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Exotic Travel Destinations You May Want To Consider

Authored by Veselina Dzhingarova

There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a really exotic vacation these days. Even the most exotic spots from all around the world are much more affordable than what many believe, and due to the myth that they are expensive vacations, you’ll find the following destinations are not as crowded as the more well-known spots. Those that want to enjoy nature and relaxation will love exotic destinations.

The problem in most cases is a lack of information. Because of this, let us think about some options that you may want to consider. They are not as expensive as you may think and you will definitely enjoy the experience.

Safari In Kenya

There is no way to deny the fact that the best African safari is offered by Kenya. The wild animals are happy in a natural habitat and you are basically a guest there. You can easily enjoy elephants, giraffes and lions in various animal reserves.

We highly recommend the Tsavo National Park as the wildlife collection is really good.


Did you watch the Jurrassic Park movie? If no, go and watch it as that is the type of island you will get to visit with Kauai. That is because this is where the movie was shot.

You can easily enjoy the rain forest experience, horse riding, visiting woods and much more.


Maui is something that you definitely need to visit. We are talking about the second largest of all the islands in Hawaii. The experience is awesome and you will particularly love the sunrise in the event that you are on the top of the highly scenic Haleakala Crater, which has a height of 10,000 feet.

Tourists can easily enjoy watching whales, some shopping and you can view artworks in an interesting museum, with the snaps that you take being tremendous.


This is a really interesting destination for tourists of all kinds out there, from first time campers to survivalists. There are many beaches to visit, exotic valleys, sandy deserts and snow tipped peaks.

If you are interested in something like this, you can go to some royal palaces, enjoy gardens, taste some exotic food and basically be a part of the active life that you see in some of the really beautiful cities there.

Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest is in Australia. Many say that this is the oldest of all the rainforests available on Earth. Tourists can easily go into the jungle, see the interesting glow worms and enjoy some massages at various spas, which is usually something that is not expected.

Galapagos Islands

This is a really attractive exotic destination that you do want to consider. The only way to describe the islands is: beautiful and exotic.

We just need to highlight the fact that a park ranger needs to go with you. That is because we are faced with an area that has to be conserved. At the same time, it will help you to enjoy the trip more since inside information is offered.

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Veselina Dzhingarova has a MA degree in Translation and Intercultural communication Studies. Her passion is travelling around the world and exploring new cultures.

She is a co-founder of and you can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and G+.


  1. I’ve definitely wanted to try Morocco and Maui,hopefully I’ll get to add them to my list. I’ve actually been looking for some places to visit on our honeymoon as I’m getting married next year. I’ve been looking at this Luxury Honeymoon and holiday website called and they specialise in luxury hotels and exotic retreats. I’d love to know if anyone has booked with them before as it’s always great to get a recommendation before we book. Thanks for sharing this blog post, I’m definitely telling the hubby we have to try all of these at some point ;)

    • Hi Evie, congrats on your upcoming wedding! I’ve never personally heard of / used Berkeley Travel before, though a good way to check the legitimacy of a company is to pull up their social media pages, Facebook pages usually have reviews now where real people have rated the service and experience. Trpadvisor too also reviews companies, and is not just limited to hotels or tour operators. And you can always run a Google search for “Berkeley Travel reviews” to see if there is any information about them out there from independent sources.

      Hope that helps! Hope you have an amazing honeymoon :)

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