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How do you organize your undergarments when you travel? Do you place them in zipped bags? Store them in luggage pockets? Or just place them wherever there’s space?

I can organize my clothes to look neat and tidy in a suitcase when I’m packing for a trip, though as soon as the case is zipped and flipped to stand on it’s wheels, there’s always a moment of pause where I cringe. After all that hard work separating your underwear from your shirts, and your shirts from your shoes, you know that after you arrive at your destination everything inside is going to be a hot mess.

And it’s always the little things. The individual toiletries, socks, underwear, and memory cards that disappear among the chaos. And that’s where the TUO by Origami Unicorn comes in – the ultimate travel undergarment organizer that allows travelers to organize their undergarments or small items neatly in a foldable bag which acts as a portable closet throughout their trip. Because a little organization can go a long way to making your life easier when you’re on the move.

How to Pack Better: Introducing the Ultimate Travel Undergarment Organizer

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There are plenty of products out there aimed at keeping travelers organized and simplifying the packing process, though a far as I’m concerned, “TUO” by Origami Unicorn stands out above the rest.

TUO stands for Travel Undergarment Organizer. It’s made of a water resistant nylon fabric and features three see-through mesh zippered compartments to pack and organize undergarments, accessories and small clothing items. The compact design helps save space in your suitcase, unfolds, and features a detachable handle to hang it from the closet or towel bar to access items easily.

There are also two sets of internal pockets to further separate your items and increase privacy, and a mini laundry bag with two pockets to help divide your dirty clothes. When you’re ready to leave the hotel, simply fold the bag in thirds, snap the side buttons, and you’re ready to go.

See it in Action

My Review

The brilliance of the TUO is its simplicity and practical use. It is an efficient and compact design, lightweight, and delivers on the promise to keep small items organized with minimal effort. It allows you to pack your suitcase better, and keep it organized in your hotel room throughout your trip.

It comes with several pockets and pouches and comfortably fits at least seven days worth of underwear, socks, bras, swimwear etc. The see-through mesh pockets are fantastic because you can find what you need quickly at a glance.

Filling it with underwear, bras, socks, and bathing suits works perfectly, and there is then extra space for toiletries before rolling it up to fit comfortably in your carry-on. You’ll never have to worry about the embarrassment of undergarments falling out of the suitcase in airport security or customs again.

The water resistant nylon fabric is a very nice touch. If you’re traveling anywhere in the rain, everything inside the TUO stays dry. And then the separate two pocket laundry bag means dirty clothes never have to get lost up in the mix, or land in a pile on the hotel floor.

Hang Anywhere

There are many travel organizers on the market, though what makes the TUO better than the rest is its ability to hang anywhere, and the simplicity and ease of hanging it up.

With a detachable handle and button clasps located at the top of the organizer, you can hang it up and use it as a portable wardrobe. It hangs from any closet, railing, or hook – you can set it up in the bathroom, in your closet, or even on your hostel bunk. 

This is a very practical and much more discreet solution to upturning your luggage to find your underwear, and means you don’t have to worry about your garments falling on the ground in a public shower or shared space. It’s the answer to every prayer of all travelers who have ever used a hostel or camp-ground shower.

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, the Travel Undergarment Organizer by Origami Unicorn makes life simple when you’re traveling. It helps you pack better, keeps you organized, and is so brilliant that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t purchased it sooner.

Origami Unicorn delivers the TUO in five stylish designs, which is a great idea for couples who share one suitcase or for families with different tastes. It comes in Signature White, Singnautre Black, Hibiscus White, Hibiscus Black, and a special edition leaf pattern.

If you can see yourself loving this as much as I love mine, you can order your own for US$49.50. If you sign up for the Origami Unicorn newsletter you’ll receive a 10% discount code.


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Disclosure: I was provided with a TUO in exchange for an honest review. If you’re in desperate need of help when it comes to packing and keeping your luggage organized, you need this in your life. 


  1. Oh a packing product after my own heart. I love that this is specifically for your undergarments. I like that it’s a lot like a rolling makeup bag that I can take out of my luggage and hang in my bathroom as needed. Looks like a great product!

    • It’s fabulous Tawanna … and after using it for my undergarments I still have more than enough space for my makeup too – being able to hang it for easy access in the bathroom has been brilliant!

  2. I usually take a suitcase just for my undies and swimwear! BUT, if you are travelling light this is an excellent idea and super organised. Terrific for backpackers with limited space.

    • That’s definitely one way to do it! But yes, this is perfect for when you need to cut down on space :)

  3. Very interesting! I normally use my socks and undies to fill gaps in my luggage – stuffed in socks, into tiny gaps. Maybe I should try this out!

    • I used to do the same thing actually … and used to shove my socks in my shoes so that they would keep their shape in the suitcase :D But the TUO is literally a game changer – it makes packing so much simpler :) Definitely recommend giving it a go!

  4. What a great product! I always just stuff them in any little space I can fine but I could definitely use this for my move to Canada.

    • I used to do that too, though then it would always take forever to find everything once my luggage had shifted throughout the trip. The TUO has been so helpful for just knowing where everything is :) Would definitely be a great asset for an international move.

  5. I had to laugh as I was reading this because to be honest I just don’t organise my under garments at all when I’m travelling. They tend to just get shoved in anywhere there is a space and to be honest I can never find clean undies when I need them (without tearing my bag apart)! So this product has basically been invented to sort my life out! I need one.

    • You’ll love it Amanda! It’s such a simple concept, but it’s so brilliant in that it actually solves our problems!! Let me know what you think!

  6. What a fantastic and useful travel item! Definitely getting one – thanks for the rec!

    • Glad we could help, you’ll love it! Enjoy :)

  7. Interesting! I have bags that I use to separate my clothes, but this bag looks much better for undergarments since it has all those different compartments. Love the video too!

    • Absolutely – the three separate compartments are great because you can put toiletries in one, underwear in another, and socks or something like that in the third. Everything’s in the same bag, but it’s separated and really accessible for when you need it :)

      Highly recommend getting one – loving mine!

  8. This is so handy! Right now I keep my undergarments in a tote-style bag that I shove in the top of my backpack. It can take up a lot of space because it doesn’t fold up like the TUO does. This looks like it would save heaps of room. Also I love that you can hang it from stuff. I would definitely consider buying one of these.

    • TUO definitely saves space – it’s so lightweight and compact, and I love that it fits in a carry on too. Highly recommend purchasing one – you’ll love the organization and the extra room :)

  9. I’ll have to show my fiance this. She puts all her undergarments into a small bag that is too bulky and takes up 1/4 of her luggage. She’s not bringing that many undergarments – it’s the bag that’s the problem. For me, I just throw everyone into the luggage and I no problem finding what i need.

    • This sounds like it’s exactly what she needs then – the bag is so lightweight and compact, and it takes up very little space when folded into thirds :)

  10. I’ve never thought about giving my undergarments their own designated space/pouch when packing because I just use them as space stuffers haha. This sounds like a cool idea for keeping things organized though (and clean!)

    • I used to use mine as space stuffers too! But then it always takes so long to rifle through everything to find them again when you go to take a shower lol. TUO though, totally amazing for staying organized, and as you mentioned too, keeping everything clean!

  11. This is pretty cool! I typically use packing cubes, which leaves me stuffing away undergarments and swimsuits where I can find room, but this looks like a great alternative! Cheers!

    • This is a fantastic alternative to packing cubes Paige :) You’ll love it! Highly recommend ordering one before your next trip.

  12. I’ve been looking for some tools to help me organize better while traveling. This is an interesting idea!

    • Glad we could introduce you to the TUO! You’ll love it Stephanie – happy travels :)

  13. Great looking bag and who doesn’t want to be more organized! I think I’d like it for my cosmetics too!

    • It’s been great for my cosmetics too – I use the top two zipper compartments for my underwear and socks, and use the third for my makeup. It’s great only having to take the one bag into the bathroom :)

  14. Ok, first of all, “Origami Unicorn” is the best name ever. Second, I suddenly realize how much I need this. I’ve been stuffing all my undergarments together in one old shopping back in my suitcase and you can imagine what a disaster that is!

    • It’s definitely one of those things you didn’t know you need until you start using it, and when you get it you wonder where it’s been all your life!

      Highly recommend picking one up. Happy travels Lillie!

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