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When you’re constantly on the move, the last thing you want is a fussy hairdo to come in the way of your travel style.

With little or no hair products to assist you, you need something which is quick and easy, that will compliment your flawless makeup.

No matter what length of hair you have, here are some hairstyles which are just right for females in foreign lands.

Low Side Ponytails

Low, side ponytails are ideal for women on the move, especially when there are less opportunities to wash and blow it.

Gather your hair in a ponytail and place it on side of the neck, keeping it secured in place. For a more casual look, tousle up the hair a bit.

The Twister

Part your hair down the center, and separate the two parts of the hair that frame the face and end just over the ears. The remaining hair should be pulled back for the moment.

Choose any one side, and twist the section anticlockwise by using your fingers, and move downwards. The twist should be so formed so as to end at the back of the ear.

To keep the twist taut, insert two bobby pins in it. Repeat with the other side, and release all the loose strands.

The Dolly

Roll a neck scarf and tie it around your forehead evenly on both sides. Then pull the scarf down behind the ears  and around your neck.

The scarf ends should criss cross at the back and come to join at the forehead. Rotate the scarf to one side and tie a double knotted bow. Wear the hair like a high bun.

The Fringe Faker

Take a large part of your hair from the front of your face and run a comb over it. Then twist the hair upon itself to form a flat coil, leaving the ends free.

Use the free ends to shape bangs above the forehead and put the coil in place with a pin. Use a head scarf over the coil and secure it at the nape of the neck.

The Rastafarian

Part a small portion of the hair at the middle of the forehead. Start twisting the hair back towards the top of the head, adding more and more strands on the way up.

As the twitch reaches behind the head, pin it in place by inserting a bobby pin in it till it feels tight enough. Create two more twists on either side of the head, using the same method.

Take Care of Your Hair

Just as skin care is important, so is hair care. Regardless of your mode of travel, whether it is air, train or road, it’s almost certain that at some point, your hairstyle is going to be disturbed.

With a little care and strategy, you can avoid these hassles. Simply by curling the hair loosely and securing the smaller portions behind the middle of the head using barrettes your stresses will remain sleek, no matter how long the trip.

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