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Yes, Munich is home to Oktoberfest, offers tours to Neuschwanstein Castle, has the BMW Museum, and numerous beer gardens, and it’s for these attractions that the city is most famously known.

But what if you are looking for something new and exciting to do in Munich? This Bavarian city offers many secret activities and adventures that are sure to add some excitement to your next German holiday, and some will most definitely push you outside of your comfort zone!

So once you’re tired of listening to the sounds of a glockenspiel and are done playing dress-up with lederhosen and dirndls, why not try these adventures on for size. Put down that bratwurst or schnitzel, book a Munich taxi, and head to one of these quirky, fun things to do!

Fun Things to Do in Munich for the Adventurous Soul

River Surfing

Making waves throughout the city, river surfing is a popular new attraction in Munich, via the man-made Eisbach River which flows through Englischer Garten and connects to the Isar River.

The main wave is a metre high and can be surfed until you tire (it’s a standing wave which does not cease). The best part is that this is legal, although it is cautioned that the wave is only suitable for experienced surfers. And don’t expect to be greeted by warm water either; the river is cold so bring a wetsuit.

For less skilled surfers or beginners, there is also another less challenging wave downstream.

Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten

Photos CC Romain and N i c o l a

Beer Biking

Drinking and driving is frowned upon just about everywhere, but biking and drinking is another story … especially in Munich where it is encouraged! This is of course as long as you are taking advantage of one of the city’s registered Beer Bike Tours like Lenny’s.

Why park yourself at a bar when you can take the bar with you via one of these 15 seater beer bikes which allows you to have a cool refreshment while taking in the sights of the city.

Luckily for its passengers, the driver remains sober, just help him pedal in-between swigs of beer via your own pedals beneath your seat. Who said drinking wasn’t exercise?!

Once your beer biking adventure comes to an end, be sure to be responsible and call a cab to return safely back to your lovely Munich hotel.

Fun things to do in Munich

Fun things to do in Munich

Photos CC Jenny and Jit Bag

Bare It All

After enjoying a meal and refreshments at your favourite local beer garden, unleash your own bratwurst or jugs and go au naturel in one of Munich’s 6 designated urban naked zones.

Germany definitely doesn’t shy away from public nudity, and Munich adheres to this acceptance of nudity by allowing residents and visitors to strip down in places like Englischer Garten or along the Isar River.

Be advised that these nude areas are not hidden or fenced off so be ready for a bit of a flash at any moment. Even near Munich’s main square you may catch sight of more than your eyes bargained for.

So as they say “When in Rome…or in this case Munich”. Just be sure to not stare. And guys, you may want to keep your clothes on after having tested your river surfing skills in the cold waters of the Eisbach.

Nude traveler RF

Log Rafting Tours

Step into Huckleberry Finn’s shoes (if he even wore shoes!), and experience your own river rafting adventure upon a genuine log raft.

Float down the Isar River as you enjoy fine Bavarian music and idyllic scenery with a stop at a beer garden for a traditional German lunch.

However your rafting adventure won’t be all peaceful and relaxing, as you take on rock obstacles and several raft slides. You’ll struggle to stay dry as you plummet down Europe’s longest log raft slide, 350 metres long with a drop of nearly 18 metres in height!

In case you’re wondering what a log raft slide is, it’s basically a massive water slide you go down riding on a, you guessed it… log raft!

Olympic Stadium Roof Climb & Zip-Lining

Channel your inner super hero by climbing Munich’s Olympic Stadium Roof like Spiderman, or fly across it like Superman via a 200 metre zipline at a height of 35 meters.

Get over your fear of heights with this two hour adventure which offers stunning Munich skyline views and the Bavarian Alps in the distance.

Munich’s Olympic Stadium

Channel your inner super hero by climbing Munich’s Olympic Stadium Roof

Photos CC Sascha Sormann and La Citta Vita

Olympic Village Student Street Art

What was once the Women’s Olympic Village during the 1972 Olympics held in Munich is now housing for uni students. The miniature townhouses accommodate over 1,000 students who get to enjoy the newly renovated village.

The village had to be completely gutted roughly about 10 years ago so as to bring it up to safety and code standards. Its network of tight alleys has become somewhat of an outdoor art gallery in which visitors can enjoy.

Students are allowed to paint the outside of their little homes to suit their tastes and this has resulted in an incredible display of street art including pop culture, humour, and just plain fun. Definitely an entertaining place for an afternoon stroll, just be sure to bring your camera.

Students are allowed to paint the outside of their little homes

Students are allowed to paint the outside of their little homes

Students are allowed to paint the outside of their little homes.

Photos by Marek Kubica

Kaltenberg Knights Tournament

Held every July, the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament is a medieval experience like no other. This isn’t your average Renaissance Festival, this one takes place in a genuine castle, the Schloss Kaltenberg built in 1292.

The event attracts well over 100,000 people every year and offers medieval markets, unbelievable food, endless medieval entertainers, and medieval music concerts.

Enjoy fire eaters, falconry, jesters, dancers, and of course knights and their incredibly trained stallions. You can experience the next tournament July 13th – 29th , 2018.


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  1. Had good fun reading your article about Munich where I lived for 12 years. It is definitely one of my favourite cities in Europe. The river surfing is truly an iconic activity in the Englisher Garden, but it only became popular a few years ago when bloggers and journalists started to feature it in their travel guides. And did you know that you can walk unclad in the Englisher Garden? Yes it truly is legal to walk naked among other (clad) park visitors! lol

    • So glad you enjoyed the article Michela! And how fabulous that you lived in Munich for so long! – It’s one of my favorite cities in Europe too :)

      Lol but yes the nudity can take you quite by surprise if you’re not expecting it haha!

  2. Oh my gosh — I did not know about the extent of German love of public nudity! Your line “unleash your own bratwurst or jugs” is priceless. I also love learning that the Olympic Village is now housing students and has all that great street art.

    • Lol thought I would throw a little bit of humor in there to lighten the mood … glad you enjoyed it :D

      If you’re a fan of street art, the Olympic Village is a great place to go … and as far as I know, everyone keeps their clothes in this section of the city :D

  3. I saw the river surfing when I was in Munich and thought it was amazing! I can’t believe how they can just jump in the river and stand up on the waves.

    • Pretty crazy isn’t it! I’m also in awe, I fall flat faced whenever I try to stand on a surf board lol!!

  4. I haven’t been to Munch and looking at the list I regret not going there earlier! I love the idea of rafting right in the center of the city…never heard of anything like that before and I am sure it’s a lot of fun.

    Getting naked also sounds like something must to try, but that’s something I can decide right then…based on how prudish I feel that day :P

    • Maybe 2018 might be your year! Rafting is indeed an incredible adventure, and while I would recommend booking that one in advance, yes, getting naked is something you can probably decide on the day haha :D

      Have an amazing time in Munich!

  5. I cant believe Munchen (Munich) is a city in Germany I havent checked out despite going to Deutschland several times a year. Still wanna do October-feast despite it being too touristy :D

    • Sounds like you have a great excuse to plan another trip!

  6. Munich looks right up my alley! I took a train through here but didn’t have time to stop other than in the train station. :( I’d love to return. River surfing? Street art? Beer bike! It’s all so much fun. I did one of those beer bike things in Milwaukee and it was an absolute blast.

    • Maybe this coming year you’ll have the chance to visit Germany again and see Munich for a couple of days this time :) Sounds like you would love it! Happy new year!

  7. Munich is so gorgeous and I cannot wait to visit. Both the Oktoberfest and castlle are on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing so many other great things to see and do, too. Lots more than I knew about. The public nudity was quite surprising. ;)

    • Munich is such a fabulous city that’s for sure, you’ll have a wonderful time! Neuschwanstein castle is just magical – one of my biggest highlights. Glad we could give you some ideas to fill your other days too!

  8. I have never been to Germany, which is a pity since I am French and it’s so close! I had no idea there are so many fun activities to be had in Munich, even surfing and rafting! Climbing on the stadium sounds like something I would enjoy doing as well. Pretty cool list!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Julien! Maybe 2018 is your year for visiting Germany!

  9. These are some really off-beat and interesting activities to look forward to in Munich. Would love to head out to do some river surfing, sounds really thrilling. I was fascinated the Beer Biking, “activity’, I mean it surely is something that the Doctor prescribed”, relaxation for the mind and exercise for the body, all in a day’s work.

    • River surfing really is quite the thrill! And beer biking gets more thrilling the longer into the night lol :D It’s definitely a fun activity, and you can work off the beer calories as you’re drinking, so win win right!

      Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

  10. I wish I had come across your post a bit earlier Meg because I was there in Munich this Christmas and was struggling to find things to do because a lot of places (including Neuchwanstein Castle) were actually closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Several of these things like the river safari wou;dn’t have been possible during the winter but I would’ve loved to try something like Olympic Stadium Roof Climb & Zip-Lining, or even the street art! Well, I guess I’ll have to bookmark this for the next time :)

    • Maybe you’ll have the chance to head back in summer this coming year – definitely one of those destinations which has new things to offer throughout each season :)

      Hope you had a fabulous time despite some of the attractions being closed. Such a beautiful place to spend Christmas!

  11. i see so many amazing photo in here…

    • Glad you enjoyed them :) Hope you have the chance to visit Munich and maybe snap some of your own soon!

  12. Was contemplating about visiting Munich in my Europe trip, now eyes wide open with these fun adventures in that city! Looks like I can’t skip it? but are all these adventures best for summer like the rafting? I’m going there mid to late Sept, would that be still do-able?

    • Just saw rafting ends on early Sept. But really grateful to read your blogs. And will still keep Munich on the list!

    • Hi Josephine, Munich is such a fabulous city, if you can include it on your Europe trip I think you would really love your time there!

      Sorry to hear you won’t be able to try rafting this time – though there’s plenty more fun to be had, and gives you an excuse to head back during summer one year :D

      Have an amazing time in Europe :)

  13. Germany is wonderful place to visit. History, culture, and natural beauty. Germany is a riveting journey of surprise, every turn effortlessly matching the mood and combining the best of old and new Europe. Munich is surely one of the best city.

    • Absolutely agree with you! So glad you’ve fallen in love with Germany too :)

  14. Their palaces in the city are two of the many glorious monuments to take in, and you’ll catch sight of Alps from the top of the Rathaus and St Peter’s Church. Munich is also the city of some world-famous German exports like BMW, FC Bayern and the incomparable Oktoberfest, more than two weeks of beer-fuelled merrymaking every Autumn.

    • Absolutely Lisa, it sounds like you had a wonderful time in Munich! Thanks for sharing your favorite things to do :)

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