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Why Every Traveler Needs the SleepKeeper: The Easiest Way to Travel With Your Pillow From Home!

“When it comes to travel, if you don’t snooze, you lose, and that’s why your own pillow is probably the smartest item you can stuff into your carry on tote, suitcase or back of the car when traveling for any length of time. Even one night spent embracing an offensive pillow can mess with your rest and make you crabby and sluggish!” – Luanne Bradley

But there are a couple of issues here. Pillows are bulky, and don’t often fit into your bag. And it’s difficult to maneuver trains, buses, taxis, and other forms of transport when you already have your hands full, and then try to stuff a pillow into the mix. Of course you drop it. And now your favorite pillow is dirty and wet. And probably smells like old beer.

But despite these obstacles, the benefits of traveling with your own pillow (outlined below) far outweigh the stress. And teenage girls in particular seem to be all for the craze of carrying a fluffy pillow onto the plane. But other people, like grown men, feel as though they’re out of the club.

The trouble is, people like me are out of the club. Grown-up men can’t walk through airports with giant fluffy pillows unless we’re willing to get laughed at. I’ve seen thousands of girls carrying pillows, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a man or boy carrying one. We’re stuck with those stupid inflatable neck brace things. The other night I watched a flight boarding for Barcelona. No fewer than 25 girls had brought oversized pillows from home. Total count for the guys: zero.

This isn’t right. To hell with dignity, it’s time to rise up and break the pillow barrier.  Who will be first?

I’m thinking we should organize a march — a line of men strutting proudly through the concourse, giant pillows proudly in hand.

“We’re men, we’re strong, this is true, Fluffy pillows aren’t just for you! Downy soft, pastel blues, Come on girls, let us snooze!”

Later, in the parking lot, we can toss a few of those neck braces into a bonfire.

Patrick Smith.

Enter the SleepKeeper Case

The solution to Patrick’s travel pillow woes, and yours for that matter, have been solved! An Australian woman named Di Tipper has created the SleepKeeper Case – a product which is so simple that it’s genius, and means everyone can travel with ease with their pillow from home.

The “SleepKeeper” is a case which fits any standard pillow (it actually also fits a single bed doona), and rolls up to 1/3 of its original size. It’s small size and easy concept make it a highly sought after product for anyone wanting to travel with their own pillow.

In 3 easy steps, place your pillow into the case. Roll it up and fasten with the extra wide Velcro on the side. That’s it! It’s that simple! It’s so easy to use, and the possibilities are endless. It’s compact, light and portable, and packs up small when not in use. You can take it anywhere with the handle on the side.

28 Second Video Demonstration … Because It’s That Quick and Easy to Use

Travel Light … With a Full Size Pillow

It might sound like an oxymoron, but the brilliance of the SleepKeeper means that you can now travel light, with a full size pillow!! And it looks classy too. The SleepKeeper comes in four colors. The two original colors are Black and Navy, though you can also purchase Red and Royal if you’re going for a color scheme with your bags.

The fabric is 100% nylon, so it’s water resistant, lightweight and durable. Willing to sacrifice my own pillow to test this claim, I pulled out a spray gun and attacked. Turns out my duffel bag isn’t water resistant, but the SleepKeeper case definitely is!

So I’m happy to know that I can now travel with my pillow in a way which is compact and efficient, while keeping it clean and dry. And, let’s be honest, the first 8 seconds of the above video were branding, so really, it should only take you 20 seconds to do!

Check out for more information or to buy (they ship worldwide). Not yet convinced that this product will revolutionize your life? Here are the reasons why you should travel with your pillow from home.

Best way to travel with your pillow

It might sound like an oxymoron, but the brilliance of the Go Pillow means that you can now travel light, with a full size pillow!!

Reasons to Travel With Your Pillow From Home

Airline Pillows are Useless

“As I’m sure everyone will agree, airline pillows are farcically small and essentially useless; much like airline blankets and headphones. To get a proper amount of sleep, something bigger is required.” – Chris Jager.

In a window seat, putting a pillow between your body and the sidewall creates a comfy sleeping surface.

Hotel Pillows are Hit or Miss

The main reason hotels don’t offer better pillows, or at least a wider choice, is probably because pillows are the things most often “pinched” by guests. Don’t ask me how they’re getting past hotel reception without being noticed … maybe they have the SleepKeeper Case in their bag!

While more luxury hotels like the Four Seasons are starting to offer “pillow menus” and delivering different pillows upon request, the vast majority are flat, lumpy or densely packed with a foam and feather combo that can make you wake up with a sore neck.

“If you sleep with more than one, sometimes topping one of those pillows with your own can make a big difference. Otherwise, toss em away and have sweeter dreams. But don’t forget to remove it in the morning before the maid comes and to pack it when you leave.”

Salishan Spa & Golf Resort


If you’re wondering why you’ve picked up allergies on your holiday, or you’ve gotten 10 times worse, it’s probably because of dust mites! Most hotel pillows pick up allergens that graze on your dead skin and hair, and these contribute to asthma and other allergic reactions.

Even in luxury hotels, their pillows aren’t usually sealed with dust mite proof protectors. So if you’re highly allergic, it makes very good sense to bring your own pillow along. Good health extends to a healthy pillow.

Also, many hotels use harsh laundry chemicals like bleaches, disinfectants and other cleaning products like toxic synthetic compounds to give fragrance to consumer products. There is good reason to pack your own pillow if you’re sensitive to those chemicals.

Protect Your Valuables

It’s a trick movers use to use pillows as padding to protect fragile or breakable items. If you’re traveling with the SleepKeeper in your bag (it’s compact, so it fits!), this can work as added cushion for any breakables you might be traveling with.

Any souvenirs or holiday gifts, any kind of glass you might be traveling with (like perfume bottles or alcohol), it’s less likely to break with the added padding of your pillow.

Sleeping in Transit

Whether you’re catching a flight, train, bus, or tossing your pillows in the back of the car on a road trip, having your own pillow makes it much more comfortable to catch a nap in transit.

Check out for more information or to buy (they ship worldwide).


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  1. A pillow disguised as a sleeping bag. Brilliant idea, thanks for sharing this informative post, I’m someone who definitely has had wet beer stains on my travel pillow.

    • It does look a little like a sleeping bag … a very compact one at that! I love mine, lol we’re the same then re having had wet beer stains on our favorite pillow! No more! :)

  2. Looks like this pillow case could be a great idea! Having a good sleep is so important especially when you travel! This seems to be the best solution I’ve seen so far!

    • Absolutely Nat! I haven’t found anything that even comes close to the Go Pillow in terms of functionality and ease of use. Di has come up with a brilliant solution for us :) Love mine!

  3. Love this idea – not least, as you mention because we have allergies in our family and having your own pillow is pretty important, but always SO bulky!!

    • Allergies is a big one – you never know what you’re getting with hotels, or who the last guest was to stay in the room. And this is a super convenient way of traveling with a full size pillow without the bulk :) Highly recommend it!

  4. Do you know how many sleepless nights I have spent even at the most luxurious hotels because of the wrong pillow? When traveling by my own car I take it with me but when I travel with a plane it takes a lot of space. You save my life with this pillow case!

    • So glad we could introduce you to the Go Pillow! It’s literally saved me so many sleepless nights! I love it! Happy travels :)

  5. That pillow case looks incredible. I have a hard (re: impossible) time sleeping on planes, and I think this item would definitely be useful. The airline pillows are soooooooo uncomfortable, haha. Great post.

    • I’m the same with sleeping on planes – airline pillows are useless – I usually use them as a foot rest because they’re pointless in trying to rest my head! Highly recommend the Go Pillow – let us know how you go! :)

  6. For someone married to a total pillow snob, this looks quite useful. To be able to take your preferred pillow on the road without sacrificing a large amount of packing space is nice! I don’t know how many times that a full-size, comfortable pillow would have appreciated on a long-haul flight or at a basic hotel.

    • The last two hotels I’ve stayed in throughout Argentina have had horrible pillows, so I’m completely behind anyone who considers themselves a pillow snob lol

      Yes, it’s funny how such a seemingly small convenience can have such a large impact … truly is a luxury to travel with your pillow of choice, and a cheap luxury too now that Di has come up with the Go Pillow! Definitely give it a go :)

  7. This is a great idea! I never thought about bringing my pillow with me because it wasn’t very practical but this is a whole different story. And I really appreciate a good night’s sleep. Definitely looking into this.

    • It’s absolutely practical now with the Go Pillow :) Let us know what you think!

  8. That’s really pretty genius. I’d love to travel with my pillow from home, but never would have tried it because of the space issue. No matter how many pillows they offer at the hotel, none of them are ever very good.

    • Isn’t it! Such a simple solution, and so genius in it’s simplicity. Love that she’s solved the space issue, I can’t stand hotel pillows either. Never as good as traveling with your own :)

  9. Interesting concept . . . I never thought about traveling with my own pillow but for people who really need it this is the perfect solution for them, I would say!

    • Give it a go, you may wonder where the go pillow has been all your life lol :) Happy travels!

  10. I am going to England with a six hour stop in Dubai this week. I wouldn’t dream of doing a layover that long without my own pillow, even though I’ll be visiting one of the lounges. Brilliant idea.

    • Happy travels Helen :)

  11. We are big pillow fans. We have our bamboo pillows dedicated entirely for the road, however they are not full size pillows. A go pillow that is full size is brilliant. I have even taken my full size pillow backpacking into the Grand Canyon. It looked funny on top of my pack but nobody was laughing when I pulled it out for a good night’s sleep. The problem (especially hiking) is that you get your bed pillow soiled with the grime of travel. The protective bag keeps your pillow fresh on the road. Double brilliant.

    • Haha absolutely … they ALWAYS stop laughing when it comes time to sleep! But yes, one of our biggest issues to date has been getting our pillow dirty too, because it never fits in luggage so it’s always out and exposed. Which is why I love the Go Pillow; it solves so many problems and keeps it clean!!

      Happy travels :)

  12. ..I have to admit, I can see this coming in handy. Thanks for the post!

    • So handy for every type of trip! Enjoy :)

  13. Yes most of the people are now aware this as me also. But now i know the value of my pillow and now i will try to get it with me on my every vacations.

    You are also right on that Hotel’s pillows are “”Hit or Miss”” great words.

    • Glad we could introduce you to the Go Pillow – it really will change your vacations!

      Happy travels :)

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