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For Immediate Worldwide Release
Monday, November 23, 2020

Two female travel companies, Solo Female Travelers and SheFari, have partnered to launch the largest-scale global survey ever conducted for the solo female travel niche.

The brands have created two online questionnaires: one for women who have traveled solo, and one for those who have not, which will be open to global participants from November 18 until December 9, 2020 and aim to collect 10,000 responses.

“After just 5 days, 2,000 women have already taken the survey, and we are confident we will surpass our goal” says Mar Pages, co-founder of Solo Female Travelers.

Solo Female Traveler Survey Responses

The current geographical split of responses; the survey has gathered 2,000 responses in 5 days, and is specifically now targeting responses from countries colored in grey, for equal and diverse representation.

The purpose of the survey is to give a voice to women who travel on their own (or wish to) while identifying top preferences, interests, fears, and motivations surrounding solo travel.

Despite women booking over 80% of travel and a growing interest in solo travel, little comprehensive research has been done on solo female travel trends, preferences and behaviors.

The survey results and insights will be shared publicly in an effort to inform, advise and help shape the travel industry’s products and services to better reflect the solo female travel consumer.

In addition to their own audiences, the companies have partnered with and extended survey circulation to key travel leaders and media outlets to expand the reach and impact of the survey. 18 giveaway prizes from 13 female-owned or focused businesses worth over $2,000 will be awarded to survey participants through a weekly draw.

Giveaway Partners

Solo Female Travel Survey Partners

Media Partners

The following female-empowering publications and media partners are have committed to supporting the survey by circulating it among their audiences. Because of their support, this truly will be the largest Solo Female Traveler Survey ever!!

About the Female Founders

Solo Female Travelers is one of the first global communities of women who travel solo and counts over 72,000 solo female travelers from all over the world. The community is committed to empowering women to travel on their own terms.

SheFari connects women through transformative journeys, from unique retreats to unforgettable group adventures. Ideal for solo travelers, SheFari trips offer a variety of activities and styles created for dynamic women.

For more information on how to circulate the survey or to guarantee your receipt of the results, please reach out to

Find profile details and images here.

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Female Travel Founders Seek to Impact Industry with Largest Survey of its Kind

About Solo Female Travelers:

Solo Female Travelers is a global community of 67,000 women who love to travel solo. Founded in 2015, and led by experienced online publishers Mar Pages and Megan Jerrard, it was the world’s first community of its kind, and today remains one of the largest and most dynamic Facebook Groups for solo female travelers.

The community is a trusted travel resource with a global footprint and members in over 100 different countries. Despite a huge cross section of age, heritage and travel experience, the community thrives on a diverse range of world views, and offers a supportive and empowering space where women from all walks of life come together for inspiration, travel advice, safety tips and to share stories and experiences.

Solo Female Travelers is a place to connect with other fearless travelers who identify as women. The community does not shy away from discussing controversial and current issues in the travel space in a respectful manner and for the education and enrichment of its members.

The website,, is a hub for popular group resources, information on female only tours, travel planning tips, news on community events and webinars. Solo Female Travelers is a pioneering platform committed to female empowerment through travel on an international scale.

Media Contact:

Contact co-founders Meg Jerrard and Mar Pages for interviews, or for more information:

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