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There’s an art to packing hand luggage when you’re heading overseas, especially if you’re a tech friendly traveler who transports a number of electronics and cords. Between your laptop, iPad, camera, phone, chargers, adaptors, and cords for all of the above, most bags aren’t exactly functional for transporting technology.

Usually I wrap cords around their devices, pack chargers together in ziplock bags, and take advantage of rubber bands, velcro and hair ties to keep everything tangle free. But then you get to airport security, and have to unpack all of your expensive electronics after waiting in long lines watching others go through the same routine.

And the majority of us accept it. Accept that we’ll have unpacked and repacked before arriving at our destination, and accept that most carryon bags haven’t been designed to carry electronics safely.

So when I had the chance to get my hands on the Lance Daypack from ecbc I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve taken it with me on our current Round the World, and honestly, it’s every travelers dream.

5 Reasons ecbc is Every Travelers Dream

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As far as hand luggage goes, the ecbc Lance Daypack is a more functional, fashionable and comfortable way of transporting technology and everyday essentials than any other bag I’ve traveled with before. And I’ll go as far as to say it’s the best backpack I’ve ever owned.

Built specifically to carry all of our gadgets safely and securely, this is the perfect bag for the techy traveler on the go. It has multiple pocket organizers, is made of water repellent ballistic nylon with solid protection for electronics, and features the ecbc FastPass System which allows you to unzip the specialized electronics compartment, lay the bag flat on the security conveyer and go through TSA without unpacking your laptop, tablet and cables.

A bag which works functionally in the jungles of Cancun and is sleek and elegant enough for a board room, here are 5 reasons you need an ecbc bag too.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Where most daypacks lack pockets, this one has them in spades. The organization of the pack is truly outstanding, and the compartment distribution is advanced.

First up is a quick access pocket at the front of the bag, perfect for storing tickets, your passport, anything you need quick access to. There’s then a front compartment which has a lot of space available with zippered pockets and a multitude of sections for staying organized.

The main compartment is large, and fits everything you need in your carryon without a hitch. It also comes with a padded fleece lined pocket specifically made to hold your iPad, kindle, or any kind of tablet you might have.

Then there’s the zippered water bottle storage. Yes, one pocket on each side that zips closed and out of the way when not holding your drinks. There is a perfectly designed sunglasses pocket on the top of the bag which also fits your passport and phone, and a padded compartment for storing your laptop at the back.

The bag overall has plenty of room and allows for excellent organization and quick access to your things.

FastPass System

Airport security hasn’t been this easy since pre 9/11 – while we love to travel, the actual act of transiting is the most stressful part. One of the biggest hassles is airport security – you have to take off your shoes and coat, and remove your electronics and liquids from your bag. Trying to get it all done quickly and efficiently without slowing down the line can be stressful.

The “ecbc FastPass System” however means you can go through TSA without having to unpack your laptop, tablet, or cables. All you need to do is unzip the main compartment and the two sides lay flat. You can send the bag through, leaving the laptop in the compartment, and making the whole security process just a little bit easier.

We did find that international airports outside of North America were not as reliable for TSA practices. There were no problems unzipping the bag without having to remove electronics throughout the America’s, though international airports elsewhere were hit or miss. However the fact that the bag is full of strategically placed pockets means that accessing your electronics is fast regardless of whether or not you need to unpack.

Ecbc Lance Daypack Review

Comfortable and Nearly Indestructible

This is a sleek backpack, and has been designed to look sophisticated. Though it’s also extremely comfortable, and nearly indestructible!

The bag is made of water repellent ballistic nylon, and is very sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it getting ripped. It has a smooth outside finish and adjustable padded straps which sit comfortably on your shoulders and don’t slip. It’s fully water proof which means you don’t have to worry about anything inside it getting wet, or damaging your electronics.

It has a waist belt which can be used to transfer the weight of the bag to your hips, which definitely helps when you’re carrying luggage to get you through 6 weeks! And the back of the bag has a padded curvature which means air can flow between your bag and your back. Which is fabulous as it doesn’t stick to your back or leave sweat stains.

The bag distributes the weight you’re carrying quite evenly, and you can’t feel your laptop sitting on your back.

Ecbc Lance Daypack Review

The back compartment for your computer has a huge cushioned area that will hold a 17 inch laptop. The inside of the bag is lined with high density protective foam for the protection of your laptop and tablet. Because it’s fleece lined, you don’t have to worry about your electronics getting scratched, even as you’re moving around.

And while normally the first things that break, the zippers, seem indestructible too.  There’s no excess material on the bag, so the zippers don’t get caught, and, made of rubber instead of metal, they don’t make that annoying clang sound when they hit each other. They are also water-sealing.

No Detail is Spared

It’s clear that ecbc has put a lot of thought into the design of the bag – no detail has been spared, and that’s the ecbc difference. From the pockets, padding, and attention to features most people might consider minor, this bag is top of the line.

The fact that there are not one, but two drink bottle pockets, that there is a modular insert for the laptop compartment so it won’t move around even if you’re traveling with a smaller device, and that the interior is fleece lined so to not scratch your sunglasses, laptop or phone, makes this truly stand out above other bags.

Travel Simplified

In a world filled with laptops, tablets, smartphones and other “must-carry” portable electronics, it doesn’t matter where the modern traveler is headed—whether it’s across the country or across campus—the ecbc Lance Daypack means your journey will be met with a carryall solution that offers style, protection, organization, durability, and reliability.

Check out their entire selection at The Lance Daypack retails for $149. It’s worth every penny, and has many of the qualities of a bag that is 2-3 times more expensive. Based on the build quality there is no reason this bag will not last the average person 3-4 years.

If you’re looking for a lower-priced options, they also have the Harpoon and the Javelin. The Javelin is very similar to the Lance, just a narrower version for those who want a smaller backpack and don’t need to carry as much volume inside. The Harpoon is quality and detail all the way, like the others, but does not feature the TSA-friendly Fastpass system. All are loaded with the same design details, as well as lots of those well thought out compartments and pockets!


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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging since 2007, with the main aim of inspiring others to embark on their own worldwide adventure. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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Disclosure: Links within this post are affiliate links, meaning, if you choose to purchase this ridiculously amazing bag, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I was sent the Lance Executive Daypack by ecbc complimentary for review. The fact that it is functional, fashionable and comfortable absolutely influenced my review. 


  1. What a great review, Megan. I agree that a good bag is essential when taking a trip. I actually need a new backpack so this is really helpful! :)

    • Thanks Natasha – definitely check out the collection and ecbc if you’re in the market for a new bag. Really high quality and will last you a couple of years :)

  2. This looks like a really nice piece of luggage. I use the same type of thing but I have never tried leaving the laptop in and just unzipping. Will try that on the 1st and see if it works leaving Nepal. As far as shoes I have not had to do that in an international airport but one time in the last two years.

    • Let us know if the unzipping works for you in Nepal! And definitely check out ecbc if you’re in the market for a new bag at any stage :)

      Have a wonderful trip John :)

  3. This looks super useful. I’m used to putting my cables in pods in my case but to have something similiar for my day pack would be awesome

    • It’s one of those things which solves problems in your life you didn’t know you had lol!! It’s a really wonderful way of keeping everything safe when you’re out for the day :)

  4. Brilliantly reviewed! Very informative. Thank you, Megan, for sharing this post! Cheers and have a lovely week ahead!

    • Thanks Gagan! Let me know if you have any other questions if you’re thinking of getting a new pack – can highly recommend ecbc :)

  5. really nice review. I have been looking to buy a daybackpack for a long time but there are just so many out there. i will definetely look more into this one now. thanks so much

    • Thankyou :) If you’re looking for a new daypack I definitely recommend comparing your current list to the collection at ecbc – when put next to other packs there’s no competition :D

  6. Everyone needs a good backpack for travel and this looks like the perfect one. I might check it out once mine dies.

    • You’ll love this one as a replacement when your current backpack dies :)

  7. How convinient is that. That is totally awesome. An all in one gear that every traveller needs. Super useful and handy.

    • Everything you could think to ever need from a daypack!

  8. There can never be enough pockets. Am I right? Good tips to packing for traveling. ^^

    • I got a little too excited over the pockets when the bag first arrived lol I had never seen anything like it from a bag before! Still finding pockets after having returned from our trip that I didn’t know were there :D!

  9. This bag sounds absolutely amazing! I frequently travel with way too many electronics and this would be so useful to have, especially when it comes to lugging things through TSA!

    • Most amazing bag I’ve yet to own! As a fellow tech road warrior you’ll love this bag Sally :)

  10. This looks great! The bag I currently have isn’t waterproof so I am constantly worrying about it getting wet – I usually put everything in plastic bags to keep it dry, it is a total pain though!

    • We traveled with a mini tarp esk thing as a cover for our backpacks before we were hooked up with the ecbc Lance. Which was annoying! It’s so nice not having to worry about your camera getting caught in the rain!

  11. I think I need to switch to this backpack. Right now I had to retire my personal backpack to carry our drone, but something’s gotta change! I love all the different compartments and how easy it looks to organize.

    • Definitely check out the collection from ecbc then Megan :) I’m not sure how much equipment goes into carrying a drone, but they have the dimensions and capacity for each different bag on the site. All ecbc bags are made from the same indestructible materials, so it’s a great choice of luggage when traveling with expensive equipment as you guys do.

  12. I love bags as much as some women love shoes. My eyes always light up when I see new bag or backpack. My husband groans whenever I walk into a bag shop. This backpack looks pretty neat…love the pockets. Is there enough space to fit an SLR?

    • Absolutely Christina – I traveled with all of my camera equipment in the bag during our trip, and everything from the lenses to the body and the cords fit perfectly :)

  13. I always say that a great bag and shoes make ALL the difference while traveling. I LOVE all of the features on the ecbc bag you’re carrying. I have huge thing for pockets and this is definitely loaded with them. I’ll definitely look into ecbc!

    • Absolutely Kallsy – if you have a huge thing for pockets you’re going to go nuts over this! :D

  14. That does indeed look like every traveller’s dream. Isn’t it funny how much difference pockets make!

    • So much difference! It was like I was a kid again when the bag originally came lol took a good 10 – 20 minutes to explore everything it had :D!

  15. What a great backpack. I love all these pockets and compartments. It really helps you keep organised!

    • The most organized I’ve been while traveling!

  16. Now this is the perfect answer to my struggles when trying to carry way too much in my messenger bag. What a perfect solution to extra water, camera lenses and writing supplies. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome Jeff! You’ll love it!

  17. Packing is my worst nightmare. With so many low cost companies that have 10 euro flights without luggage is almost necessary for me to learn to pack only the essentials and to have a good backpack that fits many things. This one looks very convenient and I love that it has many pockets and a special place for the laptop.

    • Absolutely Sia – the daypack has a lot of room, and between the different pockets and compartments there’s space for everything :)

  18. Oh my god I need this in my life! It looks like the perfect bag

    • You’ll love it Anita!

  19. Omg, unpacking everything at airport security is so stressful. I was wondering ho different airports handled this feature so I’m glad you talked about your experiences at airports around the world. I’m going to definitely have to check this bag out, especially with the holiday season just around the corner. ;)

    • Absolutely Jackie – hopefully airports worldwide will start to mirror TSA practices too :)

  20. Unbelievable how many pockets this bangpack has! I was just searching for some new lugggae and could not decide between suitcase and backpact – now it is clear. And I love this model, to.

    • I know right!! Definitely go with the backpack … they’ve done a brilliant job in their design :)

  21. It is an art! I love all of these choices, thanks for sharing. Happy travels :)

    • Thanks Carmen – you too :)

  22. Looks like a great bag for travels. I love all the pockets and agree being able to get through TSA quickly is important. Thanks for sharing.

    • Really is Megan :) Highly recommend ecbc if you’re in the market for a new bag.

  23. I would have preferred a review with no conflict of interest – if they’ve given you one you are going to be positive especially if you benefit from every click

    • Hi Jay, we’re under no obligation to say nice things about a product simply because it was sent to us. We would lose our reputation as a trustworthy source of info if we did that – it’s pretty easy to compare our claims with other reviews (which have no conflict of interest) and see that the general reaction to this bag is the same. And it would be quite apparent as soon as it arrives if I decided to lie.

      And of course, when I find a quality product I’m happy to recommend, I’m then going to jump over and sign up for the affiliate program. Because that’s how I monetize. I don’t hide that because I believe in transparency … if you’re a first time reader to the blog and haven’t yet established a trust here, you’ll find that the bag gets excellent ratings across the board from other sources.

      Even if you don’t use my affiliate link, I still recommend it … this was published in September, and I’m still using it … I’m taking it with me to Antarctica on Tuesday because it’s the best I’ve got.

      Happy travels

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