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What was once a simple road leading to various plantations of fruit, nutmeg, and pepper, Singapore’s Orchard Road has since become Asia’s top shopping destination.

An iconic road which cuts through the very heart of the city, visitors can take full advantage of its central location and proximity to everything there is to see and do in the world’s greenest city. So for those who care about location, Orchard Road is where you’ll want to stay.

Arising from Orchard Road like a beacon, Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is one of the best located hotels in Singapore, offering luxury accommodation, with the vibrant and bustling metropolis of Singapore at your feet. At the base of the hotel lies the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), which, as one of the fastest and most efficient metro systems in the world, connects you to the rest of the city with extreme ease.

Whether it be Marina Bay, China Town, Arab Street, or further attractions like MacRitchie Reservoir that you’re after, enjoy an incredible breakfast at Tang Plaza, and then take the escalator down to jump on the MRT.

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The Hotel

The award winning Marriott Tang Plaza could not have picked a better location. With world class shopping and dining at its doorstep and direct access to the Orchard MRT Station, a stay here is a no brainer.

While the world has come to know the Marriott brand for its quality and incredible service, Tang Plaza achieves a level of excellence on another level. Offering a 5 star experience, accommodation is modern and crisp, with chic and contemporary spaces and furnishings.

Rooms blend classic comfort with cutting edge modernity, and sumptuous in-room amenities like luxury bedding, pristine marble bathrooms, and flat-screen TV’s. As well as views over this bustling jungle city.

The beautiful outdoor swimming pool is a godsend after spending a full day in the heat and humidity of the city, and with numerous onsite dining options, be it morning, noon or night, you can always enjoy a delectable melange of international cuisine.

Those with access to the executive and higher tier member lounges (access included when you book a package from Luxury Escapes) are offered even more exceptional service, including privileges such as nightly cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Arising from Orchard Road like a beacon, Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is one of the best located hotels in Singapore

Arising from Orchard Road like a beacon, Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is one of the best located hotels in Singapore

Arising from Orchard Road like a beacon, Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is one of the best located hotels in Singapore


Singapore is a food lover’s dream, the true definition of a melting pot, offering just about every cuisine imaginable including Japanese, Cantonese, French, Dutch, and Chinese. Just to name a very few! Marriott Tang Plaza itself offers multiple award winning restaurants and between onsite dining, and options along Orchard Road, you’ll find yourself wishing you had multiple stomachs…or more time!

The Marriot Tang Plaza offers the famous Marriott Café with its incredible buffet and seafood station, while its Ginza Sushi Ichi Japanese restaurant presents some of the freshest fish and sushi from the iconic Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. This is one of the World’s largest fish markets handling over 2,000 tons of marine delicacies per day.

Culinary icons along Orchard Road include Les Amis, the French Restaurant offering wine from its multi million dollar in house wine cellar. Great affordable lunch stops include Akashi Restaurant for great sushi and sashimi and PS café for sandwiches and soup.

Elevate your dining experience to the Australian rooftop Salt Grill situated 55 stories up with incredible views matching equally impressive steaks. It also includes a fun skybar. Book your accommodation package through Luxury Escapes and it will include a three-course dinner at the hotel’s Pool Grill.

Singapore is a food lover’s dream, the true definition of a melting pot.

Singapore is a food lover’s dream, the true definition of a melting pot.

Singapore is a food lover’s dream, the true definition of a melting pot.


With name brand fashion, art galleries, ethnic wares, and just about everything else, Orchard Road will have you wishing for extra bag allowance for your trip home.

The Ion Orchard shopping complex is a piece of art in its own right, and offers some the world’s most iconic and luxurious of stores including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani, Cartier, and YSL. It even offers exclusive bathrooms set aside for celebrities and big spenders. Needless to say we stuck to using our Marriott bathroom, which was likely just as glamorous anyway!

As incredible as Ion Orchard was to browse, we chose to make Orchard Central our spot to actually spend money as it was more representative of our status. Offering the World’s largest indoor climbing wall and brands like Quicksilver and Levi’s, this newcomer of shopping malls will prove to be a tourist favorite in the years to come. Be sure to pick up a Orchard Central discount passport for further savings on brands.

Head to Far East Plaza to snag a bargain at one of over 800 outlet stores or for the younger travel wanting some excitement head to Somerset Mall which offers more affordable brands and live music and fashion launches.

Singapore’s Orchard Road has since become Asia’s top shopping destination.

Singapore’s Orchard Road has since become Asia’s top shopping destination.

Singapore’s Orchard Road has since become Asia’s top shopping destination.

Local Attractions

Trying to list all the attractions Singapore has to offer would be impossible as it seems each year brings about more and more. Rest assured though that situating yourself on Orchard Road offers easy access to everything across the city.

Of course the 100+ hectare Gardens By the Bay with its impressive nighttime light and sound displays is on top of the must see list. The gardens Supertree Grove looks like something out of a futuristic scifi movie.

Check out the impressive views from Marina Bay Sands Skypark, or head for some exhilarating fun at Sentosa where you’ll find Universal Studios theme park, a large man made beach, golf courses, and opportunity to take a selfie in front of the giant 120 foot Merlion statue.

Head to Chinatown or Arab Street for some culture and experience incredible temples and mosques.  Stepping inside the Masjid Sultan Islamic Mosque was a rewarding experience as was simply walking the streets to witness architecture and surroundings that will fill your cameras memory card in a hurry.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay Light Show

Head to Chinatown or Arab Street for some culture and experience incredible temples and mosques.

If Nature and Wildlife is your idea of fun, you can easily catch the MRT and head up to MacRitchie Nature Trail.

Nature & Wildlife

If Nature and Wildlife is your idea of fun, you can easily catch the MRT and head up to MacRitchie Nature Trail. You will be transported into a different world as you walk among wild macaques, monitor lizards, colugos, owls, pitcher plants, and more.

Although Singapore offers incredible zoological gardens and experiences like Night Safari, we preferred the much less crowded and naturally wild hiking MacRitchie provided us with.

Singapore offers attractions suitable for the wealthiest and glamorous of travelers to the nature eco minded traveler. Adventure, incredible cuisine, limitless shopping, and an all around incredibly clean and green city awaits you. At the heart of it all is Marriott Tang Plaza, allowing you to capture as much as possible of what Singapore has in store.

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Photo credits: Marriott Tang Plaza courtesy of the Property Manager. Orchard Road by Silas Khua and Erwin Soo.


  1. I haven’t stayed here but I’ve definitely walked past it during my trips to Singapore. Looks like an amazing place to stay. That pool is the perfect place to cool off after a day of wandering around Singapore!

    • Can highly recommend a stay on your next trip back – that pool really is the best place to be at the end of a hot and humid day!

  2. We loved Singapore, such a vibrant city and amazing food! Although the malls are not really our thing, we loved Chinatown and went there to eat often. The MacRitchie Nature trail is also a great tip – we thought the Night Safari was a bit of an anticlimax. Will check out the Marriott Tang Plaza as a place to stay for our next trip as well. Thanks Meg for sharing!

    • Didn’t take the night safari for MacRitchie Nature trail, so that’s good to know – thanks for sharing your experience Sarah – we visited independently during the day and really loved our time there.

      Glad you loved Singapore overall though! It’s one of my favorite cities in the world – so green! Definitely check out the Marriott Tang Plaza on your next stay :)

  3. I’ve had my eye on the skypark for ages, it looks amazing! It seems like there is far more to see in Singapore so I’ll be bookmarking this for when I get there. Great article, thanks.

    • Hope you have the chance to travel soon Nicole :) There really is an incredible amount to see and do.

  4. Reading your post made me long for my journalist days in South Africa where I spent many a press trip staying and wining and dining in similar hotels. I’m afraid I can’t afford it on my current wannabee travel blogger budget but am determined to get there sooner rather than later. Then the Marriott Tang Plaza Singapore and the Orchard Road will definitely be on my list of places to stay and explore. Dinner at Les Amis sounds divine!

    • Hope you have the chance to travel soon! Your background as a journalist in South Africa sounds wonderful! What great memories you must have accumulated!

  5. I’ve been to a Marriott before but not the Tang Plaza! You’re right, it really does do luxury well and the staff work really hard to cater to your needs (great to have the city of Singapore at your feet too! Sometimes the fancier hotels are out of the city which is frustrating). Having the pool is a much welcome break from the heat ;)

    • Marriott offers a brilliant accommodation experience no matter where you go, we really love their brand portfolio. And yes, it definitely pays to be in the center of the city, which is what we loved so much about this hotel.

  6. Singapore is such a great city and there is so much to do. This hotel looks really nice and Orchard Road is such a great location. Being so close to the MRT with access to all the best places in Singapore makes it even better. I also really like the look of the pool. A dip in that pool after a day shopping would be awesome! Will keep in mind for our next trip to Singapore.

    • Absolutely Cindy – we couldn’t believe how humid it got when we were there, so if there was ever a time to dip in the hotel pool, it’s when in Singapore! Marriott’s pool is incredible :)

  7. This is my first Marriott branch and the service was amazing! I normally go for Shangrila when travelling in South East but love the view in this branch in Orchard. And oh I love that Salty Grill and Sky Bar! I heard though that the original chef is not there anymore. Was supposed to eat there few weeks ago during my layover but decided not to.

    • Awesome Christine! So glad to hear you had a fabulous time too! I loved the smell of the lobby which would hit you as you walked in – it was always such an incredible blend of apricot and fresh flowers or something – I would love to channel the lobby smell into a perfume lol!

      I haven’t stayed at the Shangrila Singapore, though Tang Plaza definitely measures up to the brand experience I’ve come to know from Shangrila in other parts of the world.

      Yes, I believe the original chef from Salty Grill and Sky Bar has moved on. Still incredible though!

  8. Wow, what a great place to stay. We were in Singapore only for a few days and we picked a relatively shabby hotel to stay at. I can see now that we made the wrong choice. We have plans to return to South East Asia in the coming years so I suppose that this’ll be on our list for accommodation.

    • Means you now have a great place to stay on your return trip! And you won’t be disappointed this time around, I promise you!

  9. Oh my! The hotel looks absolutely beautiful and this makes me wanna revisit Singapore just so I can stay here hahaa. The location is definitely awesome. On my last trip there, I was only able to pass by Orchard Road by car but it looked really hip and busy with lots to do!

    • It’s a bit like that! Definitely a draw for Singapore in it’s own right! Can highly recommend a stay on your next visit through :)

  10. Singapore is world class destination and this hotel is super luxurious. Dining at 55th floor with views will be an experience in itself. And that pool looks perfect too cool off your day’s tiredness.

    • Absolutely – Marriott pulls out all the stops to make this one of the most luxurious in their portfolio. We loved out stay :)

  11. These are the really nice hotel rooms, having great comfort and luxurious lifestyle.

    • Absolutely :) Glad you enjoyed your stay too!

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