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Traveling smarter is one of the best ways to experience more satisfying and enjoyable travel and there are many small things and changes that you can make to achieve this. For instance … 

Don’t miss your flight

Missing a flight is a fear that everyone has had at some point on their travels and to be honest, it doesn’t matter how good of a traveler you are. Things do go wrong which can cause you to miss your flight.

One of my best solutions is to stay right next to the airport in an airport hotel. Not only is this much less stressful, but you also get to have a nice experience that few others think of experiencing.

A great place to book them is through and it was great to experience this at one of the Manchester airport hotels. I love enjoying a great breakfast before a morning flight rather than leaving home tired and rushed

. After you are done you can stroll over to the airport or get a shuttle bus. You will be very surprised about how much difference it actually does make.


Research Your Trip

Researching your destination and the options you have available is a great way to be smarter and more efficient when you travel. You don’t want to reach your hotel and start researching there, after all this is your holiday and you don’t want to waste time that you could have spent beforehand.

Being prepared with a list of potential things to do is absolutely ideal because you can simply arrive, pick something and then go. A little bit of research will also help you to have the best experience possible.

I like to use sites like WikiTravel or Lonely Planet as a good starting point for this. With these you can find out some very interesting things to do or places to go (or even some of the best neighbourhoods to visit).

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Pack Effectively

Less is definitely more when traveling and packing less is not only less stressful, but it leaves you some room to bring back something nice from your travels too. The first place to start with effective packing is a good bag that is the right size and type for the activities you will be doing.

If you plan to head away for a weekend a backpack will generally be enough, but if you are backpacking through Europe a suitcase won’t be appropriate. I personally like bags with lots of pockets, because you can store everything in them and of course access the items that you need very quickly.

I also like to follow the maybe rule when I am packing. This means that if I might use something, I simply won’t bring it with me and the cost of carrying it is more than the benefit that I would get in the case that I have a chance to use the item.


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