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Los Angeles to Dubai for $260? Chicago to London for $208? It feels as though more and more people are cracking the code for finding cheap flights.

And it’s difficult to be happy for your friends who got tickets from Miami to Paris for $79, when you’re secretly thinking “I hate you!“.

But what I’ve realized from chatting with travelers recently, is that it’s not necessarily that they know how to find cheap flights. It’s that they know a guy.

They know a guy who obsessively searches the web for cheap flight deals, and sends his daily finds directly to their inbox. And alerts them when airlines make a mistake with a flight price.

They know a guy who wants to make travel accessible to absolutely anyone, for as cheap as possible, so he shares his research for free.

Because they know a guy, they save hundreds of dollars on flights, and all they have to do is sit back with a cup of tea, email open, and wait for the travel deals to arrive.

But for fear of missing out on really cheap flights, I finally figured out the identity of this guy! His name is Josh, and he created the Cheap Fly Club for anyone who wants free notifications on stupidly cheap flights.

How to Fly Anywhere for 50% Off: A Killer Secret to Finding Cheap Flights

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Sign Up For Emails From Cheap Fly Club

Travel subscription services are a great way to find out about cheap flights. Because it’s a pain and a hassle to scour the entire web yourself, and it’s not sustainable for the everyday person to expect to monitor flights across 50 websites, every day.

But there are certain travelers among us who have developed clever techniques and algorithms for tracking cheap flights, and, bless their souls, are willing to share what they find.

They continuously monitor fares to destinations all over the globe, watching for massive fare drops and pricing errors. Whenever an amazing deal becomes available, they make sure you’re the first to know about it.

People like Josh are actually passionate (and, let’s be honest, a little obsessed!), about research, and get an adrenaline rush out of finding flights at 50%+ off.

Like Phoenix to Istanbul for $182 kind of flight deals (an actual deal which landed in my inbox last week). Or the Miami to Paris deal for $79 I mentioned above.

What the Emails Look Like

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What’s the Catch?

There’s legitimately no catch here. Head to and enter your email to sign up for cheap flight deals. It’s a free service, and after you enter your email address, you’ll start receiving cheap flight alerts a couple of times a week.

The emails you get list the deal, list the dates it’s available, the normal price (so you know how much you’re saving), and instructions on how to book directly with the airline.

Though Josh usually recommends to visit Momondo after you’ve found your flight, and book it there (Momondo often gives you an additional discount).

A couple of things to know

➡ Cheap flight club will only send you alerts on flights that are 50% off the original price or more.

➡ Everything which lands in your inbox is a legit flight deal, and you get easy instructions to book directly through the airline.

➡ The flight deals he finds are for international flights departing the US to anywhere in the world. The destination is different every day. If you live elsewhere in the world, you can often reverse his finds to book the opposite way.

➡ These are not last minute deals. The best deals they find tend to be from between 3-10 months away. This leaves you with enough time to make arrangements with your commitments before travelling, rather than having to pack at the very last minute and panic.

How Many Emails to Expect

You get an email from Cheap Flight Club whenever they find flights that are 50% or more off the original price. The amount of emails really depends on how many great deals they come across, though as a free subscriber I get a couple of emails a week.

They only send out exceptionally good deals, rather than spamming your inbox to meet a certain quota. So some days you may not receive an email; their core focus is on quality rather than quantity.

Premium Subscribers can expect between 2-3 flight alerts on any given day, and offering a premium subscription is how they make their money. Premium Subscribers receive all the deals they find (costs $4 /month), whilst free subscribers receive alerts for 25% of the deals.

Prague Roundtrip for $400?

Screenshots have been placed side by side. Click to enlarge for a closer look.

What’s the Premium Subscription?

Joining the Cheap Flight Club is completely free and as a free member you’ll be receiving ridiculously cheap deals a few times a week. Initially, everyone starts out as a free user, and you then have the option to upgrade to a premium subscription if you love the service.

Even people as generous as Josh need to make money somehow, so he offers a paid Premium Membership which gives access to ALL the deals (4x as many), let’s you choose your departure airport (for instance a user from California only wants to receive alerts for flights departing from California, and doesn’t want any alerts for flights departing from New York), and a few other benefits perks like getting the deals 2 hours in advance.

Premium costs $4/ month and is charged monthly. They have  thousands of members both on the free and premium levels, so there’s no pressure to go either way!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for free emails now to fly anywhere in the world for 50% off!  ➡

Sign Up for Cheap Flights


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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. You convinced me. My name’s now on that list!

    • Awesome Roy – hope you find some fabulous flights! Happy travels :)

  2. What?! How have I never heard of this awesome service until now? I just subscribed, looking forward to seeing what deals start rolling in. Also, I love sharing flight deals with friends & family to encourage them to travel too. Knowing the the focus is on quality and not quantity, I feel better signing up without worrying about getting a ton of spam in my inbox. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Awesome Heather, glad we could introduce you! Hope you and your family find some fabulous flight deals!

  3. That is a great business model with tons of market for it. We all waste so much time to search for flights every time we travel. Though, I would think that this may sway our travel plans in favour of where cheaper flights take us.

    I wish he had an engine for India as well. Josh, if you are reading this, have a branch office in India too.

    • I’m definitely swayed to take a trip by where a cheap flight might take me – has a bit of adventure in spontaneity that way too :D

      I’ll keep you updated if I hear of a similar service in India, or if Josh expands to flights leaving other destinations in the world too :)

  4. It’s nice that there’s a free version of the service. That’s worth signing up for on the odd chance a deal near my location could be interesting.

    I’d be more inclined to pay for a subscription service if I could only receive deals from selected airports or if I lived in a major US hub like LA, Chicago or Atlanta. A deal like the $182 from Phoenix to Istanbul is great if it’s inexpensive for me to get to Phoenix (or if there wasn’t a visa ban for Americans in Turkey currently), but travel between cities in the US just isn’t cheap.

    • Absolutely – travel subscription services are great, but most of them are straight up paid. So I like that Josh offers a free version for those who want to get a feel for what it’s like and see if it works for them before upgrading.

      His premium service does allow you to select your airport and only receive relevant deals which is great, even, as you said, if you live close to a US hub and it’s cheap enough to get there.

      Sorry to hear about the ban on US entry to Turkey – my husband is American too, and we were so glad that we visited Istanbul last year before US-Turkey relations went down the toilet :( With any luck they’ll repair soon.

  5. Sounds a great service, shame it’s just for flights departing from the US. Sometimes we find it can be cheaper to fly to Amsterdam or Dublin then onwards, than flying direct from the UK.

    • Absolutely, it’s worthwhile too to sign up for the free version for the chance of hearing about a flight from the US to your destination. Because the deals sent are return, you can often flip them in reverse, and maybe take a trip to the States at a crazy cheap price :)

    • Hey Marcus and Mel, Jack’s Flight Club does exactly the same thing for those in the UK. (Even the emails are similar!)


  6. I have just subscribed to Cheap Fly Club, hopefully, it could help me cheap flight tickets for winter. I am planning to escape somewhere warm. I think it is great that they will just send you to offer which are on sale for half the price. Some websites just send you all offers, even if they are not much discounted.

    • Awesome Veronika! Hopefully you get an alert for somewhere warm soon – the Mediterranean maybe :D! Yes I agree, it’s great knowing that everything which gets sent is a legit discount worth hearing about!

  7. Well this sounds awfully tempting! I love to be impulsive but my other half takes FOREVER to make a decision, maybe these kind of fast changing fares may encourage him to be a little more spontanious.

    • Why not! Some of the discounts are so crazy it would be offensive not to take a spontaneous trip lol!

  8. Seriously?! We should be here! We always look into cheap flights as we’re constantly traveling places! I like that it doesn’t spam tho! 50% is such a greeaaattt deal!!! What am I waiting, for eh?!

    • I know right! No this is certainly not spam – and if you’re constantly traveling places and looking for the next great deal, Josh’ newsletter will provide some excellent insight.

      Happy travels! Welcome to the club!

  9. Ho hoo! So after visiting 70+ countries maybe the time to go to the US for the first time is coming! Great tips on this post, I did not know about Josh and his cheap flight club. I think that my main problem on finding cheap flights is that I am not flexible enough about dates or destinations. But, if like you said, these deals come some months in advance maybe there is a chance for me… thanks for the tips, Megan!

    • Awesome Elisa! Yes, you can usually reverse the fares he finds if you hear about a cheap flight from the US to your destination, or one which is by you and cheap enough to get to.

      North America is an incredible spot to explore, and yes you often have a lot of notice. They’re not last minute flights, and I like that in his newsletters he tells you how long the deal will likely be available for.

      Welcome to the cheap flight club!

  10. Wooooow! This is amazing and I love how he turned his skills into a start-up. I was so close to signing up but I just wonder if this applies to flights from Southeast Asia.

    • I would sign up for the free subscription anyway, and see if anything pops up from the US to where you’re at in SE Asia. A lot of the time you can reverse the flights he finds (because they’re return), so it might come in handy if you’re looking for SE Asia to get to the US :)

  11. Oh wow… for me I like to experiment with routing until I found a great deal. Once I flew to New Zealand for less than USD 450! (Usual Price is USD 750 from Singapore)

    • Wow 450 from Singapore to NZ is a great deal, nice one Andrew! Playing with different routes is a great way to find cheap flights – we were flying a couple of years ago from Bolivia to the Galapagos, and realized that it was only an extra $200 to go via Easter Island – figured why not right! Gotta love playing around with routes :D!

  12. Good find Meg!

    For those in the UK Jack’s Flight Club does exactly the same thing. (Even the emails are similar!)

    (I don’t promote them, it’s just another great service!)


    • Thanks for the heads up Rob, I haven’t heard of Jack’s before so will have to check it out as well :)

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