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How to Keep Snakes Away From Your Campsite

Posted by on 5:02 pm in Adventure Travel, Blog, Travel Tips | 0 comments

How to Keep Snakes Away From Your Campsite

For the traveler who spends time in the outdoors, trying to avoid snakes completely is nearly impossible, unless you’re visiting New Zealand, Iceland or Ireland that is – countries which don’t have a single snake!

But if you’re thinking you’ll limit your travel to just those three countries, you’ll end up missing out on some truly remarkable places. Just because snakes are present, doesn’t mean you need to avoid traveling; you just need to take smart precautions.

While bugs and insects do attack unprovoked, the good news is that snakes don’t. Most snakes would rather to slither away than have a confrontation, and don’t aggressively bite things out of malice.

So it’s actually pretty easy to not get bitten!

But, if you’re setting up camp, and don’t even want to see one, you can use the following tips for keeping them away from your campsite.

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The Top Five Treks Across Asia

Posted by on 12:59 pm in Adventure Travel, Blog, World, Writers | 2 comments

The Top Five Treks Across Asia

What do you understand by the term trekking? People often use the words hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing interchangeably, and they’re definitely similar in that you spend time outdoors and walk in nature.

But they’re also very different.

Hiking is the easiest of the three; short 2 – 8 hr adventures where you finish on the same day you started. Mountaineeting on the other hand is challenging, technical, and you climb what is often dangerous terrain at high elevations.

But trekking? Trekking is somewhere inbetween; non technical, multi day hikes where you camp along the way and carry all your food and equipment with you; an exhilarating adventure sport that presents both a physical and mental challenge.

There’s nothing better than exploring the beauty of a place on foot, and trekking is a great way to go further, dig deeper and really immerse yourself in local culture, and remote landscapes that your everyday hiker wouldn’t normally get to.

When it comes to the best treks in the world, Asia is a fabulous region, with a high concentration of incredible, bucket-list worthy treks. So if you’re keen on trekking, check out this list of top treks across Asia, brought you by Sydney Edwards from Route Prints.

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5 Simple Ideas to Design Your Bedroom Like a Hotel Room

Posted by on 4:40 pm in Blog, Luxury Lifestyle | 6 comments

5 Simple Ideas to Design Your Bedroom Like a Hotel Room

Are you one of those people who loves to stay at 5 star hotels? Of course, who wouldn’t!

It’s always exciting to stay in a well designed and super stylish luxe hotel, but unfortunately this time spent immersed in utter sophistication is often short lived, and we always have to return to our own bedrooms.

But, what if returning to your own bedroom was even more exciting than a short stay at a luxury hotel; what if you could create a bedroom so beautiful that it was like living in a luxury hotel?!

For most people, it’s far too expensive to live out of hotels permanently, but if you can’t bring your bedroom to the hotel, why not bring the hotel to your bedroom? The following simple design ideas will help you get started!

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Highlights of My Mekong River Cruise with Worldwide River Cruises (Vietnam & Cambodia)

Posted by on 3:45 pm in Adventure Travel, Blog, Cambodia, Vietnam | 0 comments

Highlights of My Mekong River Cruise with Worldwide River Cruises (Vietnam & Cambodia)

Of the world’s many incredible journeys, sailing from Vietnam to Cambodia featured prominently on my list. And while floating up the Mekong River on a luxury ship might sound leisurely, there was still something truly adventurous about it.

Picture this: you’re aboard an exquisite colonial style wooden ship, sailing up one of the world’s longest rivers. While your final destination will be Cambodia, you know that if you keep following the river north, it’ll lead you all the way to China.

While you board in one of the most cosmopolitan and bustling cities in Asia, the landscape up river quickly changes. The skyscrapers of HCMC change into a countryside dotted by rice paddies, fish farms, and tropical fruit orchards.

Inbetween major ports, daily life comes alive in undeveloped and unexplored parts of the region that you wouldn’t have been able to access by land; remote, seemingly untouched villages, where locals may have never seen a foreign tourist, and rush to shake your hand.

There are many reasons to take a Mekong River Cruise, though today I want to dive into the specific highlights; individual experiences that are so full of magic, they become some of your most cherished moments.

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Paradise Found: Five Pollution-Free Beaches Around The World

Posted by on 7:14 pm in Australia, Blog, Eco Tourism | 6 comments

Paradise Found: Five Pollution-Free Beaches Around The World

We’ve all seen the images; what was once a pristine coastline, with sugary white sand, dazzling waters, and swaying palms, now littered beyond recognition.

From Hawaii’s Kamilo Beach, to Kuta Beach in Bali, and El Gringo Beach which has been nicknamed the “Dominican Chernobyl”, irresponsible human behavior has turned some of the world’s most beautiful beaches into trash heaps.

If we don’t act soon to curb single-use plastics, we are in danger of losing our coastlines beneath a sea of waste. So Waterlogic has put together the following list of the world’s most idyllic and unspoiled beaches to showcase what we are putting at risk.

Whether you’re visiting for their turquoise waters, bleached-white sand, or mesmerizing marine life, each spot deserves protection. Read on to learn about five remarkably untouched destinations.

And, when you visit, please keep them that way.

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Everything You Need to Know About Gorilla Trekking in Africa: Conservation, Packing & Best Countries

Posted by on 1:22 pm in Blog, Eco Tourism, Rwanda PAGE NEEDED, Uganda PAGE NEEDED | 0 comments

Everything You Need to Know About Gorilla Trekking in Africa: Conservation, Packing & Best Countries

They are some of our closest relatives, yet unlike humanity’s population, which has exploded to well over seven billion people, world gorilla numbers have been drastically declining.

Trekking through the mountainous jungles in search of wild gorillas in countries like Uganda and Rwanda is one of the most memorable travel experiences you can have; standing face to face with living creatures that resemble us in so many ways.

Though this opportunity, to seek out Mountain Gorillas in the wild, may not be possible in the very near future. The consequences of habitat destruction, poaching, human civil wars, and deadly viruses such as Ebola are wiping them out.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom!

Conservation efforts are under way to preserve this species, so in today’s post we plan to introduce you to the world of gorillas: where you can see them in the wild, and what’s being done to ensure these majestic creatures remain for future generations to come.

Read on for tips on what you can expect on a gorilla trekking experience, how to pack for the adventure, and ways to ensure your experience is a success: for both yourself, and the gorillas in the wild.

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Reasons to Take a Mekong River Cruise With Worldwide River Cruises (Vietnam & Cambodia)

Posted by on 10:05 am in Adventure Travel, Blog, Cambodia, Expeditions, Vietnam | 0 comments

Reasons to Take a Mekong River Cruise With Worldwide River Cruises (Vietnam & Cambodia)

I had never taken a river cruise, and, to be fair, this was my first trip to both Vietnam and Cambodia, though I was fairly certain that a river cruise was the best way to see each country. I had a feeling in my gut that traveling independently by land would mean missing out on half the adventure.

One of the world’s longest rivers, covering 4,000 km from its source high on the Tibetan Plateau, the Mekong River is the lifeblood of Southeast Asia. It flows from China to Vietnam through six countries (China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam), and is key to the survival of some 300 million people.

From fishing boats to floating markets, river life along the Mekong is vibrant, and has been for thousands of years. And it captures a diversity that you wouldn’t experience by land; a juxtaposition of ancient temples with modern palaces, of imperial cities with traditional villages.

I didn’t want an incomplete picture of from my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. I wanted to see the major tourist sites, sure, but I also wanted to see daily life come alive in undeveloped and unexplored parts of the region. I wanted to immerse myself in new languages and lifestyles, to shake hands with locals who had never seen a foreign tourist, and really witness local life as we drifted along the Mekong Delta to Cambodia.

And one company stood out in particular.

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Why Every Travel Business Should be Using Email Marketing

Posted by on 1:55 pm in Blog, Expat Life | 2 comments

Why Every Travel Business Should be Using Email Marketing

Running a travel business is exciting; whether you’re selling tours, writing travel guides, or making money as an influencer, carving out a career path that you’re passionate about means you wake up every day loving what you do.

But that doesn’t mean that running a business is easy, in fact, passion and motivation is usually required to be able to pull you through.

Regardless of whether you’re running a multi million dollar travel agency, or you’re an individual packaging travel pillows from home, every business has the same fundamental goals; to make money you need to build a sustainable and loyal base of customers.

There are a lot of places that business owners look for love online; from social media, to SEO (search engine traffic), and using influencers to get their name out there, it can be overwhelming figuring out the best way to go.

But it’s one of the simplest tools for growing your business that is actually the most powerful; a way to connect with your audience in a highly personalized and targeted way, with minimal effort, minimal cost, but maximum ROI (return on interest).

Are you struggling to grow your travel business?

I have two words for you: Email marketing.

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The Best Beaches in the Seychelles: Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Seychelles Beaches

Posted by on 10:36 pm in Blog, Eco Tourism, Seychelles PAGE NEEDED | 4 comments

The Best Beaches in the Seychelles: Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Seychelles Beaches

An archipelago made up of 115 islands set in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles just might be the most relaxing beachside getaway in the world. And all it takes is a quick Google image search for “tropical paradise” before you’re inundated with images of the Seychelles’ many idyllic islands.

Picture this: gently swaying palms, pure white powdery sand, and unrealistic blue seas. Better yet, one of the best things about Seychelles beaches is that they’ve all been made public!

Once a popular hideaway for pirates, where treasure is still said to be buried, many travelers visit the Seychelles to escape reality and lounge on the the world’s most picturesque beaches.

The following is a guide to three of the best, on each of Seychelles’ top 3 islands. I’ll introduce you to the nation’s most popular beaches, as well as those that offer a bit more seclusion.

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How To Get More Out Of Netflix When Traveling

Posted by on 12:48 pm in Blog, Technology, Travel Tips | 2 comments

How To Get More Out Of Netflix When Traveling

Everyone enjoys some Netflix and chill, and there’s nothing like rolling into a hotel, tired after a long journey, and putting on a couple of shows while you get some rest.

Whether you’ve had a lazy day at the beach, or a dream day between waterfalls and temples in Bali, having access to home comforts while traveling is quite the luxury. However, due to the geo-restrictions imposed on Netflix, your viewing experience is going to vary wildly from one country to the next.

In many nations, you could login to find that your favorite shows are just gone. And, if you think finding a movie is hard back home; imagine suddenly having a catalog that is up to 90% smaller. It happens.

Thankfully, there is a solution!

No matter how small the local catalog is, you can “spoof” your location to another country to increase the number of options. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an online service that permits you to switch your IP address to any country you like.

As soon as you use a VPN to pretend to be in a different country, you can watch the larger Netflix catalog! So, which locations have the smallest catalogs? And where is it a good idea to pretend to be instead?

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