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Get off the Beaten Path in Singapore and Live Like a Local

Ask anyone who hails from Singapore and they will probably tell you that the only thing worth going and doing in Singapore is shopping and eating out. That is obviously a load of codswallop – because I’m about to list out a solid six things well worth devoting a day to.

Singapore is a city where the emphasis is on the new, and the luxurious, so you won’t escape the influx of things like couture and a cavalcade of luxury cards. Once you’ve had your fix of this kind of glam, you can focus your time instead on enjoying the real charm of Singapore.

This is a list dedicated to uncovering the true attractions of Singapore – not the huge tourist traps, but the softer, less visited side, where real Singaporeans and those in the know go to enjoy themselves. These tips are brought to you by the travel team who truly are in the know, Travezl.

The Botanic Gardens

Photo CC j0055

There’s nothing that says peaceful times more than a jaunt around a botanic garden, and Singapore’s is among the best. Slip on your comfy joggers and head out for a walk around the leafy promenades, where the hush of people practicing tai-chi intermingled with the clop of jogging feet.

Take in the National Orchid Gallery’s stunning collection of blooms before heading to Tanglin Gate for a tasty breakfast to start your day.

The Ritz-Carlton

If you’re a fan of art, you’re going to love the Ritz-Carlton’s display. All for free, and all under the one roof. Visitors to the hotel can take in gems like Andy Warhol, Rainer Gross and Henry Moore, as well as works by Robert Zakanitch.

It’s all completely free and you can even enjoy a tour delivered by iPod. Not a bad way to spend a day – and all in a very luxurious setting.

Hop to Chinatown

Explore the Chinatown Heritage Centre and learn about what life was like in Singapore in the late-19th and early 20th-centuries.

It’s a totally authentic and totally out of the way slice of life here – fact that is made all the more incredible and strange when you hold it in stark contrast to the plethora of skyscrapers that are just blocks away.

Photo CC by Michael Gwyther-Jones

Shop for electronics

While it’s undeniable that Tokyo has among the best in gadgetry and related electronics, Singapore has a huge range of items – and lucky for you, it’s all in one of two massive stores. You can shop for anything from mobile phones to cameras with pretty much everything else in between.

The prices are also going to be a great deal cheaper than you’ll find at other stores, and at many of the retailers you can get a great deal if you’re happy to pay in cash.

Haji Lane

This is a tiny spot in the heart of the Muslim quarter that’s probably about to be hot news and hot property. Why? Well it’s largely thanks to the fact that it stocks some of the best and most achingly-hip items around. You can pick up a range of accessories or stylish fashion pieces for a great price here.

Go looking for The White Rabbit

Okay, so you don’t need to look too far to find this spot. This site is a former barracks which has been lovingly transformed into a beautiful collection of restaurants, bars and galleries.

Singapore is a spot that is just begging to be explored, so the next time you have some time off and are wondering where you should go to to get your travel fix – think of Singapore and explore this stunning city-state.

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  1. Speaking as a local, our lives aren’t quite as exotic as this suggests. Try having a few meals in a proper hawker centre, using the public sports facilities and going for a run around the manicured neighbourhood parks or the forest trails.

    • Thanks for the tips & local insight Nicholas!

  2. Chinatown is must visited place in Singapore. It’s a good place for starting our visit to Singapore. Learn the cultural mix and see the beauty of two Arab mosques and a Hindu temple.

    • Totally agree with you, we loved walking from China Town to Arab street and immersing ourselves in the cultural contrasts along the way :)

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