and are always happy to hear feedback from our users.

    • Thanks Andres – glad to be on board :)

  10. This was such a great approach to a sponsored post, Megan! Informative in many ways, aside from just recommending themidgame :)

    • Thanks Silvia! I’m glad you could take something from it – thanks for stopping by :)

  11. Megan, we love this article. Yes, monetizing a blog can be a tricky business. Especially if you’re a niche site like ours. Although, that should work in our favour, shouldn’t it?

    • I’ve always been told that having a niche site is essential to being able to monetize your blog – I personally could never bring myself to further define my brand more than adventure travel – I love writing about too much!

      I agree that having a niche site should work more in your favor – the pool of sponsors you can choose from/work with is smaller, but having such a defined niche establishes you as an expert on that topic and makes you more suited to targeted sponsorship. It’s just about finding the right sponsors.

      Best of luck!

  12. Great article! We get the ‘you’re so lucky’ thing all the time. While I do believe we are incredibly fortunate, it takes a lot of time and effort to make our travels possible.. and we are still only barely breaking even right now! This is a great summary though of how people can make money from blogging. Next time someone asks us how we do it, I’ll just direct theme here ;)

    • Thanks guys! I appreciate the referrals back to the post :) I’m with you as well – I acknowledge that Mike and I are incredibly fortunate, but it does take a lot of work to make everything happen. Exhausting at times – but always totally worth it!

  13. Great info Meg! There are many ways to make money from blogging and you can build great connections doing so. The best part is getting to see the world even if we are on a budget! :-)

    • Thanks Ron! Completely agree – the best part by far is getting to see the world! My original goal when I took my blog public was to somehow use it to extend my travels, so anything past that has me stoked!

  14. Thanks Megan! You are such a doll and so full of information. Thanks for this, Mindgame is a new one for me, so I am going to check it out. We may money here and there, but we need to kick it up a notch. This is just what I needed to get my rear in gear and do more “work”.

    • No worries Heidi – glad you could take something from it :) Here’s to creating a paying job which we love! All the best :)

  15. Great article Megan and I’ve learnt one or two new tools from you by this, thank you.

    I agree that it takes time before advertisers come to you and you have to be patient.

    It is also in fits and starts as to when they come and the budgets they have. In the last month I’ve had a lot of enquiries but very little amount to anything. Either they have a very low budget for which my personal time is more valuable, they submit low quality content or they want to link to non-relevant sites – such as gambling which doesn’t fit the Travel Blog niche.

    This looks like an article I’ll keep referring back to. I always like to see how other bloggers have learned their way and what works best for them.

    Thanks again.

    • Thanks! Glad you could take some info from it :)

      I’ve definitely had my fair share of contact from sponsors who pay too little, want something for nothing “guest blogging”, or who submit low quality links/content – it took experience and learning as I went to become wise to these kinds of emails and how to respond – I still get such emails and offers though.

      I think I had 3 months of emailing back and forth with “sponsors” which didn’t amount to anything before a proper one came in. I would have loved to have other bloggers to speak to back then about their experiences, so I’m always happy to be transparent about my own :)

      Hope you’re having a great week!


    • Yes, my week is not too bad thanks, just very hectic. And you?

      I’ve just received an inquiry earlier today from someone about advertising. They sent it from a do not reply e-mail address. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do about that? Either they are a very sophisticated spammer or an amateur. BTW I did reply to it to test it and as expected my e-mail bounced back.

  16. This is a great overview, Meg, about the possibilities! You’r totally right that building a blog takes a lot of hard work and a ton of time! :)

    • Thanks Karisa! Glad you enjoyed the post :) I’ll always be building mine – it’s a never ending process lol!

  17. This is a great article. We started our blog two months ago and agree it is a lot of work!

    • Glad you found it useful :) As long as you love what you do, you’ll turn it into a success in no time! Welcome to blogging!

  18. Hi Megan! Thanks so much for your article on how to make money while traveling. I am a public school teacher, and I published five educational books with major houses back in the 1990s. I am beyond ready to retire from teaching and travel. Unfortunately, I will still need to supplement my pension. We started our road trip blog last October, and although it is a lot of work, I do enjoy it. The difficult part is finding time to write while holding down my day job. I know we still need to grow the site before we can get any sponsors or advertisers. My dream is to become the JohnnyJet of the road, perhaps connected with rental car agencies or RV companies, but I cannot say that we have made any great connections with people in the industry other than a few pages contributed to Roadtrippers. This article was very helpful and sparked some ideas for me . . . . Thanks again!

    • Well, I just learned by leaving that last comment that using my blog email address does not show my picture. Gotta get that registered!

    • Hi Howard, thanks visiting – glad you found the article useful :)

      There is definitely something to be said about finding that balance between writing and holding down a day job – it continues to prove difficult for the best of us! Creating your blog to supplement your pension is a great plan – with work and dedication I’m sure I’ll soon see you become the JohnnyJet of the road!

      If you’re looking to make connections with others within the industry I would look into joining social media groups – for instance there are great blogger support groups on facebook which have proven to be a source of both networking and education. Feel free to shoot me an email at any stage if you’re looking for advice or contacts :)

      Happy travels and best of luck!

  19. Great article, I started my FB page 2 months ago and have achieved 1300 likes and today launched my blog page. I would love to earn some money from blogging so I can travel more so will following advice from your article. In the meantime I’ll keep trying to increase my connections on FB to draw in more support. Many thanks.

    • Congrats on 1300 likes – awesome achievement! Definitely keep working to increase your social following – social networking plays a big part these days in your reach and ability to prove you have an audience :)

      Best of luck!

  20. Really great advice about making it work as a travel blogger, especially about finding sponsors. Writing and taking pictures come much more easily to me than marketing myself to potential sponsors! I started my blog two months ago and have been having a great time with it, as well as really working those social media accounts (I could never really understand Twitter before my blog…now I’m on it every day).

    Keep on blogging and helping out with advice for the rest of us!

    • I’m with you on twitter – I had previously refused to get an account out of principle for not having too many social media’s, but now I’m an addict!

      If writing and photography come easier than marketing definitely focus on the quality of your work – marketing is important, but quality is more so. Once you lose your quality of work you start to lose your audience :)

      The main point though is to have fun with it! Glad you are!

  21. great tips! just started my own blog as well. themidgame site is very cool!

    • Thanks Mike – glad you found them useful. I love the Themidgame – it’s very cool to see all of your stats in the one place! Saves me trying to make a media kit!!

  22. I’ve had my travel blog for nearly two years but only recently have had any time to devote to it–still not as much as I’d like. Great tips – thanks!

    • Definitely take it at your own pace – the one thing I’ve realized is that, yes, it requires a lot of time and effort, but if you go overboard you’ll eventually get blogger burnout and lose sight of why you started in the first place. I guess everything requires balance!

      Best of luck! xx

  23. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips Meg! I’ll be the first to admit that I am envious of folks around the world that are able to financially keep afloat using their travel blog. Of course I would love to make money using my blog but as of right now I have this as just a hobby because both Heather and myself are full-time workers that love to travel whenever time permits. I think everyone is unique and we all have very different goals but all of these points that you made are applicable in some way to all of us. A really great article and I am interested in signing up for that you mentioned to see what happens with that!

    • Anytime – glad the article could spur on some thought! As you said, we’re all different with very different goals – and it’s very difficult to strike a balance between working full time and maintaining a blog.

      Wishing you all the best – I love your blog and know you guys have what it takes :) Safe travels!

    • Thanks Suzanne! Will head over and check out your new blogs now – congrats!

  24. Thank you so much for posting this!! I am in the process of fine tuning a few things before I make the big leap and really get into pitching my work. I really is difficult running a blog though! I never thought it would be so hard. Living in Ireland working a 9-5, trying to travel on what small salary I have, writing for my column back home, blogging, and trying to talk to people is literally all I do! Getting through it all slowly, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy

    • Glad we could help! It’s definitely a lot more difficult and time consuming to keep everything running than a lot of people expect. It’s hard striking the right balance between blogging and actually traveling as well; seems like when we’re traveling we’re not writing and when we’re writing we’re not traveling!!

      Congrats on balancing everything including a 9-5; I know first hand how hard that is so more power to you! Sounds like you’ve got the right attitude and the motivation to make it happen; just because it’s slow doesn’t mean it wont happen or it wont be worth it.

      You’ll get there, just remember to live as well! All the best :)

  25. Lovely read and very inspiring… Traverse the world and lets get blogging I would say …..

    • Thanks Anne – glad you found the piece useful :) Amen to that!

  26. Thanks for the tips Megan, very inspiring for us aspiring bloggers!

    • Glad I could help! Always feel free to email if there’s anything you have a question about :)

  27. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips Meg!

    • Glad you found them useful! Wishing you all the best!

  28. Thanks for writing this Megan! I just hit the one year mark with my blog about hidden gems around the world; it’s no easy task but your encouragement is great and it definitely is something I love to share with fellow travelers! I signed up for themidgame and my revised user-friendly website is rolling out in a couple weeks. Excited! I enjoy following your travels and articles, keep it up :)

    • Congrats on hitting the one year mark! Majority of bloggers give up after a year because they don’t realize the work involved, so that’s a huge accomplishment to be proud of!

      I’ll be watching for your new roll out in a few weeks – all the best :)

  29. Hi Megan, Thanks for this amazing post and sharing your insights with us.
    I am a big fan of your blogging in your wedding dress picture. This looks like something I would do. I hope your groom didn’t mind.

    • Thanks Carina! So glad you enjoyed the post. Lol normally Mike gets a bit annoyed when I spend too much time on the computer – luckily for me the groom wasn’t allowed to see the bride on the night/day before the ceremony so I pretty much had free reign with my time :D … He rolled his eyes when he saw the photo though :D!

  30. Great article, glad I’d come across your post! Definitely add some knowledge about earning through blogging….. thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Elley! Glad you found it useful – hopefully you can start earning some coin through the knowledge above!

  31. Thanks a lot Claire. Very useful article indeed. I am quite newbie on travel blogging. I haven’t used any advert on my blog yet. Do you think it is worthed? Thanks anyway.

    • Glad we could help – best of luck to you with your new blog! Whether advertising is worth it really depends on which advertising, and will depend on what’s right for you and your blog.

      I mainly stick to sponsored posts and sponsored content, and you will notice we don’t really have a lot of pop ups or sidebar advertising. But these ads work for some people who understand affiliate marketing better. I would suggest reading up on the different forms of advertising and deciding which forms you think will suit your blog better.

  32. Thanks so much for this article Megan! I have a blog but haven’t done much with it. I’m thinking of restarting it up. Any advice? You have a lot of great ideas I never thought of and would like to try. My wife and I are planning to buy a 5th wheel RV and travel and work around the country. But we need more than one source of income. In fact we haven’t even purchased the RV yet and need to build income for that as well. I think I have a lot of content I can write about from my many skills and experiences (handyman, classical/opera singer, voice teacher, local and long haul truck driver, etc.) I”m looking forward to any suggestions you may have. :)

    • Thanks Dave! Glad to hear it was useful! Shoot me an email to – I have a write up with tips and advice for beginner bloggers – might be something useful in there for you for restarting yours :)

  33. Hi Megan. Nice post and I appreciate the openness, its nice to see what other bloggers are doing to make their blog successful. One of the hardest things for a new blogger is the whole social media/marketing aspect. I love the writing and photography part but I’ve procrastinated on searching out advertisers or sponsors. It’s not the part of blogging I enjoy (and I’m sure you’d probably say the same. I guess I have no excuse).
    But I got my first successful contract last month. A media company in the UK contacted me about including a link to a company marketing all-inclusives. And they paid the equivalent of $350 for it. But it wasn’t about the money – as a blogger it is nice to be recognized and to have a company want to be associated with your blog. People may pay compliments, but when someone wants to pay you it’s the biggest pat on the back ;) .
    I’ll make sure to check out some of your links and will look into the midgame.
    Good read!
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Congrats on our first contract – that’s a great one! As you said, it’s only half about the money – it’s so nice to know people want to invest in something you’ve put time and effort into creating :)

      Best of luck in your continued blogging endeavors!

  34. Overwhelming, Megan!! Carry on the best of you!! I will contact to you soon for a good.

    Have a successful Days!!

    • Sounds good Shaggy :)

    • Thanks Jan for the tips!

  35. What a great article, thanks! I’ve been dying to know how you were getting funded. Thanks for sharing so much!

    • Thanks Allan! So glad you enjoyed it :) I received your email this morning and will shoot through a reply later on in the day :)

  36. Thank you, thank you for this amazing advice. I have found a ton of valuable information and quite honestly this is the most informative post regarding monetizing your blog I have come across.

    I will definitely try it with my blog.

    • Thanks Dmitry – so glad you can take something from the post. It’s so nice to hear that it is useful. You can always feel free to reach out to us should you have any further questions – best of luck monetizing your blog!


    • Thanks Anders – so glad you could take something from the post and apply it to your own blog. Loved your post on photos and how to adjust them to make for a great blog – brilliant advice! Thanks!

  37. Great post Megan! Lots of great info, we will be using it! BOOKMARKED! :)

    • Thanks Macrae! So glad you found the post useful – feel free to reach out should you have any questions at all :)

  38. I did learn from your blog,which I found because of twitter! Thank you. But the Midgame Get Sponsored link doesn’t work. Or may be my website is too new with to little visitors yet.

    I’ll keep trying.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    • Thanks Jeanette – so glad you found the post useful! I’m so sorry that the link doesnt work – I will contact themidgame and let them know – I’m sure it’s a technical issue, but definitely keep trying. Hopefully they’ll have it sorted out soon!

  39. Hi Megan,
    Thanks for this incredibly informative post – I started my blog about a month ago and already I see how much work it is! Sometimes making money from it seems like an impossible dream but this post makes it seem attainable (with lots of hard work and perseverance of course!)

    • Hi Miranda – congrats on starting your blog! Making money is definitely attainable with a lot of hard work and perseverance; and while it may not pay off straight away, the time you’re investing in it a the beginning is a long term investment which will hopefully lead to a location independent lifestyle in the end :)

      Best of luck! And congrats again! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all :)

  40. any advice for growing an audience for a niche speciality travel website? I started to share our experiences traveling with our boys one of whom has cerebral palsy.

    • Hi Jim – networking and social media is really essential when it comes to growing an audience – social media is my largest source of traffic to the website, so this is definitely something which I think is highly important.

      I have a brief write up with tips on networking and getting started for beginner bloggers – feel free to email me at and I’ll send it through to you if you would like :)

  41. Another great post. Very informative, especially for a guy like me who’s just beginning a blog.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Thanks John! So glad you enjoyed it and found it informative :) Best of luck with your own blog!

  42. Hi Meg,

    Speaking of sponsorships, one thing I really appreciate about your posts and articles is that the sponsor is never in your reader’s face. Sometimes one needs to scroll down carefully to find it.

    I appreciate that!


    • Thanks Allan! That means a lot – I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog including the sponsored posts; that’s the kind of feedback I love! Have a great weekend :)

  43. Great Post

    • Thanks Mac – glad you enjoyed it and found the info useful :) Happy travels!

  44. You can also become a tour guide where you are travelling if you get a license and after that you can promote your tours for free on to get access to a lot of international tourists.

    • Thanks for the tip Dan :)

  45. Great article! I love your blog! I am a solo traveler and I admire people like us. It is the best life choice. Thank you for sharing your experience. Best regards!

    • Thankyou Tabitha! All the best in your blogging and travels :) Congrats on having followed your passions and dreams!

  46. Great post. This post gives good insight on what we can gain from blogging. As a new blogger, we want to read positive things like this to keep us motivated.

    Thanks for the ultimate guide on blogging !!

    • Thankyou Sachin – so glad that we could set you up with some inspiration and practical tips for how monetization is achievable :)

      All the best in your blogging! Happy holidays X

  47. Real excellent information can be found on web blog . “I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to pleasure.” by John D. Rockefeller.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Sandvic and found the information helpful :) Happy travels!

  48. I’m seriously thinking about adding a Fashion Friday segment to my blog.

    It’s not my niche or anything but I feel I can morph it in and make it fit – I’m not ready to become a full time fashion blogger (probably ever). What do you think? People seem very interested when I post about fashion or post my pics – they ask me about clothes now just as much as health and food ? And I’ve only been into this since January…….

    So, here is what I would love to hear from you – more on the behind the scenes of getting posts up, getting aff. links and organizing all the links -is there a streamlined approach to that – cause some of those posts you do with tons of links make me wonder how long they took to put together. Do you have an assistant or do you do it all yourself? If I do one post a week I’m wondering how time consuming it will be as I don’t have a lot of time as it is.

    And do you think it would be profitable to take this approach with just one post a week?

    I’m sure I have a million more questions ………….. now it’s my turn to hit you up with questions ?

    • Hi Tim, thanks for reaching out. If you’re not ready to become a full time fashion blogger, but think the niche would interest your audience, I would say to set up a category/section of your site to fashion. As you mentioned, you could post once per week, and if there is already interest there among your audience you could definitely morph to make it fit.

      It’s natural that our interests evolve over time and are different now to when we started blogging. If you have a loyal base of readers though that have come with you since you started, remember that their interests also evolve and change, so don’t be scared to expand your niche if it’s what you’re now passionate about, and what you think your audience will enjoy.

      Re getting posts up and finding a streamlined process, this is very dependent on each person individually. You’ll need to find a system which works really well for you. I personally publish daily, though I’m fortunate to be doing this full time now. I have my editorial schedule on a white board where I map out my titles for the month, and then I usually complete the post on the day. I’m lucky that I can write a post fairly quickly though, other people spend a couple of days on one article.

      I do everything myself. I personally don’t have much affiliate advertising on this site, my main income is from sponsored posts – a client sends a link they want placed in an article and pays me up front. Affiliate marketing can be very profitable if you place the right links for your audience, and if you optimize it to perform well in search engines, it shouldn’t matter if you’re only posting once a week.

      Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out if you have any other Q’s :)

  49. Blogging is something very new to me and in the process of exploring. Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed so why not share my passion with others. After reading this article and the comments, I am inspired to write more about my travels; Sharing what I’ve learned and what is to come.

    • That’s so fantastic Carla! I’ve found that blogging is a wonderful way to express yourself, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to establish a platform as a writer. Feel free to reach out at any point along the way if you have any questions or are in need of any advice or tips. It’s a long and continually evolving journey, but if you’re passionate about it, the rewards are many :)

      All the best!

  50. Great article
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    What works best for me is Koocam.
    I teach my hobbies, and sells my knowledge in every field.
    So I can continue to travel and make money at the same time, it’s great!

    • Thanks for the heads up on Koocam … haven’t heard of it before, so will check it out!

  51. Grat post, I think the most important thing we tell people is to travel with a purpose, Do not just wander around the world aimlessly. (Like ours is to experience and document the Top 100 Travel Adventures) So many travel blogs do not really have a purpose or a niche. Niche is key and many miss out on that because they want to cover and do it all.

    • Thanks David :) I totally agree with you – there are so many blogs these days, thousands upon thousands of them, though those which stand out are those with a very well defined purpose or niche. Great tip :)

  52. This information is amazing Meg! I’m starting up a Holistic Health Blog with the goal of making side revenue from it for my business, and these tips are perfect. The only option I’m struggling with right now is whether or not I should go forward with vigorously marketing myself and my blogs on social media yet when I only have four blogs.

    • So glad the post was helpful for you James :) My first priority would be to start building up a solid base of content, and then go for marketing it. That said it’s always helpful to start on social media as early as you can so while you’re building up the content on your website, you could start getting active on social media by engaging with other accounts, sharing other valuable resources etc, and then when you have your own content ready, you’ve already started on your social presence.

      Hope that helps!

  53. Thank you for this very interesting post. I’ll keep your advices in mind for my brand-new blog ;)

    • You’re welcome Rahul, I’m glad it was helpful for you. Congrats on your new blog!

  54. Really great post! It’s so crazy because I really want to engage more as a lifestyle blogger but I continue to turn back to fashion and that is where I seem to find the most interaction with others. Thanks for all the tips.

    • Glad the post was helpful Victoria :) Ultimately, if fashion is the niche you’ve fallen into and realized you’re good at, that would probably make the most sense from a business standpoint, and you can probably weave parts of the lifestyle blogging in as you develop your niche.

      All the best with it!

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