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No longer a city defined by a dingy, industrial reputation, Liverpool has been well and truly reborn as one of Northern England’s hottest destinations.

While the city may have a manufacturing past, today, travelers from all over the world flock to Liverpool to experience an energetic hub of music, sport and art. Days are filled with museums, galleries, parks, and restaurants, and evenings offer an eclectic nightlife buzz.

The evolution of Liverpool into a thriving cultural hub is perhaps one of Britain’s greatest transformations. The city has truly re-invented itself into a modern city while preserving their maritime heritage.

But one of the key concerns when planning your trip to Liverpool will be deciding where to stay. If you’re in the mood for luxury, here’s how to choose accommodation.

How to Choose Luxury Accommodation in Liverpool (Northern England)

Getting the Right Feel

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When you’re traveling anywhere, it’s important to choose comfortable accommodation that allows you to feel right at home. Liverpool has many incredible experiences and sites, so if you’re constantly worried about your accommodation, it can be an annoying distraction.

Whether it’s the shower without enough water pressure or bedroom linens that are scratchy and uncomfortable, even the smallest details can quickly become problematic and potentially ruin a trip.

So it’s important when choosing accommodation to make sure you book something you feel comfortable with. One of the best ways to do this is by checking recent traveler reviews before making a booking, as they’ll often cover small details of the hotel experience that the hotel website may not include.

Another thing to consider is whether you book a high end luxury hotel, or go for a luxury apartment. Short term travelers may be surprised that you can often find serviced apartments for the same price you would pay for a hotel suite.

For instance, Dream Apartments rent out many apartments in Liverpool. They focus on high-end luxuriously appointed accommodation for people visiting the city either for a short or long time. You can find more information about their apartments here.

Choosing the Best Location

Liverpool RF

Everything in Liverpool is about the location. It’s a large city. When you situate yourself in the wrong location, it can feel as though you’re spending half the day stuck in traffic trying to get to a different destination.

And nothing about being in the wrong location screams luxury.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to position yourself in a spot where there are plenty of things to do and see nearby, or a relatively short travel distance away. This will leave you less tired and better able to enjoy your time in the city.

One of our favorite locations is the business district …

Location: The Business District

The business district is where most corporate travelers choose to stay. The heart of commercial Liverpool, you’ll find impressively tall buildings that create a skyline that’s not forgotten quickly, as well as most of the city’s main retail therapy.

If your schedule or itinerary sees you spending a lot of time in the Business District, organizing a central hotel here means it should be easy enough to walk. ‘The LiverpoolOne shopping development is the largest in Europe and has transformed the City Centre.’

This area of Liverpool is undergoing many redevelopment projects, breathing a lot of new life into the city. There is also plenty to do at it’s famous waterfront, and more exciting plans to further improve what has already become a thriving port.

This is one of the most exciting locations to be if you enjoy being in the thick of a buzzing urban atmosphere.

The Right Set of Amenities

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When you’re choosing choosing your accommodation in Liverpool, quite often ‘luxury’ is tied to the right set of amenities.

This might mean having access to super-fast fibre-optic Wi-Fi throughout, a kitchen to prepare your own meals rather than rely on restaurants continually, or a guaranteed car parking spot for vehicle rental.

It’s important to consider the amenities you need before making a booking, and ensure that you choose accommodation that can cater to your needs.


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