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Some of us work hard in our careers. Some of us own businesses. Either way, it’s always important to take time off and prioritize a crazy family adventure. Traveling with the family every year can be a fun-filled affair. It gives you all time to reconnect, create shared memories, and who doesn’t love exploring new places and destinations with their loved ones?!

But for those of us who run our own business, what happens when one of our clients skips out on paying us? The possibility of cancelling that family vacation because someone owes us money can cause a lot of family stress and heartache. In such situations, hiring a commercial debt collector like Greenberg, Grant & Richards, will ensure you that business runs smoothly, and you can indeed take that family vacation.

But even if the above doesn’t apply to you, family travel doesn’t have to be an expensive thing. Follow these money saving tips so your family can have the best vacation in 2016.

5 Tips To Save Money When Travelling With Family

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Find Strength in Numbers

To really save money, consider inviting close friends on your family getaway. This way, you can save a fortune by splitting the costs, especially when it comes to lodging.

Likewise, renting an apartment with friends who’ve children of the same age as your own can be a triple win – you will save some cash, the kids will keep each other company, and the adults can relax!

Go for Destinations that Are in Their Off-season During School Breaks

The hotel rates and airfares for some destinations, like the Caribbean and Hawaii, are sky-high over the Christmas/New Year’s break. In that light, you can consider destinations that are in their low season, but are fairly warm and festive. In the US, you can consider:

  • South Carolina
  • New Orleans
  • Charleston
  • The corridor between San Diego and Los Angeles

Choose Low-Key Fun Over Popular Destinations

Not every family trip has to be to Disney World. In fact, children will always be happy when and where parents are happy.

As such, just consider where your interests as parents are highlighted because children can be happy anywhere new with cookie or ice cream and parents who’re happy, comfortable, and paying attention.

Collect Things Instead of Buying

The most cost-effective and fun way to keep your children engaged during a trip is to give them a mission to hunt for particular items. For instance, you can ask them to collect seashells from every beach you stop at or maps from tourist information offices.

Furthermore, collecting souvenirs along a given theme is far cheaper, compared to buying them.

Take Advantage of Free

You should realize that there are always great discounts available on hotels and flights, which can save you a fortune. It is not uncommon to find a hotel offering kids to stay for free, which can translate to big saving when you have several children.

Also, remember to check out other benefits like free breakfasts, awards on frequent flyers miles, credit cards, etc.


Cutting costs during your family vacation may sound like it will limit your fun, but you can actually still have an awesome time. In fact, cheap doesn’t imply that you have to forego the things that you want, it just means that you’ve got to be creative to get everything you want without spending a fortune.

With the above tips, you can have less expensive, but fun-filled family vacation.

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