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Condo-Hotel Trends for 2018

Simply living in a luxury condo-hotel is no longer enough. Many buyers seek condos in architecturally significant buildings.

New buildings by leading architects or renovations of historic, architecturally important structures will lead the way. New York’s Waldorf Astoria is a prime example of the latter.

Condo owners are increasingly seeking world-class design in additions to the amenities offered by a condo-hotel.

Robot Delivery Services

Room service no longer means a human delivers items to your door. Robot delivery services are the newest trend, and these latest guest service providers may transform the industry.

Robots are capable of communicating — to some degree — with guests. While condo owners are likely familiar with services offered by Alexa and other “smart” devices, robot interaction may prove a new frontier.

For the hotelier, robots offer some advantages over human employees. They don’t get sick, take vacations or develop bad attitudes. You can also program robots to perform houseman’s duties.

In the future, robot services will likely become ubiquitous. In 2018, they’re still enough of a novelty to excite condo owners eager for the different and cool.


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Marketing to Milennials

Currently, condo-hotel ownership is dominated by a wealthy, older, international clientele. That model is changing. While wealthy and international may still predominate, successful millennials especially like the concept of condo-hotel living.

Your condo-hotel should already have the state-of-the-art electronic systems and all-site Wi-Fi demanded by customers, but targeting millennials goes beyond that. This huge demographic prefers boutique residences to larger hotels, and spacious, open lobbies that serve as meeting places.

Millennials also tend to love nature and plants, so greenery becomes an integral part of every condo. Hotel management is going beyond landscape designers for their grounds and turning to plantscape designers for their interiors.

Both types of designers are turning toward native plants, which thrive and require relatively little maintenance outdoors and charm guests when placed in communal spaces and living quarters.


The Smart Condo Hotel

Buyers purchase condo-hotel space for the amenities, and that includes the internet of things. Guests expect top technology, and any hotel not offering the latest in such services is at a distinct disadvantage.

You probably already offer a hotel specific app for keyless room entry, but does your establishment provide bedside tablets for guests to use for ordering meals and other services? Are you offering the best security available for your tech offerings? Staying abreast of resident’s tech demands is critical for 2018 and beyond.

With tech changing the world daily, hoteliers should consider hiring an established hotel management company like Bellstar Hotels and Resorts, to ensure their condo-hotel stays as up-to-date and reputable as possible.

Bellstar’s condo-hotel management services include complete rebranding, as well as coordinated staffing and training prior to conversion.

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Scent Technology

Smell is the most evocative of the senses. A scent can bring back memories, good and bad, of any particular experience. Scent technology, of course, focuses on the former.

Scents connect guests on a subconscious level, and scent technology brands a condo-hotel with an individualized and unique odor.

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