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How to choose who you book a vacation with


The online marketplace has revolutionized the travel industry and the way we book our vacation. With a simple click, a flight and accommodation can be chosen and booked.

We also have the option to use a travel provider to arrange our vacation, though the choice of travel providers is truly mind boggling.

Using a specialist holiday provider or a vacation ownership club may be a better option as a way of narrowing down your search because they are conscientious about ensuring that certain standards are met and that your holiday experience is a fantastic one.

Vacation ownership clubs

Blue Green Resorts is a company that offers flexible, points-based, deeded vacation ownership programs that connect owners in more than 40 popular holiday locations.

The services Blue Green offers ensures that everything is taken care of so that you have the best vacation possible.

Their ethos is that vacations make people happier by spending time together, and they aspire to provide choice, flexibility and quality.

Owners can travel to any available resort using their points, multiple times per year if they wish.

Package holidays

A package holiday means that everything is taken care of in terms of holiday arrangements; the tour operator provides flights, connections and accommodation, and all of this is included in the price you pay.

ATOL or ABTA consumer protection is usually included, so you won’t necessarily lose your money if the company fails.

Locations for package holidays are in popular holiday destinations but they can lead to disappointment if you are hoping for something more exclusive, and you may feel there is a lack of personal service, particularly if the booking is made online.

DIY holidays

A DIY holiday means that you do everything yourself.

You find a flight at a time that is suitable, and at a cost which you are happy with. You then find accommodation that matches up in terms of dates, times and location, and establish the exact cost.

You will also need to think about transfer from the airport, whether a hire-car is essential, travel insurance, location in terms of local conveniences, and so on. It can be extremely time consuming and frustrating, and can lead to hidden costs and disappointment.

With vacation ownership clubs, every detail of ownership is addressed by the company, so you can choose your holiday destination in advance, avoiding disappointment, hassle and time-consuming research and planning.

Plus, the flexibility this kind of ownership brings means that many different resorts and locations can be sampled, all in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of.

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