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Colours of Rajasthan with Insight Tours and Vacations

Insight Tours and Vacations believes that everybody should be allowed to experience true luxury. Their definition of luxury is that it is the privilege of being able to go on adventures and to discover, while relaxing in a way that allows you to truly take the experience in.

The style is elegant and the service is out of this world, which is the essence of the tour operator. Each of the tours offered by Insight is truly unique. It allows you to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world, including the Colours of Rajasthan, a 12 day tour that is designed to fascinate and delight.

When you go on the Insight Tours and Vacations Colours of Rajasthan tour, you will spend 12 days in comfort and style. Visit palaces and pavilions in some of the world’s most remote locations. Spot painted elephants and entire pink cities. This is where you will enter the realm of the Bengal Tiger, so loved by author Rudyard Kipling.

You will start on a historic and cultural journey, getting to know the Moghul heritage and learning about the fascinating Raj history. From here, you will go to one of the most luxurious hotels in India, found in the centre of Lake Pichola.

The pace of the tour is moderate, giving you ample opportunity to relax. To go from one destination to the other, you will travel by air-conditioned train, air or luxury coach. This means you will have every opportunity to truly enjoy the various famous monuments and historic cities that are on your itinerary.

The trip is called “Colours of Rajasthan” for a reason. You will have never experience such a cacophony of colours before, and the tour is a true delight for the visual senses. Everywhere you look, you will spot dolls wearing dresses made of bright red and purple cloths.

Women in the street wear saris in oranges, yellows, blues and greens, making them look bright and joyful. Enter a market and spot the rows upon rows of brightly coloured cloths there for you to have your own outfit made out of.

Try to spot a display of traditional dancing, where the women are wearing not just the beautiful red, orange and yellow cloths, but are also covered in gold bangles and facial jewellery, to give the entire outfit even more sparkle and shine. Indeed, even the elephants have their faces painted with beautiful colours.

Speaking of elephants, you must try to have a ride arranged while you have the chance. Elephants are revered throughout the country as being hard workers and good luck charms. They receive numerous mentions in ancient Hindu texts and scriptures, as well as folklore stories.

Thanks to the elephants, people have been able to build a life for themselves and, generally, the people are incredibly grateful for that. Despite horror stories to the contrary, the elephants are almost always very well cared for and very much loved.

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