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Most people find themselves in a long distance relationship by chance. There are countless long distance relationship stories where couples have fallen in love after meeting while on vacation or during international business meetings. Traditional relationships can be difficult enough, but throw in separation by long distances and you can find yourself in a long uphill struggle to make your long distance relationship successful.

If you find yourself in a new long distance relationship or maybe are even looking to start a long distance relationship because of how adventurous it may sound, read on to see how you can start a long distance relationship yourself.

How to Start a Long Distance Relationship

Today’s potential dating pool offers us many more choices when it comes to finding a partner. No longer are we restricted to finding someone in our own neighborhood as was the case in the not so distant past. Our world is filled with over seven and a half billion people and with today’s online technology and ability to travel almost anywhere in the world, we can easily interact and meet up with almost anyone around the globe.

Along with global social media platforms, there are countless online dating websites where we can find our next love interest. No longer are we forced to meet our future partner on the street, in a bar, or via an introduction from a friend. We no longer even have to come face to face with another person in order to start up a relationship anymore.

How a Long Distance Relationship is Born

Having unlimited global choices when it comes to finding a partner sounds great at first, but it brings about a new obstacle when it comes to relationships. More people than ever before are finding themselves faced with the scenario of a long distance relationship.

Our jobs, schooling, and daily activities can take up a great deal of our time which can leave us with little free time to date. This has made it quite common and effective to search for dating partners online. We can easily find time to browse different dating sites, communicate via email, and use things like Skype to engage with potential partners without having to rearrange our schedules. This ease of instant communication means we can easily strike up a conversation with others from another state or even another country.

The world has become a much smaller place with the evolution of technology, and this has led to an increase in long distance relationships worldwide. But no long distance relationship is the same and each one can come about through a different set of circumstances, whether it be meeting someone while traveling, accepting an out of state or international job offer, or simply meeting someone online that lives in a different locale.

Many people truly want to be in a relationship, but the realities of our daily schedules just don’t permit us the time to search for and often maintain one which is long lasting. From this perspective, online connections and long distance relationships can prove far easier to manage in that they have little to no impact on our daily schedules but still provide the emotional support and social interaction of a partner.

An increase in both business and leisure travel has also led to an increase in long distance relationships. Travel offers the opportunity to cross paths with more people than ever before and often creates an atmosphere for finding love. Traveling for the most part is romantic and exciting. We escape our monotonous everyday lives to head somewhere new. We’re overwhelmed with new sights, sounds, and culinary delights. We become open to new experiences and usually let our guard down a bit. It’s very easy to fall in love in this type of setting and many people end up doing just that.

For most of us, travel romances are short-lived in the physical sense as most people return home, happy to write them off as a fling. But what if you find a connection so incredible it changes your life?  Once we return to our normal lives, the reality is that the relationship is reduced to interaction over the internet and phone. This is where you must decide if you’re satisfied with a long distance relationship where you may be forced to maintain your connection with each other through periods of minimal physical contact. A couple may decide that occasionally meeting up works perfectly for their individual lives or they may decide to work towards ultimately being together full time. It’s in this moment that a long distance relationship is born.­

Even a relationship that doesn’t start off as being a long distance one can turn into one. You can be in a relationship with your high school sweetheart, living near each other or together for years only to find yourself suddenly split by long distance. This can come about by military deployment, college acceptance, or job offers. No relationship is ever immune to the potential for long distance to become a factor. Even couples that have been married for years have the potential of their relationship becoming long distance.

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