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Authored by Amy Donoghue

Wondering where to stay in Paris? Whether you’re planning on staying in Paris for a few days, a few weeks or a few months, staying in an apartment is the best way to get a taste of life as a local. Hotels are still popular, but if you’ve ever dreamed of living the Paris lifestyle, it’s now very easy and affordable for travelers to pick up the keys to a proper home! Short term rental Paris.

With more space, a kitchen, and a washing machine, more travelers are choosing to stay in apartments over hotels (especially in Paris), and it’s become quite a popular trend. So much so that rental agencies like Paris Attitude, who cater to travelers, have gone from a portfolio of 20 properties 10 years ago, to 7,000 today! Apartment for rent in Paris short term.

And why not?! You get to spread out in some of the city’s most famous residential buildings for the same or less than the normal nightly hotel price. And you have far more choice when it comes to location, with apartments on every street corner, with views of your favorite monument / attraction.

There is a definite shift away from hotels in favor of apartment rentals, so we’ve covered some of the best apartment rentals in Paris for travelers.

Where to Stay in Paris: The Best Apartment Rentals for Travelers

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Pro tip: There are hundreds of agencies listing apartments online, so we highly recommend booking through a verified company who has an established reputation and a record of excellent tenant reviews.

We recommend Paris Attitude; a real estate agency specialized in short and long term furnished rentals in Paris for business travelers, tourists and students. They have a selection of more than 7,000 apartments, ranging from studios to lofts, and all apartments are self contained, comfortable and “ready to live”.

Two Steps from the Eiffel Tower

While one of Paris’ most touristy areas, there is no doubt that booking an apartment in the Eiffel Tower district puts you in the heart of the most historically rich part of Paris. It’s a stylish area, and many apartments even boast breathtaking views of the iconic monument itself.

Our favorite apartments closest to the Eiffel Tower include the 3 bedroom 107 m² Champs de Mars – Ecole Militaire; great value if you’re traveling with a group as it sleeps up to 6 people. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and living space includes a balcony, dining table, kitchen, and free Wifi. And the Eiffel Tower is literally across the street. Self catering apartments Paris. 

Another favorite is the Paris Apartment 1 bedroom 30 m² Eiffel Tower, which is on the 4th floor of a 19th century walk up, which sleeps 2-3 people. It’s modern and well equipped (with laundry, a kitchen, high speed internet, and security), and literally two steps from the Eiffel Tower. Short stays Paris.

Eiffel Tower Paris

Apartments Next to Iconic Paris Monuments

Maybe the Eiffel Tower isn’t your favorite Paris monument. Hard to believe, but it happens! Booking Paris apartments close to your favorite monument is very easy, and most agencies should have a function which allows you to search for apartments close by. Don’t wonder where to stay in Paris France.

For instance, Paris Attitude has a landing page which lists the main monuments of Paris, and allows you to filter your apartment search based on what you want to be close to. And there are many houses to rent in Paris.

Our favorite apartment close to Notre Dame is the Paris Studio Apartment on rue de Pontoise. It’s a charming studio apartment in an 18th century walk-up, steps away from Notre Dame and the Pantheon. It sleeps 2 people, is 30 m², and fully equipped with kitchen facilities, laundry facilities, and double glazed windows which face the street.

Museum buffs will love the 1 bedroom 32 m² Palais Royal and its short stroll to the Lourve. This apartment is located on rue Jean Jaques Rousseau in the 1st arrondissement, on the 3rd floor of a 19th century building. It sleeps two people and has all the amenities previously mentioned like kitchen, laundry, TV, and unlimited high speed WiFi.

Arc de Triomphe Paris

Paris Luxury Rentals

Who doesn’t want to stay in a luxury apartment in Paris quite honestly!!! Luxury is not just about opulence, but about finding the “full package”.

Perhaps this means enjoying a romantic evening from the rooftop terrace of your penthouse, or a stay in a Haussmann-style apartment which takes you back to the prestige and elegance of high Parisian culture of the 19th century.

Among our favorite luxury apartments are a spacious apartment next to the Champs-Elysees – this beautiful and spacious 5 bedroom apartment is located on rue de Courcelles in the 8th arrondissement, on the 3rd floor of a 19th century building. It sleeps up to 10 people, and is stunningly modern, with 330 m² of space. Among the best furnished apartments for rent in Paris.

We’re also digging this apartment at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower – an elegant 80 square meter space with an epic panorama from a large terrace. With 2 bedrooms, and a balcony, this apartment for 4 people is well located, just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower. Def the best apartments in Paris.

Apartments on the Quai de l'Horloge on the Île de la Cité in Paris.

Where to stay in Paris

Student Apartments

Whether you’re actually planning to study in Paris, or just want to immerse yourself in the Parisian student life, you can also find many studios and furnished rentals within close proximity of Parisian schools and universities. These are the cheap apartments for rent in Paris, and usually offer a quiet retreat since most tenants are studying.

The Latin Quarter is a popular area among the hip student crowd. This is an exciting place to be based as a traveler, and puts you in the thick of what’s happening, though keep in mind that this can very loud as there are many bars and restaurants. This is a stronghold of students and Parisian artists on the left bank of the Seine. Rent an apartment in Paris for a week.

You can find more affordable student housing in Paris if you’re willing to rent by the month, and there are many studios and furnished rentals in the 5th and 6th arrondissements of Paris, within walking distance of Sorbonne University. It’s obviously cheaper if you’re traveling with a group, or willing to live with room-mates, and can split the cost of a larger apartment. Check out Paris student apartments.

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  1. Thank you very much for this article, I have been very helpful.

    • You’re welcome James, I’m very glad the info was valuable for you :) Have a great time in Paris!

  2. For some reason I have never considered going through a rental agency before when looking for accommodation. I usually just head to Airbnb or other sites like this. I will be taking this approach to our future destinations though. Travelling as a family of five I think this may open a wider variety of options for us. Thank you.

    • Rentals are a really great option for a family of 5, so glad that we could tell you about this approach. Airbnbs are great too, but destination specific rental agencies can definitely give you a wider choice :)

      Happy travels Kirsty!

  3. Hey Meg,

    Loved reading through your article! You have some fine tips in there! And as people say, “Paris is always a good idea” :)

    • Thanks for your comment, so glad you enjoyed the article – and absolutely!! Paris is most definitely, always a good idea!!

  4. First of all, I love the new look at the top.
    It’s a good idea to consider staying in an apartment, but it would be useful to see some cost comparisons.

    • Thanks Roy! And thanks for the feedback – will look into compiling some data to provide a couple of cost comparisons :)

  5. I haven’t heard of Paris Attitude before. There are so many scams out there when it comes to renting accommodation that it is great to have a first-hand recommendation. I love the 2 bedroom apartment at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower on the Champs de Mars. I have added the sites contact details to my little black book for future reference.

    • Glad we could introduce you to Paris Attitude – yes, there are hundreds of online booking sites out there which offer apartments to travelers, and many of them can be questionable. So sticking to companies which have an establish reputation and an extensive portfolio is your best way to avoid a scam.

      Paris Attitude are great – fabulous service and really great apartments. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Paris!

  6. Thanks Meg for listing out all these apartments. I agree that if you want to live close to the main district or the Eiffel, the cheapest and best way to do it would be by renting an apartment. Your article can be very useful for someone planning a trip and looking for budget, comfortable places to stay in the heart of the city.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Medha – we’re very much in favor of apartments over hotels now, where-ever we go. Saves a lot of money overall having something full self catered, and you get so much more space, which in cities like Paris, is something not a lot of hotels will often offer.

  7. I used to live and work in the city and never heard of Paris Attitude. This is a useful guide to find cheaper places/apartments to stay in the centre of town and not some grotty one bedroom studio on the outskirts where there is a 40 minute metro journey involved. Great post Meg :)

    • Glad we could introduce you to Paris Attitude :) Absolutely – their locations are right in the most sought after districts, so it’s a great way to get central accommodation as a traveler. Can highly recommend if you travel back to Paris again :)

  8. This article will surely come to handy as nowadays I travel mostly with my family. I usually need 3 to 5 rooms to accommodate my family so it will be easier to find a property through a real estate agency like Paris attitude. I mean 7K properties to choose from is really outstanding. Thanks for the info, Meg! :D

    • Glad we could help Debbie :) Absolutely – larger apartments for bigger groups like a family are a huge savings – and way more comfortable too. It’s nice to be able to have a home away from home when you’re traveling as a family unit :)

  9. Thanks so much for this! I always opt for rentals because hotels for a family of four can get really pricey. I’m just always skeptical because of all the scams out there. I’ve never heard of Paris Attitude, but I’m going to start looking into it now. We’re hoping to go to Paris in the spring if/when we ever sort out my son’s passport (long story!), so this definitely helps! Love that Paris Attitude allows you to filter rentals based on landmarks, too!

    • You’re welcome Carol – rentals are a great choice if you’re traveling as a family. Yes, there are many scams around apartments in Europe, but if you go with an agency like Paris Attitude who has an established reputation and a large portfolio you won’t have any issues.

      Have a fabulous time in Paris!

  10. When visiting big cities like Paris we do prefer renting an apartment over staying in a hotel. Normally I would only check Airbnb but your guide to apartment rentals in the French capital opens up so many more possibilities. Paris Attitude looks like they are an authority on short-term furnished apartment rentals in Paris. I hope I will be able to afford the luxury apartment next to the Champs-Elysees one day.

    • I like Airbnb, but I’ve found the experience can be pretty hit or miss. I like the idea of a rental agency a lot better as you’re dealing with a professional service who’ve been catering to travelers for many years.

      For a short term stay definitely check out the portfolio they have at Paris Attitude. I hope you get that luxury apartment next to the Champs-Elysees one day too!

  11. You are so right that renting an apartment in a city really gives you a feel of living there, if only for a few days. Although I love living in our mobile home, in cities it’s sometimes a problem. Paris Attitude sounds like a company with such a diversity of properties that anyone could find just what they want.

    • I can see how a mobile home would present some challenges when you’re visiting a big city. In which case apartments would be next best thing to achieving that feeling of a home away from home :)

      The diversity of properties at Paris Attitude is quite astounding – the hardest part is trying to decide :D!

  12. Hi Meg, Paris is a wonderful destination and it’s such a missed opportunity if you are just staying in one of these bland business hotels. Apartmetns are the way to go as every minute of your stay will be flavoured with this true Parisian feeling. Personally, I love the area around Isle Saint Louis near Notre Dame Cathedral best. But there are so many other corners that are just lovely. I will bookmark this post for my next Paris trip!

    • Totally agree with you – the world has far too many cookie cutter hotels, where-as apartments actually make an experience memorable. A home away from home, you actually feel like you’re living as a local, even if only for a few days :)

      I haven’t stayed in the area around Isle Saint Louis before – will have to look into it for our next trip!

  13. These are some great properties. I’ve not rented an apartment while traveling, but I always say that I want to. Paris seems like a great place to find a literal home away from home. I would want to stay two steps from the Eiffel tower for sure!

    • If you have the chance to rent an apartment on an upcoming trip, I can highly recommend it – we love being able to set ourselves up as if we’re at home!

  14. I’ve never heard of this company but it sounds like a good find. Accommation in Paris is seriously expensive so anything that delivers luxury for less is a result in my view

    • Absolutely Anne – Paris is all about finding the best value for money, especially when it comes to space, facilities and luxury :)

  15. amazing post! thanks for helping me out

    • You’re welcome David, glad we could help :)

  16. Again, someone like that. But I would not advise settling near the Louvre. This is not the kind of Paris that you want to return to for an atmosphere of relaxation and unhurried walks. On the other hand, the first district is slightly higher to the junction with the second – this is another story. There you also have Ottoman buildings with lace balconies, and there is no such disco with tourists as near the Tuileries. Try, perhaps, to avoid the surroundings of les Halles – this is a shopping center under a huge pavilion (construction is still in progress), a lot of shops around and a black contingent of local residents. Personally, none of the above does not bother me, I often go there, this is one of the faces of Paris, and there’s nothing in it. But there are a lot of people, many bars.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences Lisa, it’s great to have local insight into the different districts and places to avoid, ultimately the idea of booking a Paris apartment is to have as much of a local experience as possible and avoid the busy tourist parts :)

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