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As a smartphone user, you already know the importance of mobile security. Your personal data needs to be protected, and without property security applications installed most phones are easily hacked.

But especially for those who travel overseas, it’s more common to connect your phone to unsecured WiFi networks now than any other device, and when you’re on the move you download attachments directly to your phone. But think about the type of information you would lose if you ended up with malware or a virus. Or how this could be used if it fell into the wrong hands.

We store everything on our phones these days, from personal information and emergency contacts, to bank passwords and hotel and flight confirmations. So it’s absolutely essential that you protect your mobile device.

For other android users out there, we’ve found the easiest way to do this is by downloading the AVG latest antivirus software free option.

Free to Download

As one of the free android antivirus apps, the AVG antivirus application acts to secure your mobile device.

With over 5.7 million downloads and a 4.5 star rating on Google Play, it’s currently the best free app in the store. It protects your mobile device from antivirus, theft and even hacks.

It’s easy to download and begins working immediately. AVG Antivirus works in the background to alleviate any threats such as the latest viruses, malware, spyware, unwanted callers and more. Your phone stays protected always.

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Snoopers Beware

If you have snoopers in your household or even nosy friends, you can easily deter them with the additional features of the AVG app. For instance, use the Camera Trap to catch photos of anyone who tries to access your mobile.

The app has a PIN code lock in place and once someone fails to enter the code correctly three times in a row, a photo is taken of the assailant. The photo is then emailed to you so you have a clear picture of who was trying to access your info.

The PIN code feature is used to keep everyone out of your device. Use your PIN code to protect such apps as Facebook or Twitter or basic access to your mobile device.

Anti-Theft Properties

If you lose your mobile often or are worried about theft, the AVG app offers anti-theft properties. With the application, you can easily locate your phone if it is lost or stolen, whether you leave it in a hotel room after check-out, or you’ve been pick-pocketed in the street.

The app offers a search capability via the Anti-Theft website of AVG. Simply use another device and locate your mobile, with the option to remotely lock the device or sound an alarm.

Overall, this app allows you to protect your mobile device absolutely free! So we have a lot of love! You can find it on Google Play.


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  1. 4.5 is fantastic rating and I already feel rather confident about the app! Do you know if there is an equivalent for an iPhone too? I am always in two minds about it – some say they can’t be hacked, while others claim otherwise.

    I think I will go ahead and install AVG on my second phone right away :)

    • Right now it’s only available on Android, I’ll do some digging though and see if I can find an equivalent app for the iPhone :)

  2. AVG is one of the best free anti virus softwares out there. I used them back in the days when I had a Windows computer so if I had a Android I would definitely install AVG there too.

    • They’re definitely the best! I’ve found almost everyone I’ve spoken to uses them for their desktop, so now that mobile phones have become just as important it’s great that the option is there for smartphones too :)

  3. Oh cool I use AVG on my laptop but I did not know I could get it on my phone. I’ll check that out for sure

    • Absolutely – the smartphone app is just as good as the version for your desktop :)

  4. Wow! Had never heard of AVG! The Camera Trap function to catch photos of anyone who tries to access your mobile is just awesome! :) Will see if there is one for the iPhone too :)

    • The camera function is awesome … especially if you’re living at home with siblings and parents … or vice versa, with kids lol. Haven’t seen a version for the iPhone but I’ll let you know if I find an equivalent.

  5. I have AVG for my laptop. Such a pity they don’t offer it for iOS. Would save me a lot of trouble with friends taking silly
    Photos on my phone

    • Haha yes my friends used to do that too before I beefed up the security for my phone :D Will let you know if I find an equivalent for iOS :)

  6. Thanks for telling me about this app. I will download it right away. My friend’s phone got hacked and he had a lot of problems because of that. It s a good idea to secure my phone before an accident like this happens to me.

    • Glad we could help Barb – yes, phone security is so important these days. Happy travels!

  7. Oh wow– that’s a great suggestion for Android users. I’ll have to let my friends that use Androids know about it. I have an iphone and I have a VPN installed on it that seems to work quite well. It may be the iphone equivalent for anyone interested.

    • VPNs are great as well – I might recommend that to those iOS users looking for an equivalent. Thanks for the tip!

  8. While all of us maniacal when it comes to securing our laptops, very few of us seem to do the same for their phones. (me being one of them) Considering that today’s smart phones are as powerful a tool and a lot of our data is stored which we don’t want to lose , this is definitely a great idea. I guess I need to do it quickly.

    • I know, it’s something people are all over when it comes to their laptops but for some reason we don’t seem to consider the same level of security for our phones. But they are a powerful tool which holds the same type of data, so really do need adequate protection here too.

  9. This post will very helpful for me. But can you tell me that how to work AVG antivirus on smartphones?

    • Hi Susmita, glad you enjoyed the post. If you use an Android (doesn’t work on iPhones unfortunately), you need to download the app from the Play Store (using the link above) and download it. It begins working immediately and operates in the background.

      If you want to set up additional features of the app you can do that too by going through the options once it’s downloaded. Hope that helps!

  10. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing this post with us. Effective information for the user. It’s really nice and good thought. Good work.

    • You’re welcome Zeff, I’m glad it was helpful for you :)

  11. I have downloaded the avg antivirus for my Apple iPad but it is showing installation error how to solve the issue.

    • Hi Jason. Unfortunately this app is only available on android right now, so it won’t be an option on apple devices. Will let you know if we hear of something similar for iOS :)

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